lets ask who are the youngest brides in Britain? (the other thread was getting to long)

How old are you young brides? Where are you all from?



  • jodie1987jodie1987 Posts: 184
    how young is young? im 23 and getting married in the summer, am begining to feel like the older generation, especially when i see my younger brother out in town!!!

    jodie xxx
  • stephie3ukstephie3uk Posts: 288
    hello, Well I am 18 at the moment so I am a pretty young bride. We are getting married on the 21st may next year so I will actually be 20 (just) when I get married but my h2b will be 26 when we marry. I always get asked the question "arnt you a bit young to marry" but we have been together 2 years, and i have no doubts about us beiong together for the long haul so why wait?

    Steph x
  • claire178ukclaire178uk Posts: 429
    Well I am 19 and am getting married 2 weeks tomorrow (EXCITING!!!!)

    We are from Greater Manchester and have been together 3 years and don't see the point in waiting when we know we will do it at some point anyway.

    Claire x
  • I'm from Halifax, West Yorkshire, and I will be 20 when we get married (In two months!) and H2B will be very nearly 21.

    We've been together 2 years and to be honest we knew after 6 months we wanted to get married, so why wait?x
  • MrsHarkerMrsHarker Posts: 752
    ill be 21, me and hubby been together 5 years this december. Getting married in september.
  • JessieRoweJessieRowe Posts: 295

    Im 24?

    Does this still classes as young?

  • 4June114June11 Posts: 233
    I was 20 when we got engaged and when we get married 4th june next year i'll be 22 and he'll be 25. we would be together for 2 and a half years when we get married.
  • wow well im 25 almost 26 is that still young lol not compared to u guys hehe weve bi together 7n half yrs n have 2 kids get married 10th july after a 3 yr engagement!!cant wait xxx
  • I'm 26 and getting married this year...had a few comments from a few people like 'isn't this a bit soon' and 'why the rush' and to be honest it drives me MAD. Just wanted to say to all you young brides (can't even call myself a young bride after I've seen some of you are 19/20!) that I think its so great to hear you guys say that if you know you're going to tie the knot one day, then why wait? Too bloody right...if you know, then you just know...and we're so lucky to be the ones that know image Here's to knowing!! xx
  • Hiya im sasha i wuld of just turned 20 a month before gettin married.We been together for a year and a half an the min he asked me to it felt so right people say its to soon but they dont know what we have.My parnter has just turned 21 xx
  • RJBRJB Posts: 62
    Im 18 atm, will b nearly 20 when I get married next year and will have been together 6 yrs on the day. xx
  • I'll have just turned 22 when I get married and my fiance will be 28 (about to turn 29). We'll have been together 6 years when we get married.

    I don't think that's young at all.

  • Chaos_xChaos_x Posts: 16
    I'll have just turned 23 when we get married, h2b will be 25 (almost 26). I don't feel that's very young at all!
  • Verity12Verity12 Posts: 253
    I was just 20 when I got married to my 22 year old husband in 1991...

    I was 31 when I married my 28 year old husband in 2002...

    and I'll be 39 when I marry my 37 year old husband on 21 August.

    Third time lucky?...definitely!

  • I was 20 when we got engaged, and we are getting married the day after my 23rd birthday, we also have a little boy (hes 7 months)

    claire - we are also from greater manchester, where abouts are you?
  • mzyanjmmzyanjm Posts: 175
    I'm from North Yorkshire, but live in Nottingham.

    I am 22 and we got married 4 days before my 22nd birthday. My new husband is also 22.
  • decembernycdecembernyc Posts: 270
    I'm 21, will be 22 when I get married in December image I'm the first of my friends to get married!
  • MrsBaxter2bMrsBaxter2b Posts: 111
    I'm 21 but i'll be 22 when i get married so will my h2b! we've been together for 6 years! i will be the 4th generation in my family to get married at 22! not planned just a coincidence! image
  • I am from Northern Ireland myself and will be 22 when I get married and my finace will be 23.....

    we will have bee together 6 yrs give or take a month lol

    cant wait...roll on 30th July 2011....barely a year....yay....
  • GeorgxGeorgx Posts: 118
    im 18 and h2b is 20 and were getting married in Montrose, Angus in 2weeks!! image
  • EmmaHoldEmmaHold Posts: 25
    I am currently 21 but I have to wait until I am 26 to get married image
  • I'm 24 and my OH is 28. We have been together for 7 1/2 years and engaged for 5 years! So I say about time!!! x
  • When we get married i will be 20 and partner 23. We have 2 children been together nearly 4 n half years when we get married and known eachother for 6. Cant wait to become his wife! xx
  • got engaged december 09, I was 19, marrying next october so I will be 21 and H2B will be 27. woop!! EmmaHold, why do you have to wait so long? image xx
  • Hi im new here, but im 22 will be gettin married in october, my fiance is 28, I think when you know you know lifes to short to not take the bull by the horns and go for it! We also have a 18month old son, My boys are the best thing that has ever happened! image
  • I'm 20, my husband to be is 20 as well. We're getting married next year when we'll both be 21. We met two years ago, and we always get the "whats the rush?" question as well. We got engaged after six months which is quick, but when its right ,its right image my family are great, but I've had strangers call me an idiot at work and on the bus. Its a shame, but we're very happy

    Claire x
  • I was 21 when we got engaged and will be 22 when we get married on the 29th April and hubbie to be will be 29 we will have been together over 3 years by the time we get married, but I get it all the time from people saying aren't you too young etc and drives me mad,

  • We got engaged on the 16th August 2007 when I was 17, but we've held off the wedding till 16th April 2011 because I will (nearly) have finished uni and same for the groom who has just started his post graduate teaching degree yesterday, im so proud of him! So when we marry he'll be 22 and I'll be 21.

    We wanted to get married straight away but unfortuately we could not afford to but also we both decided that it was important to finish college then university, as planning a wedding does take up a lot of time.

    I'm from Chorley in Lancashire currently living in Wigan and he is from Loughborough in Leicestershire. We are getting married at my church and are holding the reception at Haigh Hall in Wigan. I am so excited, only 214 days till our wedding.

    Being young isn't really an issue as all the females in my family have got married at either 19 or 20, and all the marriages are still together. Both of us and our families have strong Christian beliefs so we are not allowed to live together till after we are married (which is a bum - lol). x
  • 220 days til our wedding...I'm 21 and will be when we get married in April. H2b will be 26.

    We've known each other 5 years, best friends for 3 and together for 2years on the day.

    We too have strong Christian beliefs and won't live together until after the wedding. Looking forward to having all the plans sorted soon and doing up our house together.

    Have had alot of 'close' friends saying things like 'you're too young' but who are people to judge a situation that they are not in nor have to live with on a daily basis? We're so happy and understand what marriage means.
  • I'm 19 and my Fiancee is a lot older than me.. We'll have been together 3 1/2 yrs when we get marrow next year... Surprisingly our friends and family have been very supportive to use and have only had one or two comments about me being too young to marry... But we say why does it matter! We love each other and know what we want. So why wait.

    I don't think age matters anymore! You know in your heart when something is right! Not when someone else say!!

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