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Why older men?

Hi ladies! I'm not a young bride but thought this was a good place to ask. There are 9 years between my h2b and myself (29 & 38) and I wondered what it was that made you ladies go for an older man? My reason is that I've always been attracted to that debonair, self assured, wise thing about older guys. Whenever I looked at celebs, it was always people like Hugh jackman, Clooney etc that got me excited rather than the Timberlakes, Rob Pattinsons etc (though I may change my mind for Rob hee hee). So anyway, now I have my very own Bond!! What made you go for your older man?


  • i truley believe that im attracted to older men because i never had a father figure to look u to, so ive never had that father daughter relationship that i think makes you think of older men as definatley out of the question relationship wise.

    thats my theory anyway.
  • I don;t know. I do go for the older man as I find that some younger one's are imature.

    I have always wanted to find someone to settle down with, buy a house, get married and have children (even when I was 14 I was always thinking ahead) not have 3 months fun with them.

    I think I go for the looks as I see them as men that can look after me and share my maturer outlook rather.
  • PS I am 22 and my H2B is 31 shortly.

    There is 8 1/2 years difference between us
  • KCS, ditto everything u say!!! i'm 23, hubby is 35 :O)
  • Ive had a variety of ages with ex's (not that there was loads or anything lol) and the bloke in marrying is 5 years older so i dont think that i tend to go for older men in general
  • I think its because I have always been a lot older than I am, if that makes sense, mum said even when I was a toddler I always wanted to sit with the grown ups and they would forget how young I was with the things/questions I would come out with lol

    So I guess its because in my head I am older and I hate cr*p, I want someone who knows who they are, can hold a conversation, has a decent job and isn't still stuck on the party, drink, sleep lifestyle!

  • Hi,

    I'm 20 and my h2b is 27. I've always loved older men, as I've always someone who wanted to get married and have children. Younger men don't seem to want that (well not the ones I have known anyway). I have always got on better with older men, as I am quite mature myself.

    It might also have to do with my Dad not being around a lot when I was a kid.(due to divorce)

  • Hi

    I'm 21 - soon to be 22 - and h2b is 31 (there are 9 1/2 years between us) - some see this as a big age gap but everyone says I'm a lot maturer than 21! Maybe I grew up too soon, who knows, but I'm not big into nights out and what have you.

    I think the whole "older guy" thing is about maturity - i honestly think (and no offence to the men) that women mature way faster than men, though there are always the exceptions. I've dated a few my age (well, when I was 16/17 before I met h2b) and fair enough, they had an excuse to be immature cause in all honesty it was probably too soon for them to grow up then! But they were never interested in proper relationships, just adding another notch in the bed post was all that ran through most of their minds!!. I also dated younger - ok admittedly a mistake! - and my oldest bf turned 31 when I was 17 - just an immature 31 year old thinking he was 18 again...

    I've always wanted marriage and children, but how many men under about 28 want that too? We have fun and go out with mates - who are all his age, apart from my best friend who is 26.

    I also think maybe its a bit to do with their rugged looks?! George Clooney - yum!!! And I always had the hots for Bruce Willis after Armaggeddon... Oh, and u can't forget Hugh Grant!!

    I must just have a think for sexy, rugged, mature old men!!! lol! x
  • Older men are just hotter!!! well we'll all agree anyway!

    I like that they know what they want, they are confident, which is just so sexy. I always had a thing for my lecturers, they were so clever and that made them hot too!!!!!

  • Dito Tullulah & Mrs Planet 2b - i have always been very ahead of my age, left school and knew exactly what i wanted! H2b will be 32 when we marry and i will be 21 so just over 10 years difference for us but although he has a very respected job he is still way younger at heart (not that 32 is old anyway!) x
  • im 22 and h2b is 37. i forget about it until times like this!!

    confidence is number one!! i know he can and will look after me but most of the time he lets me look after him!!hehe!!

    age isnt important when your in love!!xxx
  • amylk19amylk19 Posts: 8
    Well, i'm 21 and my h2b is 29. (our bdays are exactly 4 weeks apart so hes 8 yrs 4 wks older lol) We were friends before we started going out, and i have always gone for men older, but 8 yrs was my biggest age gap. But i dont act 21, i'm mature for my age, always have been. so when i met my h2b he was ready for settling down, where lads my age are not!!
  • hi all, i'm 22 and my h2b is 38 i don't find the age gap a problem until i get into the car and find radio 2 on!! lol!! i find it just works, might be i had to grow up quickly but he is my rock and looks after me!!
  • LisaD76LisaD76 Posts: 38
    I've always gone for men who have been older than myself but I don't really know why. I don't think its to do with replacement father figures at all though. Although I don't have a close relationship with my father, I love him to death and wouldn't change him for the world. My h2b is 19 yrs older than me but don't find the age gap a problem at all. We've been together for 10yrs now and I have no idea where the time as gone. We don't share every interest together either but we do have the same sense of humour. I can relate to comment by Mrs Thatcher 2b. My h2b is into classical music and it does make me laugh when I hear him singing to that while im shaking my touche to beyonce in another room lol
  • although my h2b is older (im 20 and he's 25) i dont really see an age difference between us

    i always have been told that im wise beyond my years.....i was first to leave school and get full time pretty dam good job and so when i met up with my old school chums who were still studying i always felt old!!

    my h2b is my other half which makes me whole - corny i know - but as i said the ages difference isnt there with us..
  • misswigglezmisswigglez Posts: 367
    hey guys

    im 23 and H2b is 42 but will be 43 in october so there is 19yrs and 4months between us!

    lisa what ages are you and ur man as theres 19yr between you to?!

    we dont notice the age gap as we just get on so well - however music tastes are a major difference lol!! but then you could have that in a younger relationship so- its good to have some things you dont have in common as people need space to do things on their own!

    ive always gone for older men and its nothing to do with the issues i have with my useless father!! older men know who they are and what they want so no silly nonsense in relationship!!
  • LisaD76LisaD76 Posts: 38
    Hya St Ives Bride, we were your ages when we started out! Now im 33 and he's 52. Id just got out of a 4 yr relationship with a possesive, jealous control freak and was out lookin to enjoy myself. He started chattin me up and I thought he was quite fit for his age. I didn't worry about the age gap at all because to be honest I didn't think we would last longer than a few dates. How wrong was I ?? I was totally smitten and 10yrs down the line I still am. How did you and ur h2b meet?
  • misswigglezmisswigglez Posts: 367
    i was in the last stages of bournemouth uni and had on the thursday accepted a nursing job in bristol to be nearer my family in wales!

    on the sat i was out on a friends hen night in cardiff- so just out with the girls not looking for anything- i saw jerry with his friend by the bar and we had a blow up doll to get signed for leanne so i went over and started chattin to them thinking he was fit! he wrote on the doll from the bristol boys- so i was like- ohh im moving to bristol in 3 wks i dont know anywhere or anyone and he offered to show me around and that was it i gave him my number and he gave me his so we said see u in few wks then

    but jer txted me next day and he came down that wk and we spent the weekend together! been together ever since! we got together when i was 21 and jer 41 - he couldnt believe i was 21! but never bothered us and still doesnt! image
  • LisaD76LisaD76 Posts: 38
    Aw -sweet St Ives Brides - People always told me that you will find love when you're not actually looking for it - I finally believe that its true. How did the rest of you meet up with your older h2b's?
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