When do i start bridesmaid dress shopping?

Hi, I'm not getting married until july 23rd 2011 and I have been looking at bridesmaids dresses, but I am not sure if it is too early to buy them. What do you think? xx


  • lucyloo28lucyloo28 Posts: 126
    Hi, I'm not getting married until July 2011 but i really want to start looking for bridesmaids dresses. Is this too early?? xx
  • peachiepieukpeachiepieuk Posts: 751
    I'm getting married in May 2011 and have bought my BM dresses, so wouldn't say it was too early.

    However...is their shape/weight varible, or do they have any plans for babys soon, or anything like that? If so it might be better to wait until closer to the time.
  • emylou_ecemylou_ec Posts: 141
    I haved brought mine already as i just found the right ones and had to have them!! lol, however i did check that there was enough material if i had to take them in or let them out.

  • Alfie222Alfie222 Posts: 276
    Hi, I'm getting married july 24th this year, so we're almost a year apart! I don't think its too early, its a big thing ticked off the list. Personally though I felt i needed to pick my dress first as that has a bearing on what you pick for your bridesmaids - that's the centre piece of your wedding after all! If you go to a bridal shop they still won't fit the girls until a certain number of weeks prior to your wedding though, but it means they can then go on and sort shoes, accessories etc. Your girls might also want to wait a bit if they intend to loose weight etc, but if this doesn't bother them and you've sorted your dress, i'd go for it. Make sure you don't rule out the high street, mine are from coast and are so lovely. ximage
  • I am getting married in April 2011 and had planned a girlie trip with my bridesmaids to look at dresses in a couple of weeks time but got two phone calls this weekend-both my bridesmaid and my chief bridesmaid are pregnant!!! Has scuppered the dress shopping and now stressing that they wont want to be bridesmaids at all as will have new born babies who will barely be a few weeks old. My chief bridesmaid has said will have to completely rethink hen do plan as not baby friendly (I dont want babies at hen do anyway does that make me a bridezilla?bad friend? eek!!)

    Rant over But anyway in answer to your question I would say buy them whenever you want to just make sure no unplanned pregnancies/extreme weight loss/gain as could get expensive!!
  • MrsGallacherMrsGallacher Posts: 862
    I am getting married on 24th September this year and ordered my bridesmaid dress in february it came in last friday image x
  • lucyloo28lucyloo28 Posts: 126
    aw thankyou for the replies. My dress, was the first thing i brought lol. I got a bit carried away after he proposed lol image Thankyou for all your advice. Anyone ordered any dresses from ebay? xx
  • There are some lovely ones by Traffic people-check there website out. If you click on best sellers my favourite one is the 'charlies girls purity dress' and is bargain price too!
  • Hi

    I have just bought my Bridesmaid dresses and not getting married until sept next year!!! Oh well, they match my dress perfectly so couldnt miss out on them, I love them! x
  • i got my bm dresses off ebay..they were 42.99 and they fit them loverly cant wait hehe get married 22nd decemer 2010 image an ordered them bout 2 month ago x
  • Hi everyone,

    well me and my bridesmaids went dress style shopping the other day so we knew what looked good on them,,,case i want them wearing the same thing, ad then I am going material shopping soon cause I am getting the dresses maid. I am getting married 30/7/2011 and I think I am starting to lag behind on wedding stuff so I don't think use are to early at all image
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