Hi everyone need some advice please!

hey i don't really belong here as i'm not offically engaged. Been together with my man for two years now and living together for about 6 months. we're both in our final year of uni right now. We have talked about marraige for a long time now and earlier on this year i saw a ring that i fell in love with and he bought it for me. We haven't told anyone yet but were wanting to tell everyone at christmas. Do you think we should wait the extra 6 months till we finish uni ? please help we both need other peoples opinions


  • hello! so are you engaged but no told anyone yet? and do you mean waiting til you finish uni to plan the wedding or to tell everyone? im a bit slow on the uptake today lol!! i think you should tell everyone when you feel your both ready. and as for the actual wedding theres no reason why you should wait if you dont want to, ive come accross plenty of other people on here planning weddings and are still at uni. its all personal preference at the end of the day, whatever works for you as a couple!!not sure if thats helped at all haha. good luck with it all image
  • Planning a wedding while being at uni is great fun. Its my reward for completing some work, I have to say it can be tempting to get the magazines out when faced with some particularly rubbish double integration but knowing I don't need to feel guilty becasue Ive done my work is great!

    However you will also have to accept that you will occassionally give in, I spent an hour of one of yesterdays lectures planning my dress, it was a great picture though!

    Also when you finish uni then you will be working so still have a busy day, having done both I don't think you have more time in either position.

    What are you doing at uni?
  • Thanks guys. Sorry if i was being confusing. We are engaged but haven't told anyone coz i'm worried my parents will think i'm too young. We're trying to decide whether to tell people at christmas or summer. x
  • it was prob the way i read it im cross eyed from all the wedding talk lol! red ruffles is a perfect eg!! if it was me id have blurted it out by now so well done for being so patient!! i got engaged at 18 after a year and a half together and were still going strong even 2 kids later haha!! im sure your parents will be supportive if your happy. good luck with whichever you decide image x
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    No matter what age you are they will always say your too young if your engaged tell them you may be suprised image congratulations btw imagei was 18 17 when i got engaged and i finaly get married next year aged 20 and i cant wait tho was apprehensive about telling the family, h2b family still dont believe we will actually get married with everything booked lol x x x
  • I'm in my final year and get ongaged in September!! I am also using it as my reward!! I get to do wedding bits as my reward for uni work!!! My parents were thrilled and actually they are glad I have a release from the stres of uni!! We all know finals are evil we need a break!! You should be proud you are engaged!!!


  • i think you should tell everyone at xmas as this is a time to be happy and with family! Also if you know he is the one then it doesn't really matter what other people say! They will accept it sooner or later! x
  • Tell everyone as soon as it's official nd you have the ring. Who wants to keep something like that secret? It's not like you met last week in a dodgy nightclub - you've been together for years and you're planning a future together. What's not to love?
  • i think i understand why she feels this way.. i'm in my 2nd year at uni.. when we got engaged after 1.5 yrs together in feb i was sooo worried and told mark that we had to keep it secret till sept when i'll be 20...i ended up telling mom properly in april..all the while wearing my ring so i'm sure she knew..we then said we wouldn't get married till 2010 that again to pacify my mom...however in october we decided to get married in 2009...yes i'll be in my 3rd year but i'l be married in the summer...my mom wasn't too pleased about the change but my older married friends told me that if you are adult enough to want to get married and make that commitment, then you mst be adult enough to stand by your decision, they will get used to it in time...

    hope that helped! and congratulations btw..i bet you are floating with the clouds these days!

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    I was in my fourth year when I got engaged so i was 22. I didnt keep it a secret because I didnt feel too young. It really is up to you! If you are not planning on getting married for a couple of years then i would wait until the summer. But if you want to get married say summer 2010 then I would tell them at xmas. It might take 1 1/2 years to plan!!

    good luck!
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