Teenage Brides?


I was just wondering if anyone else here will be getting married whilst they're still teenagers?

Lou x


  • Hey, i wont be a teenager when i marry my Fiance in 3 years i'll be 23, but im a young bride to be. If you dont mind me asking, how old will you be on your "big day" xx
  • GeorgxGeorgx Posts: 118
    Hi ladies, Im 18 and my h2b is 20 and we've got 16weeks to go!! image
  • hello, i am getting married in two months and i will be 19 (20 a month after) so excited! how old will you be?? x
  • I'm 18 now gettin married in 6months so I'll be 19!image
  • claire178ukclaire178uk Posts: 429
    I'm 19 and getting married in 3weeks!!!! image So excited!!

    How's everyone's planning going?

    Claire x
  • lou4gazlou4gaz Posts: 19
    I'm 18 now but will be 19 when we get married in 11 months time image very exited.
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