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has anyone done there wedding under £2000

hi i just wondered if anyone has done there wedding under £2000, and if so what have you bought and where from


  • hi, well we have managed to get ours to about £2000 without my dress. For the food we have a hogroast which feeds 150 people an is only £600, DJ is only £295, my auntie is doing the wedding cake and for the table centrepeices we just bought a gold plate from morrisions near christmas which were £1 each and then we are making cupcakes to sit on there with various other sweeties on to make the centrepeices and as extra table decs we are scattering flying saucers and sweetie watches which we bought in bulk cheap from cash and carry. For the wedding favors i bought favor bags from ebay for £15 for 200 and then we are filling them with dolly mixtures which again we bought in bulk from cash and carry. All the invitations i made myself as i went to a local craft placed called the range and bought an invitation card pack which cost £5 for 200 invites then bought a pack of stamps and some ink for a few pounds and made them myself! everyone has commented on how lovely they are, i also bought artificial flowers off the net which look real but only cost £120 for all the flowers (1 bridal boquet, 6 bridesmaids boquet and 6 button holes!) i bought them from! hope this has helped a bit! xxx
  • wow thats amazing what you have got for your money, everything has started to sink in now and i get married in 8 weeks on saturday i just keep thinking i have forgotten something, total of mine came up to £1500, we booked registry office which is £140, limo is costing £195, and photographer is £150, i got my flowers fake but they look real i got them from ebay think mine cost £45 and i got mine bouquet a bridesmaids bouquet a wand for my flower girl, 6 buttonholes and 2 wrist corsages, venue is costing about £500 and that includes 12 bottles of cava, dj and to feed 60 people

    then rest of money was like my dress and bridesmaid dresses, suit, wedding rings,decorations,invites,guestbook,gifts,underwear,shoes etc

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  • Wow you have done really well, i no mine is only 3months away now lol so excited! My dress cost more than anything else as it was 750 but it was a bargin as i first tried it on an it should of been 1250 but the lady in the shop knew how much i wanted it and said she would do me a brand new one in my size for 750 so i couldn't let it go! lol mine is a bejimin roberts dress its gorge! xxx R u having your bridesmaids walk in infront of you or behind you? im undecided at the moment as i have 4 grownups and 2 littlens so not sure if i want them in before or after me lol xx
  • A really useful website that i found for finding things and services was! xxx
  • think my bridesmaids are going to walk behind me not keen of infront dont want them getting all the attention before me lol
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