Where is everyone ?

older brides section seems so slow ... im wondering whats putting us off using it ??

Just a thought as I know there are lots of older brides about !!



  • NickiKittenNickiKitten Posts: 2,074
    I dont fit in with the young brides or the older brides! Im 27, shunned by both!
  • jules-rulesjules-rules Posts: 7,025 New bride

    Poor thing !!!

    Well you can play here chick , prob being ??

    There doesnt seem to be anyone to play with !!!

    BOO HOO ... lol
  • tallyjouktallyjouk Posts: 80
    Hiya, well at 43 now ouch! im here! well till Sat when go to cyprus to get wed next Thursday! x
  • jules-rulesjules-rules Posts: 7,025 New bride
    How exciting . Let us know how it all goes and of course pictures !

    I was 43 when I got married,in

    actual fact I was a month off my 44th birthday !!

    Have a wonderful time xxxxxx
  • di64di64 Posts: 237
    hi, im an older bride, will be nearly 46 by the time we get married next may, just never quite sure what to say on here
  • jules-rulesjules-rules Posts: 7,025 New bride
    Hi di64 How are your plans going ?

    Where are you getting married?

    Have you chosen a dress??

    Tell us anything , I , for one , am just damn nosey !! lol

  • di64di64 Posts: 237
    hi, we are getting married on may 2nd at tregenna castle,st ives. booked the venue and registrar, ordered the cake- 3 tiers fruit, chocolate and lemon white iced with pink flowers. think we have a photographer and florist. brought some save the date magnets from ebay, invitations from tescos, favour bagsfrom ebay. no idea on dress yet, mum lives in america so may look when we visit her in july otherwise think it may be milly bridal
  • jules-rulesjules-rules Posts: 7,025 New bride
    Great It sounds like your doing well then,Be lovely to have a nosey at dresses in the U.S.

    Any idea what you might fancy ?
  • di64di64 Posts: 237
    hi jules rules i quite like wg0512 from milly bridal
  • jules-rulesjules-rules Posts: 7,025 New bride

    this it ?
  • jules-rulesjules-rules Posts: 7,025 New bride
    fook it it didnt work grrrrrr
  • jules-rulesjules-rules Posts: 7,025 New bride

    ok is this the one chcik ?
  • di64di64 Posts: 237
    hi jules rules i dont know i cant see anything!
  • jules-rulesjules-rules Posts: 7,025 New bride
    well ffs lol

    i hosted it onto photobucket i can see it!!!

    how odd.
  • I can see it!

    I haven't been on this particular forum before but I suppose I qualify at 36!

  • di64di64 Posts: 237
    hi yes thats it, i need to try some on first to make sure the shape suits.
  • jules-rulesjules-rules Posts: 7,025 New bride

    I really like it , its soooo pretty.

    hello mrsFitsy yes 36 will do .. come and play lol
  • Could do with some fun! I'm bored at work when I'd rather be at home where there's lots to do. Took me two and a half hours last night to make 39 name cards and there's still 15 to go.
  • di64di64 Posts: 237
    mrs fitzy to be, whens your wedding?
  • jules-rulesjules-rules Posts: 7,025 New bride
    Well im off today fooking freezing it is here in Bedford

    . Im just putiing together my wedding album , well actually its for my sister ,, I got a real bargain... found a beautiful album reduced from£50 to £15.

    Very pleased and smug about that . xx
  • Hi di64 - It's July 10th - a month to day! Can't wait - still got quite a lot to do though.

    Mrs Jules Rules - I saw your wedding pictures and they're all fab. Bet you're having fun re-living your big day. Bit of a bargain on the album!

  • di64di64 Posts: 237
    thats so near how exciting, bet you have loads to do , good luck.

    have to get ready for work speak again soon x
  • jules-rulesjules-rules Posts: 7,025 New bride

    Not long now.....

    what are you wearing ?

    Yea it only seems a a couple of weeks ago that we got married when in actual fact its our first wedding anniversary in 18 days!!.

    Also it took ages for me to get my pics as the photographer had a berevment so everything was held up.I havent had all my pics for that long really .

    Thankyou im glad you liked them xx
  • Hope you've got something nice planned for your first anniversary!

    I'm wearing a Jenny Packham dress - Manouka (sorry don't know how to post pictures!). I had another dress originally but I became pregnant in January and the dress would have been uncomfortable at best. Manouka flows nicely over my bump and will be much more comfortable! x
  • jules-rulesjules-rules Posts: 7,025 New bride
    wow what a beautiful dress , breathtaking . congrats on the pregnancy

  • Thanks Jules. x
  • ennovy06ennovy06 Posts: 80
    MrsFitzyB thats an absolutely gorgeous dress !

    Hi Mrs Jules - I was thinking how quiet it is on the "more mature ladies" section too.

    Im getting married in Cyprus on 23rd September this year - 105 days and counting.

    My dress is this.....

    http://www.artcouturebridal.co.uk/collection.htm# - its dress ac94 - and I love it and am very thankful that at the grand old age of 51 and with 2 daughters and 2 grandsons Im still slim enough to wear it !!

    Our wedding is in the gazebo at Zucchinis in Peyia near Paphos and we have booked a very luxurious villa too.

  • jules-rulesjules-rules Posts: 7,025 New bride
    Yet another superb dress.

    Cyprus? how lovely .. how are you arrangments coming along?
  • ennovy06ennovy06 Posts: 80
    Ahh thanks very much.......your wedding pics were gorgeous - I looked at them a while ago - and congratulations for your anniversary!!

    Everything is pretty much arranged really - apart from having disasters with bridesmaids - long story lol !

    H2B didnt want a ring (has joint problems) - and now last week - yep - you guessed it teeeheee............so now searching for him a ring - think he will be having titanium as its very light !

    We have to send in our complete booking form later in the month - get our legal stuff sorted - but so far its very stress free which is what we intend it to be !

    I have my bouquet (350 crystals).......shoes (2 pairs actually), jewellery, ring, underwear.....BM dresses are being made in Thailand by a friend - if I ever get the BMs to go and be measured that is!

    So far so good..........

  • Lovely dress Ennovy6. I'm sure you'll look amazing in it.

    We went to Paphos a couple of years ago and we really liked it. Have you been before? If you like Chinese food I can recommend Chloes along the sea front.

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