Soo.. How did you all meet H2B??

This has probaly already been covered but i love reading these stories!!

How did you all meet H2B?

Mine was in a pub (classy ey?) We both sat at the same table and started chatting! Never looked back from there image



  • char2609ukchar2609uk Posts: 1,539
    We met on the internet...after talking pretty much non-stop for 2 weeks he said he loved me (we hadn't even met at this point). We met officially in a pub car park a week later and that was it really, he was very brave bless him as he came all the way to see me and had to meet my parents within 10 minutes of meeting me (then my grandparents popped round for a nosy too lol).

    We had a long distance relationship (120 miles) for 2 years and then moved in together before getting married the day before our 3 year dating anniversary.

  • LJSuk1LJSuk1 Posts: 673
    ahh - met mine at work, different offices so plenty of space between us in the day - lol don't think we could live in each others pockets like that image 4 years at the end of June xxx
  • kikiswebkikisweb Posts: 388
    I was sat on a bench at Swindon bus station when he drove past in his bus and winked and smiled at me. I just had to go up to some of the other drivers and find out who he was ! We met up the next day.
  • MrsDolandMrsDoland Posts: 386
    We met at 6th form college, we sat in english lit together.

    We're having books we studied as our table names image

  • I met him whilst on holiday in Cornwall trying to enjoy a girlie time with my friend and getting away from men.

    We found a group of car enthusiasts and he was there. Got chatting and he admitted he liked me after a day or so. I didn't want to get involved as I had just come out of a 3 1/2 year relationship before that but I gave in.

    600 mile round trip to see him, saw him every other weekend. After 6 weeks I handed in my notice and moved down to be with him.
  • katiexoxukkatiexoxuk Posts: 108
    Im his girl next door lol and he's my boy!

  • We met at school when we were 14 and got together when we were 16 image Still going strong 6 and half years later! x
  • leighh5leighh5 Posts: 1,439
    we met when started in a new hotel - funny thing was he is best friends with my best friends wee brother!!!!!!!x
  • DelilahDeeDelilahDee Posts: 171

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  • sarahplanesarahplane Posts: 15
    He was flyering for a friend of a friends pub, tried to put a flyer in my hood, chased me up the street. Ended up becoming drinking buddies, good friends, I got pregnant with my then boyfriends baby (h2b had already started falling for for me), we started working together, he became my superviser at one point, both stopped working there, I had baby, both split up with ex's and evenually got together. It took us 2 years to get together, moved in together after 9 months. Got engaged in january (after just over 3 years together) and we're planning our wedding for next year.

  • We met at college ... on the first day we had this team building day and he had these stunning blue eyes so I just couldn't stop looking at him!! ... I was SO pleased on the next day when we had our first lessons when he walked into my ICT class image ... we started chatting and instantly clicked and have now been dating for over 6 and a half years image .x.x.
  • kikisweb im from Swindon too!

    We met at school in Swindon, aged 14 and were now 21 getting married july 2010!
  • mrscraig2010mrscraig2010 Posts: 500
    Night out with a friend from Uni couple years ago....H2B's her little brother hehehe! I'd already told her I was eye-ing him up on bebo before we met teehee! Still friends with her too image

  • ImimimImimim Posts: 31
    We met at Law School 6 years ago... got together 3 months after we met, I left the country a year later, had long distance relationship for 3 years, broke up for 2 months, got back together, now engaged and living happily with our 3 months old son image
  • Smiffy2010Smiffy2010 Posts: 433
    Went to same school but didn't really know each other - different yr. Ex best mates with his cousin (hated each other).

    Saw him in the pub 7 yrs later, got chatting.

    Was funny going on a holiday with the ex best friends who i hadn't spoken to for yrs i can tell ya!!!
  • m_keaneym_keaney Posts: 85
    I work for New Look and we opened the new store at Christmas, 4 years ago this December - you know what christmas in the shops is like, it was a mad month, so was January, we finally had our first Christmas night out in Febuary!!! Anyway, I was still at school and had school the next day, so i had to get the last bus home, and didn't have money for a taxi. So there's me, on the bus and it stops at George Square, then this guy gets on and i look up (Im very nosy) and at the same time he looks at me, and we have a "moment" looking in to each others eyes. And I couldn't stop the smile that formed on my lips! sat next to me and we got chatting

    Him - "you just been out tonight"

    Me "yeah it was a work night out"

    So we just chatted away, the bus was quite busy. I found out later that although quite a confident man, chatting me up on the bus, he was too nervous to ask for my number before his stop, where 90% of the people on the bus got off, apart from him and then he asked for my number!!! He stayed on the bus and got further away from his house to ask for my number. I have to admit to being a bit naughty and not being straight with him about my age as i could tell he was older. Not long after that we had our first date and we've never looked back. 4 months later he took me to Paris!! That was just over 4 years ago! We got engaged in Barcelona in November!!!
  • pink_rulezpink_rulez Posts: 41
    Mines a bit sad really we met in Air cadets he was a corporal (uniform gets me every time) we first started talking at the last flight of Concorde when it landed for the last time in filton bristol we were there to help out, met the pilot (my claim to fame) after that we started dating he proposed on Concorde and because it was the anniversary of the last flight of Concorde to we ended up on radio bristol lol

