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Babies anyone??

HiyaHavnt been on this part of the forum before as dont know if im even classed as a young bride to be?? (im 23)Are any of you thinking of having a baby just yet? or are you waiting?x x


  • lautaloulautalou Posts: 37
    hiya, ill be 23 when i get married in 2 months and we are going to start trying from our honeymoon onwards. So excited!!!are you thinking about it?xx
  • mrscopptobemrscopptobe Posts: 550
    I've got a baby ban on until 2 months before the wedding, i want kids now but dont want to leave them behind when we go on our honeymoon.

    It's good fun getting the practice in before hand though !!
  • lautaloulautalou Posts: 37
    mrscopptobe whens the wedding?
  • I will be 23 and h2b 26 when we marry may 2010 We would love to try on honeymoon!! BUT unfortuanly we are living in a one bed flat, that we need to sell and buy somewhere bigger first! and also got a small amount of debt we would like to clear first! So we gna have to wait! boo!! im soooo broody already!!xx

  • LegacyUserLegacyUser Posts: 903
    lautalou, we are going to start to try in November as i dont want a huge bump waddling down the aisle!! And want the wedding to be done and dusted so i can get on with looking forward to the baby! Am coming off the pill in Sept to give myself a better chance!!! x x
  • Hi... im 21 will be 22 when we get married next August.

    i had my daughter when i was 17, and plan to try for another as soon as we are married xx
  • EmMarieukEmMarieuk Posts: 506
    I never wanna come off my pill. =/

    My fiance really wants kids. But I want to be in a bigger house first. & the money that we spend on the wedding I want that back in the savings before we start planning for kids.

  • i get really broody lately but i know for a fact that i want to get my career of the ground, go travelling and generally adjust to being married and enjoy each other so at least 5 years.. which is ages... but if it happened it won't be the end of the world coz its what my heart really wants... and good things come to those who wait.
  • im 23 too and really want a baby! im going to start trying when we get married in 4 weeks! which im sooo excited about and cant wait! I havent told anyone yet as everyone keeps asking when we are going to have kids and i just keep saying in a few years as im worried it could take a while to concieve. xx
  • Im 22 and getting married in august. We spoke about trying for a baby straight after the wedding. We've got a 3 bed house and prob could manage but i've only just finished my masters degree an wanna spend sometime doing the job i've worked so hard for. Fiances is 27 and would like a child before he's 30, so will prob wait until we have been married a year. I wouldn't want to be pregnant before the wedding as i wanna be able to have a drink and relax (i wouldn't touch a drop of alcohol if pregnant). I also work in the fertility field, so im constantly surrounded by babies and people wanting childern.
  • missbtomrscmissbtomrsc Posts: 215
    I will be 23 when we get married next year and we are gunna start trying straight away. Wanted a honeymoon baby but dont waana come of the pill before then cos ive been on it for 4 years now and not sure how my body will cope when i come of it and dont want it to be that time of the month on wedding day or honeymoon so gunna wait till we get back and then start trying
  • Baker2BeBaker2Be Posts: 14
    I will be 23 when we get married in December and my fiance is 25. He wants to start trying for a baby after his brothers wedding in August 2010, he'll be 26 then and by the time the baby is born i would be 24, so seems ok. I really want to enjoy being married and see a bit more of the world first so Im torn! We bought our house 2 years ago, and it has 3 bedrooms so i suppose we need to fill it - just us and the dog right now!

    But having a baby for me would have to be a military operation - i have endometriosis so dont know if i can get pregnant, and being on the pill is the only thing that controls it - if i come off it it will get worse! AAaaaahhh!
  • missbtomrscmissbtomrsc Posts: 215
    andrealovestom same here i keep telling everyone in a few years as i have PCOS and dont want to get my hopes up i think it'll take a while and would prefer not to have the whole are you preggers yet??
  • TwinMumVixTwinMumVix Posts: 844
    I really want to start a family ASAP!! But H2B says he wants to wait til next year.

