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Anyone organising a small wedding that is for around 45 people?

My partner does not want to invite much of his family as he's not very close to them at all and I'm originally from Mauritius and will be doing a big wedding over there so I'm only inviting close friends and a handful of my family members (15 guests on my side and 30 on my fiance side)

The wedding in Mauritius will have 150 people invited but costs significantly cheaper as being a local I know the cheaper options available that look amazing. I've got my heart set on doing it at one of the most scenic venues in Mauritius at local rate. Most people who are fairly wealthy do it there but as we work in the UK its not that expensive when we use UK pounds to pay for it even if the UK pound sterling is not as strong as it used to be!

Has anyone got any ideas on any nice venues around the london or sussex or berkshire area that would be ideal for our small numbers? As we've got so little guests, we want to make sure that the venue is amazing and that the food and drink is fantastic as our budget will not be stretched so much due to the low numbers!

We're going to see Alexander house in West Sussex and Ashdown Park in East Sussex next year. Anyone been there and can make any recommendations? We saw Cliveden house in Berkshire the other day and it was amazing but now that we have trimmed down the numbers it doesn't seen worthwhile to do it there as they charge £7500 for the package for up to 60 if but that doesn't include food or drink and i don't think that they reduce the £7500 if your numbers are lower than 60! If you have more than 60 guests you need to hire the whole venue out for the grand cost of £50,000! Craziness! They can fit 180 people for that. You need to add the food and drink on top of that £50.000 but you also get full use of all their rooms so guests can stary over and there normal room rates start at £325 a night!


  • try west stoke house, can do both the service and the reception there i think not sure..they've got a website.. amazing food..they advertise themselves as the restaurant with rooms!

    for the actual ceremony if you want a registry thing... in chichester you can arrange to get married at ede house it is beautiful! i'm suggesting these coz they wud be my choice if i had a small wedding. good luck! x
  • Hi try going on

    you can do a search for licensed venues in your area and it has reviews of the venues its a really good site! Good luck! x
  • melwingmelwing Posts: 2,666
    Thanks for the tips guys image

    I really wanted to get a lovely country manor style hotel that has a per person rate as I've noticed that a lot of venues charge a hefty amount for the venue hire and as the numbers are so low there is no point in spending that much on just the venue hire!
  • melwingmelwing Posts: 2,666
    I've had a look at and found quite a few venues on there that I've shortlisted. Just need to see them in Jan! Fingers crossed x
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