Well 11 weeks to go..

and now the nerves are kicking in...

will i fall as i walk down the aisel...

will my dress fit me on the day after piging out on fizzy cola bottles due to nerves..

will i be able to eat anything other than cola bottles due to nerves and faint due to not eating due to nerves..

will i remember what to say...

will i remeber not to cry on the day due to make being down and yes you guessed it my nerves ....



  • it will be the best day of your life so far, and youve put in so much effort so your bound to be nervous, it will be perfect and everything you dreamed of...enjoy! image xxx
  • Alfie222Alfie222 Posts: 276
    I'm 11 weeks to go too! Struggleing with rsvps so this is the biggest play on my nerves - has all this effort been for nothing and will no one come?! I know this is stupid really, people are just busy and it will all work out. I am marrying a wonderful man, got a beautiful wedding planned with lots of people we both love. Good luck for yours! image
  • PINKTINAukPINKTINAuk Posts: 73
    I am 12 weeks to go and just sending texts like mad as need to get replies in and seating plan done. This is what I am stressing about! I am nervous one minute and soooo excited the next. Second time around for me. Cannot wait until the day now. Where are you both getting married? x
  • TopCat1968TopCat1968 Posts: 138
    11 weeks for me too - eek! Getting married in Mauritius, and paid the final bill today - that made it real!!!

    I alternate from being soooo excited, ordering everything from ring cushions to very high heels that I'll never be able to walk in, to being sick with nerves and up all night with my head buzzing - hence being on here at 2.45am!

    Every time we hit another milestone, like paying that invoice, and buying H2Bs outfit today, I get the collywobbles. image
  • A11y50nA11y50n Posts: 498
    It's the same for me!!! 27th October although fly out to South Africa on 19th October. S****ing myself we won't get everything done..... and getting sooo excited at the same time image
  • MrsMcQ2bMrsMcQ2b Posts: 55
    12 weeks to go for me... main worries are RSVP's and will everyone come, will it be a great day, will I cry etc etc etc, Am so excited but nervous too. I'm sure it will all be perfect for all of us!
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