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New and Clueless :)

I'm 21, and I'll be 22 when I get married to my boyfriend Rob next year.

We've just set a date - the 5th of September 2010. It's a Sunday, which is a bit different but i'm sure it'll be fine, and it won't be a big white wedding because that's not really our style, but i'm enjoying reading about everyone else's plans for their weddings, and already i'm starting to feel myself becoming interested in pomanders and stuff! (i didn't even know what they were last week!)

So i don't really know how this site works, but please help me out because i need to make some friends and speak to some people who i can share ideas with!

OK thanks!



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  • Hi Molly,

    Congrats on the wedding and welcome to the forum image

    What have you planned/ booked so far? I know what you mean about getting more and more into the whole thing... before i joinned the site i just wanted a reg office wedding and a pub dinner image but ive been lured into princess dresses and skylanterns lol

  • Hi Molly, I'm new to this site too. Our wedding is on the 5th June 2010 and we only set the date a few weeks ago, so although it's 8 months away, in wedding terms it feels fast approaching. To make things worse, my H2B Mike has recently taken on a new job up north as we live in the midlands. So I'm trying to arrange most of it alone although I have his and my mother at hand. I dont get to see him hardly, maybe every few weekends if I travel up to see him, and then I have to sit in his tractor and ride around on it all day just to spend time with him haha. I joined this site to meet fellow brides to be and make friends as I've been a bit down lately struggling to balance Mike not being around, the fact I've recently been made redundant so stuckk at home job hunting and arranging the wedding... I've got our church and venue booked so far. I've got the invitations and found my photographer although just a matter of the deposit being paid for that to secure it. I've found my dress and bridesmaids dresses but not been bought yet, and I've found the cake we want too. Oh and due to insomnia over past few days I was up all night the other night and somehow got my order of service sorted out hahaha.

    my mates have been joked at about being bridezilla in the past when arranging their weddings, and I can totally relate to them now.... it's exciting and fun but at the same time your brain goes into over load and some days you wish you could just switch off to give your brain a break haha.

  • jodaho88jodaho88 Posts: 2,356
    WE're getting married on a Sunday too- 26th September 2010 so it's not that unusual.

    Let us know if there's anything you want to know and hopefulyl we can help! Congratulations on the wedding image

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