Are we too old for a veil?

I have always wanted to wear a veil on my wedding day, but didn't plan on getting married as late as 40(took a while to find the right man). I would also love to have the traditional veil covering my face walking up the aisle.

Don't want to look daft though. What do you guys think? image


  • I am 45 and this is my first wedding and so I want to look and feel like a bride (obviously!). I have ummed and ahhed about a veil, bought one or two and then sold them on as I felt too silly in them and finally thought perhaps I wouldn't have one. Then I saw someone's wedding photos the other day and as the bride was not wearing a veil and her bridesmaids were also in ivory/cream, you couldn't tell which one was the bride. It was then that it clicked that a veil really does make a bride! I have since bought a silk tulle 38 inch single tier veil and I love it. So I say go with what you want ~ but I would suggest trying a few on first to see which you feel comfortable in as they can vary so much from a single column like mine, to very full. Good luck x
  • Mitme08Mitme08 Posts: 503
    I got married 2 rys ago i was 50 and i wore one low at the back and i must say it was lovely didnt look wrong at all xx

    oh and i also have very short hair which made me wonder but it was fine
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    I was 40 when i got married an i wore a veil and i loved it! You go ahead and wear one, if you don't and it's something that you have always wanted you will regret it if you don't..........and you only get one chance!
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    I got married on my 41st birthday and wore a full cathedral veil, age is a state of mind image
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    I didn't want to wear a veil but tried one on as H2B wanted me to and was really surprised by how nice (and not foolish!) it looked. I have now bought a beautiful but fairly short one with teardrop crystals round the edge and intend to wear it over my face when walking down the aisle.
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    Traditionally, the veil was used to hide the bride from evil spirits who may wish to hex her on her wedding day. It has nothing to do with age and it has nothing to do with purity.


    If you want a veil, go for it!
  • DH2DKDH2DK Posts: 410
    I was dead set against having a veil, until I saw the most beautiful picture of a very similar dress to mine, with a gorgeous cathedral length veil.

    The bride also has her hair as I'll be having mine, down but slightly curly, and now I'm completely undecided.


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    I will be 45 when I get married for the first time on the 16th October and I'll be wearing a veil. There's no question in my mind. You should get one image x
  • DH2DKDH2DK Posts: 410
    Yes, thanks Tink6 I've decided I'm going for it. Bought a beautiful headpiece today which will look lovely with a veil.

    A veil it is! image
  • DH2DKDH2DK Posts: 410
    I went to a lady who specialises in veils today and I tried a few on, different lengths, fabrics etc and yes, I'm definitely going with a veil, I was really pleased with how they looked, didn't feel wrong at all.

    Very pleased image
  • yay i love veils! xx
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    I I got married to years ago,I was 44 and wore a floor length veil . You have what you want hunny xx
  • jules-rulesjules-rules Posts: 7,025 New bride

  • jules-rulesjules-rules Posts: 7,025 New bride

  • DH2DKDH2DK Posts: 410
    Jules rules - I LOVE your pictures! Thanks so much for posting them, I feel so much more positive about having the whole dress/veil thing now image
  • jules-rulesjules-rules Posts: 7,025 New bride
    Good good ...Its your day, have just what YOU want xxxxx
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    Oh and my post should of read two years ago not to ,,,, deeeerrrr x
  • I'm so glad I found this forum. I've been all at odds with myself about my dress and whether to wear a veil and what people will think of me - after seeing all you lovely ladies in your dresses and veils I'm having THE WORKS image
  • I'm having the works too image big dress, veil, tiara...

    I'm going to be 40 when we marry and it's the first (and last!) time for both h2b and myself, sooooo excited image
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    Gooo for it! I am 46 nearly 47 and wore a veil...cathedral length...covered my face with the blusher veil and it was fantastic...i loved it. Doesn't matter what age.

    Hopefully this will give you an idea how an older bride can look.

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