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Where did we meet our H2bs older brides?

We met on the internet last year....a friend put me on a site after my divorce and after a few dates that really were awful I thought I'd give it a miss....then one day a year later ..out of the blue....there he was sending me messages.....found my soul mate ....wonderful ! xx


  • bladetteukbladetteuk Posts: 396
    We met on the internet just over 2 years ago. He sent me a couple of messages, but I couldn't retrieve them as I wasn't a paid up member, so I joined for the minimum to get them, and discovered he lived less than 5 mins walk from me! He put his house up for sale a few months later and moved in with me. We got engaged on my birthday last year just over a year after we met, and we get married July next year. He loves my family, my grandchildren adore him (he loves them too) - and my mother thinks he is the best thing since sliced bread!
  • SuomibrideSuomibride Posts: 216
    We met in Lapland. I was working for a ski company and my H2B was the F&B Manager at the hotel.

    As they say, the rest is history....

    Once we're married, we're going to live in Finland (H2B is Finnish).

  • daisylozdaisyloz Posts: 3,109
    Great stories havent
  • We met at a table tennis club!!!

    We both played and he had just moved to the area. we became friends nothing else as I was married and he was a confirmed bachelor and then fate came into play. Another man at the club became infatuated with me and started to stalk me. A terrifying experience even if you know the person. It was made worse by my then husband telling me it was my fault as I shouldn't talk to men! Things got worse as I got tennis elbow and husband woundn't do anything to help me around the house. In the end close to some sort of break down I left my husband and my friendship with new husband grew. He is now my best friend and husband rolled into one!!!

  • MistyxxMistyxx Posts: 1,679
    H2B and I met on a blind date over 2 years ago.

    We were introduced at my friend's house (she was seeing his cousin at the time), then we all went into town for drinks. On leaving the first pub he held my hand, I thought "aww he must like me", obviously he did we're getting married next year!

  • daisylozdaisyloz Posts: 3,109
    Great stuff ladies...keep em coming...

    Couldnt not giggle at the irony of the 'table tennis' and 'tennis elbow' Mrs Joyce2b lol
  • Unfortunately it was infact the table tennis that caused it. I think it was to show me how painful it is! About 4 yrs before I got tennis elbow I bumped into a friend who I had known when was 16 a lot of years earlier. I asked if he was still playing and he told me he was just starting again after having tennis elbow and recounted how on some days he couldn't even tie his shoelaces! I made all the right noises but walked away thinking he had obviously had the "mens" version!!! Having suffered with it myself I am now more sympathetic.
  • harrydogukharrydoguk Posts: 481
    We met on the internet 6 years ago makefriends online best £9.99 i ever spent! xx
  • cpluspluscplusplus Posts: 1,448
    he fell over on me (backwards) a club.....

    He apologised, I told him off, then realised he was ***seriously*** handsome, and fled into the ladies.

    Um.......where he appeared!!!! insisting on my phone number, which I refused and took his email address instead, written with lipstick on toilet roll.

    Which I lost, for three weeks.

    I found it (I'd put it somewhere safe) is history image


  • I met my H2B in my office, he is the cleaner. We have been together a year this week and get married November 14th. He loves cleaning, the perfect man for me, I hate it!!!
  • cpluspluscplusplus Posts: 1,448
    ooooooooo I'm jealous now, mine is more rubbish at it than me!
  • GoldiLox77GoldiLox77 Posts: 621
    We met via Facebook..out of all places, we had 1 mutual friend at the time (18 months ago) and he used the 'how do you know mark' ploy to grab my interest, hoping I'd reply to which I did and we just hit it off from there... not very exciting really :-/
  • Kellyv81Kellyv81 Posts: 243
    Hi Ladies,

    I met my H2B on the Net, someone in a chat room was really being nasty to me and he steped in and told him that he shouldn't be talking to a lady like that (Sweet) We exchanged numbers after long chats online and by phone we met up and have been together ever since.

    We will be flying out to Florida after our wedding in March 2010 on the day we met eachother 10 years ago!
  • We met online, but it wasn't a dating site, just a site devoted to a hobby we both had at the time. I emailed him about something and we ended up exchanging emails for 6 months before he suggested we meet up. That was three years ago.
  • daisylozdaisyloz Posts: 3,109
    In this fast changing world..I do think we have to be grateful for the internet ....a lot of ladies I know find its so difficult to meet prospective partners after 45 unless you're involved in a suitable hobby...and I have found it such a bonus that I got to know the 'person' so well first.....

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  • I met my fella when we were 19 (26 years ago!!) in Preston - of all places! My best friend was at uni there and so was he (they were mates). Anyway, to cut a (very) long story short, we dated for a couple of years, split up, he went off and had 3 kids, I went off from one disastrous relationship after another, then, 5 years ago met up for a lunchtime drink and BANG! It was like we'd never been apart! Crazy eh?!
  • Quoted:
    In this fast changing world..I do think we have to be grateful for the internet ....


