Too old for a pretty dress. NOT

Thank god it's not just me!! I kept thinking i was too old for the whole pretty dress thing and was almost tempted to go with a suit buy my wonderful hubbby to be told me to get a grip!! I have chosen a dress i love and feel fantastic in. we cant let the youngsters have all the fun can we ladies;\)


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    hi, that is just what i been thinking, dont want to wear a suit as it reminds me of the dodgy purple one my mother wore at her wedding, but dont want to look too over the top in a dress. xxx
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    you wont, if you find one that suits you and you feel comfortable in then you will look amazing! Age doesnt matter when it comes to wedding dresses!
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    Hear hear ladies -

    I had a few comments on my wedding day how they thought I wouldn't bother with the whole dress business - excuse me - it was my wedding day, my first wedding, so what if I'm in my late 30s or even if I was older - bog off! Wear what you feel fabulous in and wear it with pride
  • I hope your not to old im over 40 and still going for the whole big thing, never done it before so why not.
  • I will be 45 and am still having a nice full length dress
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    OMG - I had to reply to this post!

    I am 44 and recently got engaged, hoping to get married next year. I mentioned in passing to my dad last week that my mum and I were going looking at dresses the next day. He was so distainful, saying 'you're not going to be wearing a wedding dress at your age'. He went on to say I should be wearing a suit or 'costume' - God knows what he meant by that, but according to my mum, that's what they called a fancy outfit in the '50s!!

    I was upset for days, I feel that he has spoilt it for me. I don't look (or feel) my age. This is my first and only wedding and I want to feel special.

    I suppose I am at least old enough to ignore him and do my own thing anyway!!!image
  • image Carrie 497 - you made me laugh. You (and I) are old enough to ignore them and do our own thing! e.g. My mother in law suggested the other day that we didn't need two meals at the reception - we could just serve the vegetarians just the side dishes from the meat.image Needless to say, 2 meals will be served.

    Ignore your dad and look fab in your frock. I'm 37 and have the full white dress (albeit with sleeves), and a veil - and I don't look anywhere near too old for it.
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    I'm not an older bride (well not even a bride anymore, a wife!) but just wanted to say that you should wear whatever you like, it's your big day! If being in your 30's and 40's means you have to tone things down, why are the likes of SJP and Victoria Beckham lauded for their sense of style?

    Go for it! xxx
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    im 42 and im having a wedding dress, never been married before so why shouldnt i xx
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    Thanks Mrs Unpronouncable - you made me laugh too re the vegetarian meal, that's priceless!!!
  • Carrie497Carrie497 Posts: 273
    I should add, I'm feeling much better about the dress situation. We went out for a curry the other night with some of H2Bs friends - all really blokey blokes and H2B brought the subject up. When I told them what my dad said, they all burst out laughing and thought it was outrageous!

    On the other hand, my mum has really got the dress buying bug and wants to go to loads of dress shops! I think my dad is going to have to eat some humble pie in the not too distant future!
  • Hi I just wanted to add that it is your day and you should wear what makes you feel amazing. I am 38 and this is my second marriage but I am having a beautiful strapless dress which I chose and I want to wear, in fact I love this dress and feel like a princess in it which I never did 12 years ago with my first one. us older brides I think have more confidence now we are older and we know by now what suits us so go for it. Happy dress shopping. x
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    I am 41 and this is my third weddding, and i WILL be wearing a beautiful wedding dress. I wore a tea length dress at my first wedding, and a suit to my second. This time i want to do it right, and i want the wedding i have always dreamed of. It's never even entered my mind that 'at my age' i should tone it down - now i'm old enough to know what i want and go for it! Good luck dress hunting ladies! xx
  • I'm 41 as well and I'm having a strapless 'proper' wedding dress - why the h*ll shouldn't I? In fact I wasn't originally going to because I DID think I was too old - until my mates told me I wasnt - bless em. B8llocks to those who say you are 'too old'. In fact NONE of my best friends had 'proper' dresses and now they are all so into me having one - its lovely!
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    i was 50 girls go for it i did ,best thing i ever did wish i could post pics just so you could see xxx
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    I am 48 and it's my 3rd time but i am having a beautiful wedding dress, bridesmaids, pageboys in fact everything!! My H2B has never been married and is so looking forward to seeing me in my dress and having a fantastic day!
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    Loved your message - a bit similar to our circumstances. This will be my second marriage (age 47) and it will be H2B's first (63)- bless. I'm having an ivory strapless tea length dress with a chiffon/silk stole and a small headdress. When I first mentioned our wedding to my mum she said "oh! you'll be looking for a nice suit then". I said "indeed not" - this is H2B's first wedding and he deserves the best. I was married nearly 20 years ago and I'm more excited about this wedding than my first one.