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  • MisspiggyFMisspiggyF Posts: 69
    i was living in Spain (where i grew up) and my dad had his own construction company. dad mentioned that he'd just hired a new labourer at work. so one night after school i went to the bar to meet up with my dad (we're really close) because he always has a friday drink with 'the work lads'

    So...i walked in the bar and there he was. this new labourer. And he was absolutely amazing. i couldn't take my eyes off him. even though he was all dusty from work and everything he was (and still is) the most beautiful thing i've ever seen.

    So as young girls do, i got completely nervous so drunk to much! we didnt actually talk that night.

    Then he became friends with my brother and started coming round our house, he had another girlfriend at the time. As we lived close by we used to go to the same bars and things, and then we fell in love and he dumped the other girl and the rest is history!

    he actually moved back to brum after we'd been dating for 3 months but then he came to visit me in spain for christmas and thats when he proposed. i moved back to live with him in brum after that.

    turns out id actually met him months and months before he started working for my dad in my friends chippy, which was wierd, we actually bumped into eachother a few places. must be fate!
  • GoldiLox77GoldiLox77 Posts: 621
    Facebook ha ha ha ha
  • We also met online! image I was bored, joined to see if there was anyone out there worth talking to - within a week he had messaged me, then disappeared home for Christmas for two weeks so didn't reply until the New Year. Two weeks of multiple-times-a-day emailing he finally asked me out, I said yes. Our date lasted six hours that first night, and the rest is history. That was only January next year - we get married in 42 days! I couldn't be happier - I found my soulmate, best friend and the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. Thank goodness I was bored that night and signed up for is all I can say! image
  • xxMrsTxxxxMrsTxx Posts: 467
    school, he drove me around the flipping bend lol always distracting me in lessons.

    he spent the lessons we had together staring at me though and i didnt realise i loved him until i saw him run around topless after a football and i knew i was going to marry him image

    Mrs Txox
  • I met my H2B on a blind date. A friend of mine from work set us up coz she thought he was my type. 4 1/2 years later we are getting married. So glad I agreed to the date.

  • MrsLinter2BMrsLinter2B Posts: 288
    We met whilst backpacking Australia, staying in the same hostel. We got chatting one night in the common room and it all went from there. I came back just over a month later to Manchester and he carried on his travels. He was originally out there till October but kept pushing the date earlier and finally flew home the end of march. He proposed to me easter weekend and i moved to torquay to be with him in june. Kind of quick but you know when you have met the one.
  • hehe at a christmas corridor party in my uni halls of residence! Although admittedly i was quite drunk so when i met up with him again after the holiday break it was like meeting him all over again! lol!!!!
  • MrsAndoMrsAndo Posts: 623
    Through a mutual friend but he didn't tell me he fancied me til over a year later... Bless! -x-x-x-
  • He kissed my best friend on a drunken night out...but then she wasnt interested and he wasnt interested...I added him on MSN, arranged to meet up and the rest is history!!

    That best friend is going to be one of my BM's!
  • MrsPolishMrsPolish Posts: 270
    I had been with my current OH for 3 and half years things werent going well, he just ignored me for his PS3 the whole time. Being bored I surfed the net joined a forum about animals posted a pictures and he repiled saying I was gorgeous and that he was going to take me to London zoo.

    We started chatting on msn after 2 months I dumped my BF who has now been with my ex best friend for a year although I think something might have been going on while we were still together. Another 2 weeks later and I was on the plane to London to stay with him for the weekend, after 2months I moved to london to be with him and the rest is history =)
  • we work together as dental technicians- i started the lab he was working at and we bonded over futurama and dr who image bit sad.. our wedding is april 10th and we will have been together 4 years exactly. x
  • Aaaw i love all these stories!

    I met my H2B in early 2004 on a night out! I was stood outside a pub ( couldn't get in as i was still 17 and had no ID!) and he came up as he knew my mate. We got chatting and he asked to stay with us for the rest of the night, so we went to a club. Got on really well, had a dance, and shared a taxi home. We met up a few times after, then lost contact for a couple of months, then met up again in October 2004.

    We were really good friends during this time, but there was always a spark between us.

    We admitted about the spark, and started seeing each other when we fancied, nothing heavy.

    Then got together properly in October 2007, got engaged in February 2008 in Paris, and bought our house in April 2008! Having our wedding on 19th September this year!

    All moved very fast, but I guess we both just knew it was meant to be and would be forever! image xx
  • blimp_13blimp_13 Posts: 19
    We met at School, My friends were friends with his friends and we met, 1 year and a half later (15yrs old) he gives me a birthday hug and we spend a week flirting before I had the guts to asking him out.

    Where together 3 years then he propsosed.

    And thats where we are todayimage
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