    I couldn't agree more. I would never have met my H2B without it as we live in different countries.
  • I met my h2b at work, one day I bought in a can of tomato soup and didn't have a tin opener, someone told me he did and from the first use of the tin opener I knew I had to have him!!! Bought tomato soup in every day from then on, just so I could use his tin opener!!! Got a bit sick of it in the end, but it worked, we are getting married next weekend!!
  • We went to school together. He was my first kiss! We went our separate ways when we left school at 16 and met up again last year (22 years later) through Facebook. We hit it off straight away on meeting up again and we both knew within a week that we'd found 'the one'.

    We got on so well as kids, I sometimes wish we had never separated, but then of course neither of us would have had the children we have or be the people we are today.

    Hooray for the internet!!
  • new-mrsbnew-mrsb Posts: 2,015 New bride
    We met when i was 5 and he was 6, went through school together, lost contact at 11 as we went to different schools, met up again at 18 went out for a while but he was a know all lad about town then so it didnt work out.

    Then in November 2004 he emailed me through Friends Reunited, I i ignored his email as i was a busy single mum at the time then he emailed me 12 months later again so i decided to pay the fee and join friends reunited this time.

    The email was hilarious because he was saying how nice it was to see me that morning but i had no idea what he was on about.

    i replied saying that i hadn't seen him but it turned out that as i was turning into the road where i work (in the car) he was pulling out of the road and i had beeped my horn as my friend was crossing over the road he thought i was waving at him but i was oblivious!!!!!

    And it took off from there
  • We met via and I was at the point of giving up after meeting more than my share of geeks and freaks on there! Just as I was about to cancel my subscription my h2b winked at me. We have been inseperable since our 3rd date and 3 1/2 years later we are finally getting married. We fly out to Mauritius in 4 weeks and get married in 5! I am so lucky, I am marrying my soulmate and very best friend all thanks to the wonders of the internet!
  • ThistleukThistleuk Posts: 1,877
    Used to use a chat room he was one of the members spoke for months and months, I had recently came out of a relationship and was so not looking for someone else (last pig cheated on me lol) anyway once year everybody from the chat room meets up somewhere, we hit it off straight away meeting face to face and that folks is history lol been engaged nearly 2 years now :\)

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  • we met on the internet,, soooo glad i did that!!
  • robsiarobsia Posts: 456
    Another internet one here -
  • I was his boss!

  • robsia; met mine on same website!!!!! he asked me to move in with him three months after we met and we got married a year later!
  • this a great topic.....i met mine on as well. After many bad dates over a 6 month period, i too was going to give up but then he sent me an email which was 'short but deadly', i loved the humour but unfortunately not his profile pic but decided to keep the mails coming. I thought he was a bit of a party animal at first as his mails used to arrive in the early hours of the morning but then i realised it was because he works on a rig on the north sea and was doing the night shift !

    Anyway, wasn't interested in meeting him at all but loved the mails, he has exactly the same sense of humour as me but he implied after 3 months of mailing and chatting on the phone that if i didn't meet him (i had half heartedly attempted to meet him on 2 occasions but made up really poor excuses as to why i couldn't make it) then the mails wouldn't continue (he says it was because he knew i was 'the one' and just 'had to meet me' so had to take some drastic measures and play his trump card!) so i took a chance and had the best date ever and the rest is history............
  • daisylozdaisyloz Posts: 3,109
    Ah lovely story Mrs Kearly...congrats...when's the wedding ?? x
  • inkiepixieinkiepixie Posts: 2,156
    We met through the internet on I messaged him first thinking there was no way in hell he'd answer, but he did. We met up three weeks later and got engaged after 10 months together. I asked him as well image

    I initially emailed him because he mentioned that he really liked Burmese cats, as his mum breeds them, and we had a Burmese when I was little. Both the website and the Burmese cats (Felix, Truffles, Italia and Rocky) are all going to get a thank you at the wedding image
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    Daisyloz, there are some spooky parallels going on... just tracking similarities in various posts !!!

    erm I met H2B via dating site too. Was dared to go on one. Had a fair few lets say 'interesting' dates to say the least for a year or so - then got an email from H2B saying hi, which I initially had ignored - I was working shifts and can't always email people back straight away. Plus, as he lived so far away, (Suffolk - I am in E Yorks) and with me shift working, my thoughts were that if I replied and it developed, it would be so hard to find the time and effort required for a long distance relationship. He then sent 2nd email, very polite, saying, sorry you were too busy to reply type of thing etc... hope you find what you are looking for....

    I just couldn't be rude and not reply, to apologise for ignoring him initially.

    Well, that's how it started in the March - emailing and penpals for a few months, with a few phone calls as well. Then after one day out with my son when we went to the beach and I tried stone skimming... which was hilarious as I just couldn'd do it. Unbeknownst to me some workmen had been watching my efforts and also killing themselves laughing.. I shared it with H2B and said you should have been there. He said well, perhaps I should be...

    So 2 weekends later beginning of July he drove up - 5 1/2 hrs drive - and stayed in a b&b and we just got on so well, talking and laughing. From that point on, we just got closer and closer. Everytime I was off, I would go down and stay with him, and in between he'd come up for a weekend as well. We very soon realised things were getting serious, and we started working out how we could be together properly.

    So a year later he moved up and in, and 2 years after that he proposed (now a year ago) and next year we are getting married !
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