Anyone getting married in Kent?

I am.

Im not actually from Kent. I live here & go to uni here. My fiance and all his family are from Kent. (Medway)

How are everyone's plans going?

Doesn everyone have their copy of "A Kentish Wedding"? How amazing is that!? Better than any mag that costs about a fiver...and it's free! yay


  • hi ya, i'm getting married on the kent/sussex border. i also have my copy of a kentish wedding! Have the church and venue, hope to start dress shopping soon. So how long until your big day?
  • emmamaudemmamaud Posts: 34
    I'm from Tunbridge Wells so looking at venues there, Mrs Thatcher2b where is your church / venue?
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    Im getting married at the Archbishop's Palace in Maidstone. It's beautiful! Then our reception is held at the King Charles Hotel in Gillingham. It's brilliant, you don't even pay for the room, just to hire the staff.
  • hi lovepigeon im getting married in withyham church, its so cute upon the top of a hill. and the reception is at the high rocks they don't charge room hire its just food and stuff. The best thing is you can arrive there by steam train from the station at sainsburys. Do you know where you are getting married yet?
  • emmamaudemmamaud Posts: 34
    Aw that sounds lovely, we are choosing between High Rocks and The Beacon, just need to take H2B to visit them to make final decision. Steam train yey :\) - I remember getting it to Groombridge and the countryside is very pretty near the High Rocks! We are not religious so will probably have the ceremony at the same place although I think it must be really nice to have the two parts of the day more distinct like you get with a church ceremony. I would quite like to have a humanist ceremony but then you have the whole bother of having to do it separately at registry office first.

    I'm not sure when we are getting married yet - hopefully summer 2009 or 2010 depending on whether we manage to get jobs on graduating. When are you getting married?
  • Getting married on the 29th may next year, we chose the bank holiday! More time off! Didn't look at the beacon but loads of other places! Its your day do what you want, if you were religious you would go to a church so people would expect to travel between different venues.
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    Hey guys we are getting married sussex/kent in October - we are having the ceremony at Playden church East Sussex (just outside Rye) and then the reception at the Little Silver County Hotel in Tenterden, Kent. Anyone else having/had their recpetion there?
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    Hiya, not sure what age they class young b2b but i still feel very young being 29 lol

    I'm a Kent bride too, getting married in Cranbrook and then reception is at Oakwood House, Maidstone in Jan 2010 so just under 10 months to go!!

    newmammy - i went to a reception at The Little Silver Hotel in Tenterden and it is lovely there, did look at having my reception there but it didn't seat enough people for me which was a shame.
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    hey girls here is a reasonable chair cover company as i am a kent bride too
  • im a kent bride, i live in Dover. the reception is in sandwih guild hall. this was my first choice venue for the reception so just had to have it, not bad prices too!

    wedding is september 2010 and got pretty much the main things booked. yey!
  • Hi everyone,

    All your plans sound so exciting! im living in kent, but getting married in east sussex, at Ashdown Park Hotel. It's booked for September 2010, can't wait! Good luck with all the preparations. xx
  • Wow ashdown park hotel, i couldn't affoed that without selling my body!! lol! your day will be lovely!

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    I live in Medway and getting married on 27th June in a church in Gillingham, then Upchurch River Valley Golf Club for the reception. The reception venue is beautiful and the food is amazing. If you need any help with where to find things in Medway let me know.

  • Hi Mrs Thatcher 2 b....thank you so much, im sure your day will be magical to! we are all so lucky to be getting married to our gorgeous men! xx
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    Hi Almostfamous

    i got married last year in Archbishops Palace,your right its beautiful !! i still have lots of kent contacts if anyone is looking to book bits and bobs

    Helen xx
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    Hello, I am a Kent bride too getting married at Chilston Park hotel this December image

    It would be good if people could recommend suppliers they are using.

    I'm using girl flower as my florist - they are a very young trendy company and the florist there has some wonderful ideas. Take a look. I have just secure my booking with them image

    Can anyone recommend a DJ?

  • Little Mammy - I'm getting married at the Little Silver County Hotel, can't wait! What date is your wedding?
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    Hiya ladies, I'm a Kent girl too, getting married in August this year at Turkey Mill. It's such a lovely venue, just hoping for nice weather - Mrs_Churcher2b - You have my dress! xxx

    I am almost done with all my planning so let me know if you need any supplier names. xxx

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  • AlexFinnAlexFinn Posts: 1,646
    Also my best friend got married at Little Silver Country Hotel and it is lovely. xxx
  • hi buzz 31,

    i know a really good DJ he a good friend of mine he will get whatever you want for your big day. His girlfriend is also going to teach us to dance (she is dance teacher!) if you email me ill give you his number.

  • Lola09, what jewelry are you wearing with your dress? I can't decide what to wear!
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    What is up with this thread, it is 3 pages of the same posts?

    Anyway, Mrs_C2B I am going for a larger Cuff bracelet, chandelier style earrings and something sparkly in my hair - so far have only found the bracelet! It's hard isn't it as the dress is so detailed, where did you buy your dress from? When are you gettign married? xxx
  • Lola - I got the dress from White Mischief Bridal in Henfield, I Went to a place in Tunbridge Wells first to try it on but they were really rude so didn't want to buy it from there! I have got a silk flower to wear in my hair and was going to wear a watch H2B bought me, might just leave it at that.

    I'm getting married on the 17th July this year, wrote the invites yesterday! so excited now! When is your big day? xxx
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    Hi ladies. I'm a Kentish bride too! Lola09 very excited to met a fellow Turkey Mill bride! I'm getting married in August too. What is your date?

    I'm looking for cake makers at the mo. Any advice? How much did you pay (if that isn't to rude). Not really sure how much is normal?xx
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    Mrs Sparks to be I too am a Dover bride! Well just outside dover! Sandwich Guild Hall is lovely! We are getting married at temple ewell church and then over to ickham village hall for the reception!

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