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Anyone else going to be moving straight from parents home?

I'll be still living at home up until we get married and then I'll be moving from London to near Manchester. I've never lived away from home before unless you count 8months in hospital but even then I saw my family every week. Having said that I'm not as worried as I think I should be. I'm actually really excited about starting a whole new life with h2b. Anyone else in a similar situation?xXx


  • Kind of, h2b and I rented a flat together, but since he proposed we have had to move back in with his parents to be able to save for thew edding, (he was a student, so not on alot of money) but hopefully he is going to get a job soon and we are hoping to move out of here before our weding in August
  • fandannifandanni Posts: 737
    How do you find living with his parents? Do you get on well with them?
  • well my situation is kinda strange. we are currently living together, and have done for last 2 years. however, im due to finish uni this year, and looking for jobs, in this current economic climate i feel i need to go to where the job is, i cant afford not to work. Whereas OH is going to be starting uni in wales, and i am finding it im possible to find a job there. So it may be that we move into separate houses(or in his case halls)(and i may move back into my parents house depening on jobs and house prices etc., and put the wedding off for three years until hes finished uni. I want to marry him now, but would find it very strange having my husband living away.
  • arpopearpope Posts: 221
    Me me me! I've lived away from home a lot for my gap year and uni, but moved back home after I graduated. I met my H2B about 6 months later and thank goodness he lives close by. We didn't want to live together before we got married though (old fashioned romantics!) so I'm still at home and we'll be looking for our first home together about a month before we get married. I'll move most of my stuff in before the wedding so that when we get home from honeymoon I move straight in there. Very exciting, can't wait to live with him! xx
  • fandannifandanni Posts: 737
    in_love - I hope it all works out for you and your h2b. Living apart can be so hard. My h2b is moving up north (from london) on monday for work and I'll be joining him once we're married in July. I'm going to miss hoim sooo much!

    DinkyBubbletush - How long till you get married?

  • gigglagiggla Posts: 74
    hi.... i live with my parents and always have (never went to uni, due to my work financing my study from home degree). But im at his flat most nights but live out a small draw if you know what i mean!!! we are in the process of buying a flat together, will be stange having to move out offically from my parents, Im like you dinkybubbletush, will move my stuff slowly than move in once married! I get married in cuba in july. cant wait!
  • Lola_BunnieLola_Bunnie Posts: 354
    I am still at university (finish in May image ) but during the holidays I live with H2B at his parents house. My parents only live 10 min walk away so I still get to see them. We are saving for our own house at the moment before we have our wedding so that we can have our own space (if you knew our parents, you'd understand!) x
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    Hey ladies! thought id join this one! me and H2B live with my parents! we have our own lounge and just share the kitchen really! it works really well! we did have a flat down in Bournemouth but moved back upto Cambridgeshire for work and started off by just planning on being back with my parents for 6 months - to make sure jobs were going well ect. well that was almost 3 years ago!! we have found saving for the wedding ect has been easier and want to get some savings together also. we are planning on moving out in about a year, just before the wedding so we can get things all in place to start a family! x x x
  • I've never lived away from home! Im 20 this month and when we get married in November we'll be moving into quarters as my H2B is in the Army.

    So im a bit nervous to say the least and will be very homesick buuuut i cant wait to have my own house!

    Im sure we'll all be fine! We all quite excited about it

  • Becky86ukBecky86uk Posts: 931
    Me and h2b will be getting a place in July (already put the money down as a deposit) and it will be our first place. The only time Ive lived away from home was uni - but we didnt live together then either. I honestly cant wait. Its right on the seafront!
  • littlebuddhalittlebuddha Posts: 115
    oh my! you're all so brave lnot living together first,

    i moved in with h2b ( wasnt h2b at the time) straight from my parents house and it was pretty weird as i had never lived away from home either,

    but it has all worked out well and now we are getting married, couldnt go back to living with the parents now,

    marie x

  • charli0610charli0610 Posts: 248
    both me and my H2B still live with our parents...I'm currently looking for a job a bit closer to where he lives and then we'll start renting a house but even then, he's not going to move in until after the wedding...some people think we're mad not living together before we wed but we both think that it'l be extra exciting when we do move in together as a married couple...he stays at mine or I stay at his every weekend so we have slept in the same house but that's as far as it goes.

  • I've always lived with my parents. Never moved out, never wanted to go to Uni! My H2B is in the army based in Colchester. I live near Birmingham. At weekends he stays with me at my parents. The hardest part about getting married is we don't know wer to live! Either here or in Colly! I dont think i cud cope moving 3 hours away from my Mum and Dad!
  • jodaho88jodaho88 Posts: 2,356
    We both lived with our parents up until Saturday when we finally got the keys to our first flat!

