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The final countdown

I can't quite believe it we have only four days to go! We are to be married at FIndhorn in Scotland on 2.8.2009. Had a bit of a wobble on Sunday when we went over for a last check of the venue and to meet out photographer there. The garden where we were to hold our ceremony looked like a bomb site. Some very heavy duty rabbits had moved in and burrowed for Australia in all the flowerbeds. What they hadn't dug up they had eaten!

However it has worked out for the best because our first choice was to use the upstairs veranda with its most beautiful view of the FIndhorn bay but had decided against as one of our number is in a wheel chair and would need to get up two flights of stairs. We didn't like to ask but now we have and the lady in question is fine about being lifted up the stairs by three lusty lads, what a woman! So here's hoping the weather stays dry because the view is beautiful and the garden really doesn't matter at all.

After the ceremony we are coming home for an informal buffet again outside if weather smiles then on to the Celtic music festival where the `Sunday Survivors Cheilidh' will provide the music for a good chance to leap up and down with our friends and family.

I have so enjoyed this progess towards our wedding and the next few short days will give us time to draw breath and re-engage with why we are getting married.

Please wish us well for Sunday and good luck to all August brides


  • daisylozdaisyloz Posts: 3,109
    Glad to hear the garden didnt spoil things for you Betrothed and its great that you only have a few days to go....hope weather holds for you and that you have a wonderful day ....xx
  • new-mrsbnew-mrsb Posts: 2,015 New bride
    How did it all go, hope you had a fab day
  • Quoted:
    How did it all go, hope you had a fab day

    Just got your message in my inbox. Thanks so much for asking new mrs B [did you get married reciently too]? we did have a wondeful day and I've just finished writing the first draft of a record of our day and indeed the lead up. I wanted to record it before the memory fades and at our age it might go for ever!! Here is a preview I may put more on the forum in time. It is only a first draft mind so may not have perfect spelling syntax etc!

    The Arrival at Shambala

    The sky is looking quite ominous over the bay and the wind is stronger here on the coast. Too late we remember that as the tide reaches the highest point the wind will often increase accordingly. We get off the bus and several of us including me look apprehensive as goose bumps break out all over any exposed flesh!

    W tells us there is quite a strong wind up on the terrace. [B has made it up there having been carried up by J the young gardener at Shambala]. W asks do we want to go ahead or move down to the ball room for the ceremony.

    The decision is mine `ARRRH' I hesitate, worrying that I will make the wrong decision but decide to go with my first thought that we do not want to be up on the terrace too cold to concentrate and wishing that it would be over soon when there is a beautiful room just vacated by the Taize singers with the Buddhist shrine as a background available inside. W assures us it will take no time at all to get set up down there and while they are doing that he'll take some arrival pictures.

    We get back on the bus but taking the pictures proves to be less than easy, our clan are chilly and also long legged. They shoot out of the bus and sprint for the cover of the portico over Shambala's front door. We do manage one reasonable shot of me stepping down from the bus assisted by my son, then a good one of us all lined up on the grass as if we had just arrived on foot.

    to be continued!

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  • new-mrsbnew-mrsb Posts: 2,015 New bride
    oh great start, more more and some pics too please.

    To answer your question not recently no, coming to y 2nd anniversary soon, just very sad still hanging round here
  • There is nothing sad about 'hanging round here' mrs b. Its a very interesting forum and lots of lovely pepople contribute. Besides you noe have experience you might be able to help!!

    I will post some more and will do some pictures once I've worked out how to do it! I have a link to a great slide show of our ceremony with music but it took about ten minutes to down load on my computor. [It's not very high powered mind] I think this might be a bit long for anyone's patience!
  • new-mrsbnew-mrsb Posts: 2,015 New bride
    Ooo good looking forward to that
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