I'v just applied for Don't tell the bride......aaagh


I've just applied for don't tell the bride, some people think im crazy and couldn't imagine their h2bs to plan everything but i think it would be fun and would love to see his ideas for our big day!!

I'm not sure how hard it is to be chosen but we'l just see what happens.

Our plans are just simply plans at the moment so i just thought why not!, we're going to hopefully start booking things soon but we'll just see what comes of this first. Do you think im crazy?????image


  • BamalooBamaloo Posts: 1,048
    Hi Mrssettle2b,

    I think you are very brave!! But all the best I hope you get through! image
  • jennyuk3jennyuk3 Posts: 204
    Wow how exciting! I think its a great idea. I love that show, I think its great seeing them put all the effort in! Good luck on getting through!
  • poppetsampoppetsam Posts: 864
    I think it's a great idea. Fantastic...I wish I had of had the guts to do this!!

    Now.....do yourself a massive massive favour.....buy all the wedding magazines out at the moment....sit down with him....go through everything....be very very clear about the things you LOVE and the things you HATE. Show him pics, go through it with him.....test him by putting pics of two dresses together....say " I hate one....and I love the other......" Which is which?? So this again and again with different dresses. Tell him colours you hate....tell him flowers you love. Tell him venues that you dream about and whatever you...get all the websites and things saved on Favourites on your computer.......

    Oh God....I'm actually worried for you now that I think about it!! I'm a control freak....actually on second thoughts....don't do it!! hahah. xx
  • sam87uk1sam87uk1 Posts: 9 New bride
    hahaha.i to think im being very brave.dont panic we have had lots of prep talks and he always seems to get my grilling questions right or definately on the right tracks anyway. i just thought it would be fun but im still doing my own research on hotels and venues coz cant just put planning on hold on a wim we'll get a free wedding! xx
  • sam87uk1sam87uk1 Posts: 9 New bride
    hi rilou81, thanks for the info.so where are you now getting married after saying no.

    im aware that theyl do all they can to make GOOD television.haha.we'l just what comes of it xx
  • HelenfullerHelenfuller Posts: 217
    also make sure you tell him your exact measurements, shoe size etc, the men always seem to have problems with this! quite a few just do a silouhette of their fiances body ha ha! i love the programme and would def do it, but really really inform h2b of what was acceptable and what wasnt!
  • I LOVE this programme! I cry at the end everytime coz the h2b always pulls off a fantastic weddingimage Best of luck hun, I'm just jealous that you can rely on h2b to do it, mine didnt even know you needed flowers at a wedding until the other day!

  • emmageddesemmageddes Posts: 155
    You're very brave! I don't think I would trust my H2B to be organised enough! He would probably choose the right dress though! As he is always trying to hint about the style I have chosen and nearly got it right!

    Hope it all goes well for you on the day xxx
  • charli0610charli0610 Posts: 248
    I love this program!...I think you are so brave to let him plan it all but if you give him lessons in your likes and islikes like some of the others have suggested then you'll be fine.

    I hope you get through....I'll be watching!lol!

  • mrswest2bemrswest2be Posts: 260
    Very brave - have you heard anything back yet?? I would love to see what my other half would do. He thought we just had to get church, reception venue and dress - he hadn't thought of anything else!!! haha! good luck -I hope you get through!!!!x
  • wow...good on you...good luck.

    i think my oh could do it...but i wouldnt want to....im a control freak....lol
  • sarahplanesarahplane Posts: 15
    So have I, they've not called us yet though. I've bought my dress because there was a liquidation sale but I've not ooked a venue or anything yet so fingers crossed.
  • I applied back in MArch and we got called for a face to face audition. Went really well but after attending I was put off the idea completely. and whilst waiting to hear back from them we actually went ahead and booked our wedding in CYprus ! so it clearly wasnt something we were willing to wait around for lol. As it happens we didnt get through, so worked out for the best for us. Good luck x
  • My fiancee's aunty worked with some people who did the 'dont tell the bride' show and he said dont do it.it's completely F**ked. the makers of the show purposely direct the man to chose things wrongly to get tearful reactions off the brides and family, they screw you over for the sake of what they think is 'good television'.

    And most of all, they ruin your wedding, PLEASE DON'T DO IT. If you would like I can give you my fiancee's aunty's number so you can ask her yourself. shes a photographer.

  • MrsLinter2BMrsLinter2B Posts: 288
    I don't think I could do this as I love aranging and organising but H2B opinions are always great so we do the planning together
  • Go for it, it'll be fun, after all, the wedding is only the day, and after he's done an amazing job with all his "pep talk knowledge" you'll live happily ever after and wont have to be worrying about paying off outstanding bills from the wedding image good luck!
  • BabyBriskBabyBrisk Posts: 344
    We applied for this and did the phone inteviews and had a very long audition camera and all, we took our daughter and she wasn't too impressed with having to share mummy and daddy! haha

    Rosie seemed to really like us and i took my wedding folder with me which they said no one else had done. We were told to wait until the end of March for a reply and when we went to the wedding fayre in March the cornered us and asked if we'd like to apply!! As it was the one that filmed us we couldn't believe that they said everyone would know by March and here they were still looking for people.

    After the many phone calls, the interviews and the audition- the amount of time we spent doing all that crap we were sent a lousy email to say they had decided not to follow 'our story'. An email!!

    They then asked if we wanted to take part in something else, not friggin' likely!!

    I did a lot of research into Don't Tell the Bride before we went to auditions i read a lot about how they ruin the day, send cars back, cancel thing and really mess up the day to get the best reaction- they want crying and dissapointment.

    DON'T DO IT!
  • Hiyaa Im Aplying to image xxxxx
  • Just go for it, when else do you get a chance to have a free wedding image
  • Foz140607Foz140607 Posts: 419
    Wow you're brave! I love the show, and always said that whilst I'm too much of a control freak to do it myself, was sure my H2B would do a good job. However since we started planning the wedding I've had the following comments from him...

    'favours - WHAT ARE FAVOURS?!' (said whilst looking at me like I'd just turned into a alien)

    At a recent friend's wedding 'does your dress have a train?' (will not confirm or deny whether he thinks an train is a good thing in case I kill him having already bought the dress)

    At same wedding 'A don't like her dress, it's a bit blingy' (small row of diamantes on top).

    There have been many others relating to cheaper and generally inappropriate alternatives to cakes, cars etc. My advice is make sure you've sat down and clarified what both of you think would make a lovely wedding, and don't do it if he's the type of person who would be easily swayed by other people; judging by the other comments on here the production team would have a field day if he is!

    Good luck with it x
  • BeckyWoo1BeckyWoo1 Posts: 284
    I really love that programme so good luck, although unfortunately all is not as it seems so I've heard. I watched an episode and it turned out the couple were a local couple and the wedding dress shop was very close to me. I loved the dress he chose for his bride so I went alone and had a look. The owner was telling me how staged it all is, so be warned. The bride was told to basically say that she absolutely hated tight lace dresses. Low and behold he then goes and buys her a tight lace dress. Turns out she loves the dress because of course that's what she wanted all along!!!

    I think it's a fanatstic idea if you and your h2b are very sure of what you want and won't get pushed into anything for the sake of TV xx
  • CeeJay2CeeJay2 Posts: 2

    Hi :)

    i also applied for the show this year and was wondeing when do you hear from them for an face to face interview or something, do they ring you or send an email 


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