    It's a bit odd but i'm loving every second. I really wanted to live with h2b first, not because i want to 'make sure we can live together' but just because i want to be settled and in our own house before we get married because the last thing i want is the stress of a wedding and buying our first flat! Tha'ts been stressful enough as it is!

  • mrsheron2bmrsheron2b Posts: 38
    My H2B is in the Army too, although I spend most of my time with him in his accomodation than I do at home we don't 'live' together and wont until we get our married quarters after we get married in december. CANNOT WAIT! imageimage xx
  • MrsDolandMrsDoland Posts: 386
    Me & H2B live in my parents house, but its pretty big & we're in the loft so its nice and private. We're moving into our house after the wedding, cannot waitttt imageimage xx
  • I've always lived with my parents. I did stay with my partner for a few months, but only for a visit (I live in a different country).

    So just before the wedding I'm gonna move into the house we will share and get it all ready and nice image
  • Same as a couple of you guys.

    After about 6 months together we "lived together" at each others parents - Mon-Thurs at his and Fri-Sun at mine.

    We moved out last Feb into our own flat, but after her proposed in Oct we too moved into my parents full time to save for wedding/house. Unfortunately after living off our income month to month we've struggled to save so looks like we won't be buying a house any time soon!

    Its okay at my parents as we have a bigger bedroom than in our tiny flat, and we have the spare bedroom as our "living area". To be honest we still spend most time with them anyway - honestly we both class my parents as kind of our closest friends too, so its normally really nice.

    We're getting marries 10th July 2010, and would be coming back off our honeymoon around 27th July, so are looking at renting a house from mid/end July. His family have offered to move our stuff into to it while we're on honeymoon as kind of a wedding present so when we get home we go straight to our new home!!

    We've got to realise we're not great savers and renting may be the only chance of getting out of the parents!!
  • wel my h2b will not have left his mummys safety net until we get married! lol I live in my uni house during the week and at home at the weekend.... looking forward to not having to get up off the sofa at 12am to go home lol xx
  • i live with my h2b's parents, my h2b is in wales at the moment doing he's training.

    i'll be moving to wales the day after the wedding
  • I moved out of my parents house and moved away at 16 and came back about a year and half later, i'm now 22 and still at home. H2B has never lived away from his parents.

    Me and H2B are moving in with each other in August/September of this year. We will be renting as buying is just not going to happen anytime soon. Not looking at getting married until next year.

    I cant wait to live with him. We have already started buying things and have kitted out our kitchen just need to start on the other rooms.

    He has savings that we could use for a deposit but then there is everything else on top (legal fees, white goods, etc). At least if renting if anything breaks or goes wrong in the property then its not down to you to fix.

    I love the excitement in all of your post, cheers you up just reading them

  • Still live with my parents 18 gettin married this year. H2b is gettin a house a few months before wedding but I'm still livin wit parents til we get married!
  • sort of, ive lived with friends on and off for the last four years, but im living at home now, and my h2b is in the forces so technically still lives with his mum, we getting money from his dad as a wedding gift which will be used to pay our depsit! I can not wait to move in together
  • claire178ukclaire178uk Posts: 429
    I am still living with my parents. H2B lives in our flat. Most of my stuff is moved in now but not me until we're married image EXCITING!! Only 2weeks!!!!!

    Claire x
  • Louise_2012Louise_2012 Posts: 248
    Wow, it's amazing to see so many couples living with parents. H2b and I are in the same situation as a lot of you. We have lived together for about 3 years and recently moved back in with his parents so we can save for the wedding and hopefully a house. Getting married in April 2012 and hope to move out towards the end of next year.
  • FIDEL1ukFIDEL1uk Posts: 23
    Im in the last weeks of my university course and have been living with my parents and my H2B lives with his parents too. We get married in October. Just bought our first home together and will be moving in the day after the wedding! Cant wait!image
  • peachiepieukpeachiepieuk Posts: 751
    I'm glad it's not just me!

    I went travelling and then moved back in with my mum (h2b moved in with us too)...we are saving for our deposit at the moment, hoping to start house hunting in about sept/oct...hope to move in about March next year ready for the wedding in May!
  • MrsDolandMrsDoland Posts: 386
    I commented on this thread last year before I was married & thought I'd update!

    Me & hubby now live in our own house image

    We came home from our honeymoon straight into our own home. It's been lovely & I am more than glad that we decided to be traditional and wait. Its been lovely turning our house into a home together as a married couple. Hard to believe its been almost 9 months now!

    MrsD image xx
  • I'm still living with parents and H2B has moved into our flat image I won't be moving in until we're married! 6 weeks away now, it's scary!

    But exciting all the same image x
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