Just had a lovely surprise!

Ive just opened a card from my daughter (who is to be my MOH) telling me that she has arranged a hen party for me as 'every bride should have one'!

Apparently we are going to Oxford and I need to bring a swimming cossie, overnight bag and a posh dress for dinner. I asked her to be MOH as my two sons are both involved in the wedding (one as best man and the other giving me away) but never thought for a minute that she would take her role so seriously. I'm so touched that she would think to do it - its not something I ever expected to happen. Shes been in contact with my friends and everything without me suspecting a thing! Arn't I lucky?


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  • shazza21shazza21 Posts: 4,138
    What a lovely surprise for you hun xx
  • NowTryingNowTrying Posts: 244
    What a lovely daughter you must have.... have a lovely time! x
  • bladetteukbladetteuk Posts: 396
    How lovely. Have a great time.
  • BetrothedBetrothed Posts: 117
    What a great daughter you have, enjoy!
  • lms011lms011 Posts: 290
    Yes, she is lovely. She got married herself 2 years ago and so is being a huge help to me, having been through it so recently herself. I love her (and my newish SIL) to bits and am very proud of her.
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