white wedding 2nd time round?

Hi All

I'm getting married this year for the 2nd time and am feeling like maybe I shouldn't be doing the 'white' thing. I didn't to the full extend the first time and really wanted to but things were different then. Plus I'm a lot older and maybe a 40+ shouldn't. what do you think? I really wanted to but am feeling a bit more self concious as time goes on and maybe should have had a more low key affair. My h2b wants to full blown thing as it's his first time....


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    Hi beannie..

    Go for it girl..i'm in same boat..my second wedding h2bs first and i'm wearing white...he wants his princess for day and thats what he's getting was going to have ivory but what the hell its my wedding, I'm even wearing a veil..

    Its your wedding so do what YOU want..

    And by the way i'll be 41 and a nana on my wedding day

    good luck :\)

  • It's my 2nd time round also and I am wearing white. It's what you like that matters, never mind anyone else! Go for it and have fun!!!!
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    Hi Beannie. I'm in the same boat - 44 and 2nd time around but first time for h2b. We are only 6 days away from the wedding of OUR dreams, and it's the full-blown monty!! My dress is ivory, not white but that's purely down to what suits my colouring, its got a long train and the works. I say go for it - age is no barrier to enjoying yourself, and you want to look back on the day with no regrets like "we should have done this, that or the other..." Good luck!
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    I'm getting married April 2010 in sorrento, its my second time around and my H2B';s first, i've not picked a dress yet, I was looking at gold, but if i cant see anything I like I would be looking at Ivory too.

    I'm 40+ and h2b is 10 years younger!!!

    Just think as long as I look classy and I dont look like mutton then who cares!!!???

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    Beannie - Hi, have a look at the topic i've started in this forum today
  • Hi, it was 2nd time for me too, and I honestly thought I would wear ivory. But, in the end I fell for this burgundy dress since I am so pale and it gives me a bit of colour.

    However, it was a bit tricky finding a coloured veil!

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    I'm 44, almost 45 actually and I'm getting married for the second time around in August. I've been frantically trying to lose weight and now I'm almost one and a half stone lighter I'm searching for a dress. (But I do intend to lose more so they'll have to take it in later!) I intend to go for ivory or gold but hoping just to feel that the dress is right when I see it! My chap is 52 and its his second time tooimage:\) but we're hoping that this will not only be our second but also our last so we intend to enjoy the occasion!!! I have seen friends of my age marry in suits and less formal wedding dresses and people have suggested that I follow suit but hey, this will be our day and I intend to wear what I want to wear!! As long as I dont look like mutton dressed as lamb I'll be happy! image

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  • Totally wear what you want. I tried the smart long skirt suit with lovely big hat type outfit (that my mum thought I should wear) and I looked like the mother of the bride..not the bride!!

    So...I went out of my comfort zone and am wearing very detailed ivory lace and crystal long straight strapless dress with fishtail skirt and crystal beaded lace bolero. It even has a diamante trim under the bust!! I am 40, size 12 and five foot nine and the queen of very simple classic no frills dressing!!

    I nearly fainted when the shop lady urged me to try it on..it was so not me. When I came out of the changing room with it on (topped off with a cathedral length veil!!) the whole shop nearly fainted, all clapped..it was GORGEOUS and SO ME only better and thinner!!!!

  • Oh Seraphina, your dress sounds lovely!! Have you any pics of fittings yet?

    Well done to all you ladies choosing to go for the full white wedding.

    Although my first wedding was ok, it was a very economical do, and had no honeymoon or even a proper reception.

    For this time though, I wanted to do things properly, and bought the dress a couple of years ago. It was ivory, full skirt, princessy. But then I began to have douubts, with the dress and I both showing age.

    Then I thought I would make my own. I went to this place that was having a sale of fabrics etc and found a roll of fabric and was just about to leave when I thought 'I'll just have a little look, but I won't buy anything'

    So I stumbled upon this this burgundy dress, it really stuck out from the others pale dresses on the rails. Just for fun, I tried it on, telling myself that of course, I wouldn't buy it.

    So I tried it on, and wow! the colour of the dress instantly gave my face some colour (i am very pale, with blonde hair and eyebrows, lashes etc).

    So, I had to buy it!!!!!

    So what do you think? Good decision?

  • we're getting married in August and I will be wearing a wonderful ivory fishtail dress complete with small train and a Matron of honour. I'm 54 and my H2B is 64. We originally planned a smaller wedding but after trying on a few dresses decided to go for this one. I felt so special and want to feel like a princess for the day!! We want this to be a day we can enjoy and remember for ever. Our motto is Why should the youngsters have all the fun.!!!:\)
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