Another older b2b here

Hi ladies

I am Joy from Falkirk and am getting married September 17th 2010 when I will be on my 3rd marriage at the grand young age of 48 image


  • Hi Joy

    Its all a bit quiet on here at the moment - dont know where everyone is !

    Im from Preston and get married in 21 days in Cyprus - we fly out on the 12th and Im now very excited....we paid for everything today too !

    3rd time lucky for me the grander age of 52 teeheee

    Welcome xx
  • Hi ladies.

    I'm from Derby originally, but living in Nottinghamshire now with my h2b. I'm a second time around bride & am 41 years young (& still will be when we marry in May 2010).
  • Hi, I'm from the West Midlands and will be getting married in Anglesey on 26th March, 2011 a week after my 52nd birthday. Was planning to marry on my birthday till we realised it clashed with the six nations rugby finals!! x
  • Hi,

    I'm from Edinburgh and recently got engaged for the first time at the ripe old age of 50. We haven't set a date yet, but I hope it won't be too far away.
  • daisylozdaisyloz Posts: 3,109
    Hi and welcome to the newbie...hope you enjoy the site....I'm over 50 (weeps) and getting married again on Jan 2nd 2010...the time is rushing by so fast too...I'm getting married in Manchester...

    Ennnoovy All the best for yours soon hun....can we see pick of your dress? x
  • Hi daisyloz...

    thanks - we are both really excited now!

    the link to my dress is here - I tried putting one of me in the dress on photobucket and it was a disaster as I could see it fine - but other people said it was a different pic!!!! All very confusing??

    Its dress AC94 down the right hand column
  • daisyteandaisytean Posts: 1,382
    What a fab dress ennovy!

    Hi Joy and welcome - this place gets addictive but you will gets lots of help and tips and ideas. My wedding is in 10 days and I have learnt so much from the ladies on this site.

    You are not alone - I am 53 and getting married for the second time to my soulmate, who I nearly married 35 years ago, but my parents said we were too young!!

    Enjoy your planning - if I can be of any help........
  • Ooooh Mrs daisytean we are nearly there eh? Have you finished everything now?

    Thanks for your comments about my dress - I love it and its very comfy too.

    Your story is wonderful and very romantic - you guys got there in the end then? Lots of luck for your day - hope we get to see pics?

  • daisyteandaisytean Posts: 1,382
    Yes - its come round so quickly! I just want time to slow down for a bit now. Tonight is list writing night! Need to try and remember what we still need to do. Think its just last minute stuff though.

    You are going away soon - so a lot to organise to take it all with you? Whats your wedding going to be like?

    I need to stop eating biscuits!! I think the more stressy I get, the more sugar I eat!
  • Yes I know exactly what you mean - and I have also got lists of lists teeheee!

    We are mostly organised now I think - we got our statutory declarations sworn yesterday then in the afternoon we paid everyone (ouch).

    Our wedding is just a small party of 16 - at Zucchinis in Paphos - we are marrying in the gazebo overlooking Coral Bay. We have booked a very large luxurious villa and everyone is flying out on the 19th - but we go on the 12th - so we can have a few days on our own!!

    Neither of my daughters can come - as one has just had a baby and the other daughters baby is due the end of October - Im sad about it, but its just one of those things and its a good excuse for a nice evening out when we get back.

    Its turning out to be a very expensive year.......2 babies and a wedding!!

    What about you - what are all your wedding plans?

    Biscuits - hmmmm....bit the same myself...chocolate and mint crumblies too

  • Well hi girls,

    I'm another older bride here [in age only not in mind! 47 on Sundayimage. We're getting married in Cyprus next August. This is my second time around so I'm hoping I can beat my previous marriage of 22 years!!!!! There was originally only going to be just 4 of us going out but then others came forward & said they wanted to come out with us. Until I get final numbers we won't know who is coming. I've booked a reception for 12 so lets see.

    Bear with me & I'll see if I can put a link on here to my dress, which looks a lot better on than the pic shows.:\?

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    I'm an older.....erm.....saddo......past bride because i'm coming up to my 2nd anniversay but i'm still hanging around!!!!

    I got married in Cyprus and it was fab, good luck to all of you who still have your wedding to very jealous lol
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