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Really Bad Day


Im having a really bad day and today of all days its not been good. Apart from today being my grandads birthday (hes not here anymore) ive just had one thing after another and im now completly fed up and feel like crying....

Firsty im having issues with my so called Best Friend who is being anything but at the mo, Also another frien seems to be giving me the silent treatment and i have a feeling its down to a mutual friend (Friends best friend) who seems to think that is nice to talk lies and tell people very untrue things about me behind my back, quite frankly i may be 21 but im thinking that this school day c**p is not something i want to be involved in anymore but i cant help it upsetting me and then to completly top my day off i find out that im probally not going to be getting married.

We finally decided after two years that its time to get married i find my perfect drem venue Leez Priory (In chelmsford essex) ive been to a wedding there before and it was amazing, its always been out of out price rang but one speaking to one of the people that work there, they said we could make it a budget wedding if we wanted to cutting things out of the price plan etc....But apperently after speaking to them this is not the case and its still going to be over 10k more momey than we ca really afford and cause i sent my heart on it i just feel no where else compares and considering its out wedding day im not prepared to just settle for something!! Perhaps uit was ment to be no one seems to be excited about the fact we were finally getting married.....My so called best friend i mentioned before really upset me last night when i asked her if she would be my bridesmaid (considering she's my longer known friend weve know each other since we were 4 lost contact and were reunited at secondanry school and its been great ever since....well that is until now!!) And her reply was Really....ur getting married then...and started making a case for reasons against getting married.....Im just fed up really fed up i just want to cry!!

Sorry for the rant just need to speak to someone...

Nik xXx


  • I am right there with u hun *hugs* Hopefully she will see she's been a cow!

    I told a close friend of mine we were tying the knot and she just said oh, okay. No congratulations. No nothing. She gets really frosty if I mention it at all.

    Hope you feel better xx
  • kez21kez21 Posts: 15
    hey, i know exactly how ya feel i set my heart on a venue to then be let down cus we cant afford it and cus i really wanna get married this year on a particular day (21st aug) we have had to settle with a rugby club!! so not wat i hoped for but i love my fiance to bits and i want to make my lil family complete as we have 2 lil boys together. im also 21 and keep havin ppl say y dont u wait a few more years or wateva but i cant wait i really cant its hard settling for second best but wen my boys are old enough to look after themselves i gonna renew our vows and do it all again even better than the first i hoping lol hope u ok xxxxxxxxx
  • aww lovely it sounds like you've had a very stressful day. I think it's horrible when people can't understand decisions and choices from someone elses point of view, just because your friend doesn't believe in marrage doesn't mean she has the right to try and bring you down like that.

    Maybe she just didn't realise how upsetting it was, personally even if I did share her opinions (which I don't) I would have felt honoured to be asked to be a Bridesmaid for my best friends special day. Hopefully she can realise that she's acted wrongly, maybe you two could have a sit down and talk though it all?x x
  • nikki&barry im very sorry u had such an awful day yesterday and hopefully u r feeling a bit better today?

    Im really sorry to hear about your venue, would you be able to postpone the wedding for a while to allow you longer to save up for it? Have you looked at many other venues? We had a similar problem, we had our heart set on a venue and I always wanted a big wedding with everyone there however this just wasnt going to happen on our budget (even though we arent getting married until 2012!!) and we have now decided to get married abroad (Malta) with our closest friends and family and have a big reception on our return and I cannot believe how much cheaper its working out! Im getting more excited about it all the time!

    Your friend is probably jealous I would say! You and your H2B are the only ones who know how much you love each other and for me that is the reason to get married, never mind finding reasons not to do it...rubbish!!

    Two of my best friends had babies last year (and both have been with their partners longer than me and our H2B - we have been together 3 years) and one of them actually said to me that it wasnt fair that I was engaged first as she has been with her bf longer!!! As if thats the way it works! On reflection she later said to me it was only fair I should get engaged she im the only one without a child!!!

    Some people are just completely thoughtless but you have obviously found the person who will always put you first and be your best friend when others arent im thats what counts hunni!


  • Thanks Ladies for the kind words, i wish u understood why she was reacting like that is she asked em to be her bridesmaid iw ould be over the moon and i wouldnt stop talking about it! Shes the complete opposite!! I guess you cant win them all!! xxx
  • zoe1mzoe1m Posts: 216
    I have to say when I was 21 I couldn't imagine getting married even though I had been with my boyfriend for 3.5 years then, it took me much longer to get my head around the commitment and becoming part of a two and not being so independant. (10 yrs together we are now getting married).

    She might not be able to understand because she is not 'there' yet.

    When my friend told me she was having a baby a few years ago I totally feaked out (not at her just inside) cos I thought it would change things so much but it hasn't and although I'm not ready for kids yet i'm sure it will hit me one day - just aas it did her.

    We might all be adults but we still mature at different rates and if your friend doesn't have the kind of reltaionship you do it will difficult for her to understand.

    She probably should have been more considerate with the way she reacted, but maybe that is a sign of how close you are that she feels she can say anything to you?

    Hope your day gets better
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