    I have also had a lot of people telling me wouldn't you like to wait and spend some time just the 2 of you together? But we have been together 5 years and living together for 4 years, we have had loads of time alone!
  • i had my first when i was 17,second at 18 and now i have a baby due in august! they all have just a year between them all!

    i love them so much and cant wait for therm to all see mummy and daddy getmarried next year! xx
  • Bride-BeccaBride-Becca Posts: 1,411
    i have a 18 month old boy! already so its not too bad..goin to wait another year after weddin to try or so
  • bridey20bridey20 Posts: 1,815
    We are going to have 6months - 1 year before trying for baby, but I too have PCOS and h2b will already be 32 when we get married (I'll be 22) and he doesnt want to be an old dad so who knows it may all change!

  • Bride-BeccaBride-Becca Posts: 1,411
    just have fun trying bridey lol
  • Nope.. no kids for me for a bit. Im too selfish right now. I want them, I love them, but I dont wanna give up my life right now.

    Getting married and then having a kid right after.. I dont know.. Id rather wait a year to see where Married life takes you. Feel out the Married life 1st, especially being so young still.
  • HI We both want children but want the wedding first!! As some have said i don't want on bump on my wedding day. I will be nearly 23 when get married next year and h2b will be 31. We are planning on saving up a bit first then start trying probably not till we have been married a year though. it is killing me though as i really want a little one. LOL we were even talking babie names last night and picke a name for a girl!!!! xx
  • mousenosemousenose Posts: 304
    Hiya, we are getting married in June 2010 and already have a six month old son who will be 19 months when we do the deed then we will be ttc a honeymoon number two!!!

    here is jake

    Lauren xxx
  • DoLunch5980DoLunch5980 Posts: 85
    We are waiting until I finish uni and work fr awhile so maybe 4 years (I'm 23 and h2b is 30)
  • nowmrsS2010nowmrsS2010 Posts: 797
    awww i think its great so many of you are going to start trying after wedding...

    i want to wait a bit but h2b wants to start trying on honeymoon :/ i am not looking forward to that convo i will only be 23 when we get married and would like to wait a few more he will be 27 when we get married he has said he wants our first baby to be before hes 30 :/ eek x
  • raspberry_kittyraspberry_kitty Posts: 1,765
    I really wanted us to be youngish parents (I am 22 in july and he is 25) but at the minute we are looking into moving permanently to Australia in just over a years time so it isnt the right time. We would ttc as soon as we were there and settled it. Or if we decide to stay here for two years or more or forever we will ttc straight away. I cant wait. We were going to try and have a baby 18 months ago but then he proposed and we decided to wait.

    I never understand the whole - lets just enjoy being married first. We have lived together for 3 years and been together 5 being married wont actually change anything.

  • We have started to try for one, and I am so excited by that lol!!

  • kikiswebkikisweb Posts: 388
    We are starting to try (again)on the wedding night ! We both really want to be parents as soon as possible.
  • nat23cnat23c Posts: 120

    im 23 and me and h2b had our daughter when i was 21.

    nat x

  • MrsMcDermott2bMrsMcDermott2b Posts: 1,178
    We'd love to have babies after we get married!!!

    So excited and really cant wait!!

    Im 23 now,so maybe not really a young bride, but i think i'll stay here for a while!!!

  • im thinking...but i think thats all i can do... my sil2b is planning her second and it making me broody, all i wanna do with her is talk babies! I wanna get a flat with 2 bedrooms asap too so that we can start trying but babies cost money!!! and neither of us work at the moment so it would be silly for us to even try!

    So how young is young in this forum?

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  • BabyBriskBabyBrisk Posts: 344
    Hello lovelies!!

    It's nice to see some younger couple preparing for parenthood or being parents, we do make the best ones afterall!!

    I'm 21 in June and had Megan in 2007, she's 16 months old now! It's very hectic being a young mum nowadays, well for me not some of my friends- i'm still at university (was throughout my entire pregnancy) and volunteer at a local secondary school. My partner is 30 in September so i wouldn't class him as a young parent! haha.

    We did want to marry before having children but when i fell pregnant we just re-arranged our plans. Steve put his degree on hold, i vowed to continue mine (going to be a primary school teacher) and we got a place together although rented and getting married is unfortunately at the bottom of the list!!

    I think those who are without children before they get married are wise to have some couple time before trying for children, you don't get much time afterwards, so enjoy what time you can together and then enjoy parenthood! I wouldn't change Megan for the world, i love her to bits and she is so clever, i'm so very proud to be a mummy. x
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