Okay, I have a bit of a problem. I got engaged in November 2009, and am getting married June 12th of this year. Before I got engaged, me and one of my closest friends fell out and it became quite strained between us. So when I got engaged, I asked another close friend to be my bridesmaid as my sister is maid-of-honour. I told the friend that I fell out (we have made up - although didn't happen till after christmas) today that our other friend is my brdesmaid. I asked her if she would sing the bride-grooms first dance since shes a great singer and we were going to ask her anyway, but she is feeling hurt and like she is not apart of the wedding. My mum suggested finding other roles for her to fulfill, but I'm at a loss. I don't know what to do. Any suggestions?


  • yeah i agree with mum, involve her in other ways/areas? i have no idea how, but i think thats your best option? o rif your as close as you were b4 you fell out maybe see if you can get another bridesmaids dress? just speak to her, say u wasnt sure where your friendship was going as you had both fallen out when you got engaged but you would still love her to be a part of your wedding by singing etc??? its your call, but envolve her as much as you can in the next few months? maybe invite her round to help with invites/favors or something?
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