Younger Grooms....

Hi there,

Just wondered if any of you had younger grooms??



  • What do you mean by younger?

    As in age young or younger as in younger than you?

    My h2b is 21, 7 months younger than me.

  • his_wifeyxxhis_wifeyxx Posts: 183
    Yeh thats what i mean!! My h2b is younger than me!! Unusual i no! =) xx
  • spaghettiukspaghettiuk Posts: 520
    my H2b is 4 yrs younger than me and shorter than me!!! SO not like the man i thought i would end up with! lol! xx
  • ajcarter22ajcarter22 Posts: 167
    I'm 23 and my h2b is 21, it's not a huge age dif, but I don't really think of him as being younger, not sure if that means he is grown up for his age or I'm immature for mine lol! xx
  • his_wifeyxxhis_wifeyxx Posts: 183
    Yeh I am 23 and he is 20!! I am sooooo glad i am not the only one!! =) xx
  • robstersgirlrobstersgirl Posts: 4,161
    I'm 29 but H2B is 21 !!!!!!!11
  • his_wifeyxxhis_wifeyxx Posts: 183
    Yayayyay there are some more like me =) xx
  • Yeah I'm 30 and H2B is 26. He's more mature than I am but he is still into the party scene.. sooooo hope he grows out of that soon!!
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