Hi im new on here :)

Thought i'd introduce myself.

My name is Kylie and im 19 so the young brides to be section seemed fitting.

My H2B is called Felix and we're getting married in June 2010 image

So Hi image


  • Welcome and congratulations!

    You will be addicted in moments but the girls on here are all great.

    Have you started planning anything other than the date?
  • Yeah ive found my dress and we've got a church. We are going to book it and pay the deposit in january because of xmas being so near, eek!!

    We got to start looking for a venue for the reception and ive done the guestlist.

    And we set a budget, but thats our own budget that we are saving. If our parents want to add mroe they can! Im not complaining lol

    Im sure i will become addicted hehe

    x x

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  • Welcome, any questions just ask, we all help each other out on here! xx
  • LOL you sound a bit like me I had the church and reception sorted including the caterers withing a week of getting engaged and I had found a dress I love, but its well over budget and I think I have changed my mind about what I want now anyway so I'm drawing up my patterns right now!
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