    A message to us second/third or however many times - GO FOR IT - have a blast and enjoy every minute of it.
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    Lovely to read your comments. I will be two months off 60 when I marry and I am wearing a long strapless dress with a lace bolero. I have three bridesmaids (daughter in laws) and a flowergirl (my great neice). I have had a whale of a time arranging this wedding. I am marrying for the second time and he is my childhood sweetheart. We have 5 sons between us who are ushers and bestmen and its going to be a great family wedding with lots of fun. You are never too old, its all in the mind. Go for it ladies!
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    I am getting married for the second time at the age of 44 (birthday month before the wedding). Wedding is on 2nd October. H2b and I have both been married before. He has a grown up daughter who is 32 and my sons, who are giving me away, are 14 and 17. I am doing the full length dress but it has a tank style top with straps, a low back and is empire line. The colour is light gold but really looks like champagne with a bit of a shimmer. I am more excited about this wedding that I was the first time I got married. H2b had a very small ceremony first time and they had a reception/party back at the in laws. This time we have 122 guests coming for during the day and another 70 or so at night. I wouldn't feel right not doing the proper wedding dress but at the same time didn't want to do white or ivory. Love the idea of being a bride this time as I am marrying the love of my life who is also my best mate!!! As everyone else says, go girls - women our age are a lot more confident and tend not to be swayed by parents - we are strong women, lets celebrate it the way we want to!!!
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    Cat - my dress sounds similar to yours, empire line in a champagne colour, in a beautiful lace fabric. I've decided on the whole veil and tiara thing too (after MUCH deliberation!).

    I'll be 48 when we marry in April, my h2b will also be 48, I have twin daughters of 20 and he has a daughter of 18, they will all be bridesmaids.

    We're taking over a country house hotel in Scotland for the weekend with 50 of our closest family and friends.

    You're right when you say that we are much more confident now than we were probably at our first marriage - my mum is still trying to lead but this time I'm not letting her! I'm having the time of my life planning and sorting this wedding.

    Good luck for October! image
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    I got married a year ago yesterday and we just celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary. I was 50 in June 2009 and got married in the August. It was my first wedding and I did it in a lovely champagne Essense dress, laced up the back, full on bridal with a tiara and a veil. You go for it and have what you want. Its not an age think its a personal preference thing.
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    Hi ladies!! I'm 48, gettimg married on 27th October and having a gorgeous sparkly Jenny Packham dress - it's called Papillon if you want to look it up on the net. I say go for it - it's YOUR wedding so have whatever makes you feel fabulous image
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    Absolutely ladies, you're never too old! I'm 55 and was thinking of renewing our wedding vows in church, so I could wear a pretty dress as I wore a maternity dress for our registry office wedding. We were planning it for our silver anniversary last year, then our daughter announced their wedding date and we decided the money would be better spent on her wedding. image
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    BLK Bride - gorgeous dress!!! And not long until you get to wear it!

    Cazaan I hope your daughter's wedding went well, my daughters are getting a bit fed up with all the bridal talk from me, but I keep saying just wait till it's your wedding then you'll understand!!

    I tried a few veils on the other day and they looked great and just add that extra bridal feel, so I'm going all out for the look. Getting married in April so still got some time to go yet.
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