What are you all doing for your hen day/night or even wkend?

Hi girls,

Im stuck at the mo knowing what to do for my hen day and night. I had originally booked me,my mum, my mum in law to be and my chief bridesmaid in to a day spa for the day and then in the evening i had booked a meal in a restaurant for all my other friends to be with me.

My mum however is not keen with the spa idea so i am now thinking of changing it to keep her happy (should i be doing this is just dont know)

What are you all doing for our hen?

Jen xx


  • I WAS originally getting a minibus and going round newcastle but it didnt suit others (CHEEK!) so now im going round middlesbrough (hometown) in fancy dress (i'll be marilyn monroe). i was gutted at 1st even cried at the thought but im really excited now coz the way i see it thats where i partied in my single life so it's only right that i say goodbye to it in the same place and to the same faces!
  • JenfenukJenfenuk Posts: 250
    Im having 3 ha ha! Im hoping to go abroad for a weekend to somehwre cheap and tacky like magaluf or Benidorm for a little sun and bargain flights with my 5 closest friends, Then I will have a night out in Manchester with all my friends, work friends etc. Then I will have a sit down meal with my mum and MIL and SIL etc xx
  • Well if you have the energy go for it!!! my 2 best mates are pregnant too so i cant even party with them! image
  • elley20elley20 Posts: 246
    im having two, going to butlins for a 90's reloaded weekend with 14 friends and family,

    then having a meal and a trip to the cinema or bowling with the younger ones ie my sis and partners sis who are 12 and 14, also for my skint mates and the pregnant ones!! xx
  • I don't really like clubbing so we're all planning on going and doing something like paintballing which would be awesome and then going for a meal and a drink.
  • I definetly wouldn't be changing my plans to suit anyone, and at the same time, there is no pleasing everyone.

    My chief bridesmaid organised my hen night and there is 12 of us going to Belfast, we are getting printed t's for our pub crawl during the day. Then we are going for a slap up meal and getting dressed up in all our finery for nightime, we are staying in a really nice hotel called Benedicts, then coming home on the boat the following day.

    If I were you I would just go with the original plan, and if anyone doesn't like it they don't have to come.
  • Jadielee im from hartlepool image its a shame you cant have you hen party in newcastle its such a good night out there!! im not getting married till next year so aint had a thought of hen weekend but h2b and his best man have decided there going to get everybody they can and go to liverpool for a weekend. we were wanting 2 go away for a tacky weekend but have now decided 2 get married in cyprus so will be having our hen/stag doos in england.
  • hi ladies, for my hen night, we went to my mum's house (much bigger than mine) we got ready together there and had a half naked butler come and serve us Cocktails, we put on our best clothes and had a photographer come round and set up a screen to take some nice professional shots of us. Then, we got changed into our fancy dress outfits (storybook characters) and had 2 limos take us to the gay quarter in Birmingham! Everyone was saying it was the best night they've had in ages and i have to say i was quite proud of myself for planning it! xx
  • hi im going to spain for 4 days and its an absolute bargin. costing £144 all together all inclusive including flights!

    we figured by doing the usual night out or spa day its only gonna cost same. we looked at a night in manchester or newcastle and by time youve booked a hotel and took drinks money and petrol or train up ther we might as well spend 4 sunny days in spain!
  • KCBukKCBuk Posts: 108
    Mine is very quiet and simple, none of my friends or family are coming to wedding as we are getting married abroad on the quiet, so my mum, my sister and I, are going to see Take That in Manchester and treating that as my hen night!!
  • I'm going to hire a cottage in Northumberland and have my close friends, mum and aunt come and stay for the night. Nice proper pub lunch and a castle through the day, then some dvds, music and lots of wine in the cottage for the night! Can't wait!

    Will also go down to London for a meal with my other aunts, friends and nan from back home!
  • becs14ukbecs14uk Posts: 8
    I'm really excited about mine, its all a suprise my sister has organised it all, there will be 14 of us staying somewhere for a weekend and thats about all i know!
  • My bridesmaid has teamed up with one of my close friends from work and they are acting like the secret service when it comes to my hen night. All i know is that it will be in glasgow and im not even allowed to pick what im wearing as all will be provided!!!!!

    Im slightly scared :\?
  • layney_1layney_1 Posts: 270
    We are all off to Manchester for the weekend on 17th April - can't wait, should be fun!!!
  • misswigglezmisswigglez Posts: 367
    ahh i have a dilema trying to organise mine- i live in bristol with work colluges and friends but also finished uni last yr and loads of them are absolutely everywhere in country! and then my family and other mates live in wales!!

    after much discussion and thinking of having 2 one in bristol and one in cardiff i said bollocks to them all i want what i want so....

    we're going to cardiff- early train and spa day- going to eat in place me an H2b met- then out in evening dressed as bumble bees and im going to be queen bee!!

    it means people who actually want to be there for me will simple have to make the effort to come- and more of my orig mates from back home in rhondda can come whereas if it was in bristol they couldnt come cos of kids etc!!

    sorry rant over lol!!
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