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what do u think?

right we are tryin to do the whole wedding as cheap as mum is fab!

she's wedding photographer but id rather her be a guest and not rush around so she's goin to look into gettin a good deal from a fellow photographer!

we are gettin our cake from M&S and my mum has kindly offered to she offered to do my make up and hair on the day!! also to help me make our own invites, favours etc etc

she offering to help me out a lot and her and my bros and my gran goin together and gettin photographer as our wedding present!!!

but wheever ive mentioned this to h2b parents..they havent mentioned anything about if they goin to contribute...dont want to seem selfish or anything..butt hey know we aint got a massive massive budget and the fact im reeling off everything my mum is doing...they havent be happy even if they pay for the disco!!:\)

but im not sure ..i just feel like they not bothered tbh1


  • Becky86ukBecky86uk Posts: 931
    Im in the same boat. My parents are being fantastic - yet H2B's parents are being so carefree! H2B asked if they would put something in/pay for something to help us out and to put together a budget - and they said we probably will but we cant say what/how much. My parents on the other hand have said they will do all they can to make sure we have the best day!
  • Bride-BeccaBride-Becca Posts: 1,411
    see even if they said "yes we will do something but not sure how much we will contribute yet" be happy

    but the fact they are sittin back and watching us and my mum to do this its rather irritating!

    grr in laws a menance already and we not married yet lol

    glad to see im not the only one havin this prob xx
  • MummyMBMummyMB Posts: 275
    Maybe they are waiting for you to ask them- they might not want to seem like they are interfering so you could delegate them something to sort out...for example you could say 'we really want you to both be a part in helping to organise the wedding so would you like to find us a dj, or find us a decent florist or something' I know everyone's parents are different and this may not work, but something along the lines of involving them in the planning. Then tell them to let you know the costs so that you can make sure you can afford it....they might offer to pay for it that way...hope this makes sense (it does in my head lol) hope it all works out image xxxxxxxx
  • Bride-BeccaBride-Becca Posts: 1,411
    lol thanks u madamass..never would have thought about that lol then again i hardly think!!!!

    i think we need to just sit them down and go over what we've done so far!!! image
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