Hi everyone,

Quick intro before I get stuck into the forum image

I'm 22, got engaged last week, and hoping to get married September 2011 or May 2012 depending on availability of venues. My partner is 25 and we have been together nearly 3 years.

Hope to get to know people soon - I'm sure my "non-engaged friends" are getting bored with my wedding chat alreadyimage

CB x


  • Hey CB congrats on the engagement! so tell all about the proposal!

    welcome to the site I am getting married even further away (2013) such a loser being on this sight but I guess I am just well organised! lol

    M x
  • Hi Mrs JLo2b!

    Nice to "meet" you image

    The proposal - It was my birthday and for weeks he had been saying that he had gotten me the BEST present but said it was a big surprise until the day. I had been telling everyone at work about my surprise and they all guessed that he was getting me a ring - I didn't believe them though!

    So on my birthday we went to stay at a posh hotel, and then he said he was taking me to a 5* restauraunt for dinner. I thought that was my surprise! After we had finished eating, he asked if I fancied having coffee in the "viewing room" which is at the back of the restaurant, with amazing views over the city. I agreed and we were escorted (!!!!) by the manager into the room.

    There was no1 else in the room, and there was a big pressie on the table. H2B said Happy Birthday and handed me the pressie which I opened, and it was a bear from "build-a-bear". I pressed it's hand and it sang happy birthday and then he told me to press it's tummy. I did and it was H2b's voice saying: I love you, will you marry me? I turned round and he was on 1 knee with the ring box open for me to see. Of course, I said yes!

    He has picked a beautiful ring which I love! All my family aready knew as he had asked me dad permission weeks before!

    What about you? How did your fiance propose? Tell me about yourself image

    CB x
  • Hello! nice to meet you to!


    that clearly took alot of thought!!! so sweet!

    Well I got engaged on Boxing day! YES lol not on Christmas day boxing day thats when I always see my fiance so we say we got engaged on "our Christmas" lol

    he proposed to me on the Stirling uni campus (I went there as an undergrad) the scenery is gorgeous and it was all snowy! he took me a walk around the loch (where we went on our first date) and he got down on one knee (hahah big wet knee as he was in the snow!), then he said he fell in love with my when I was studying there and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and then he showed me THE RING!!! hehe! its beautiful platinum with a brilliant cut diamond love it!

    well we have booked the wedding for 25th of April 2013 (after uni) and we are getting married in Rome!!!!! image

    sooooo excited! and so long to wait! ahahah!

    M xxx
  • You wont believe this but Stirling is the town I was born and grew up in. Only moved away 4 years ago to go to Uni!! My parents still live there and I'm back there all the time. Now THATS what you call a Small World! Are you still at Stirling Uni then? What do you think of the little place?!

    Awwwww your proposal is lovely too! Bless our H2Bs! Getting married in Rome will be amazing! image

    CB x
  • OMG!

    Thats freaky! lol! well you will know that the uni is a gorgeous setting for a proposal! heehee

    I love Stirling it will always have a special place in my heart since I made so many friends there and had so much fun! I stayed in student accomodation there in stirling and on campus!

    I am not there any longer I graduated two years ago then moved to another uni to do my masters and now PhD!

    What uni are you at? what do you study?

    have you any thought about the type of wedding you are having???

    M xxx
  • I was at Uni in Newcastle but I finished last year so now into the real world of a full time job image !

    I still live in the North East.

    So far we have decided to have a church wedding and then moving onto somewhere at loch lomond for the reception - It's so beautiful there!

    CB x
  • Do you have a job then? Its really hard getting graduate work I would have to be interested in Banking when i go to graduate couldnt get anything which made me go back to uni!

    Loch Lomond is gorgeous! Its soo hard to decide what to do when it comes to making decisions we wanted the big wedding but when we actually got engaged and talked about it we changed our mind! LOL

  • Hello first of all id like to say CONGRATULATIONS....! its so exciting aint it.... image Im getting married this year on friday the 30th of july, i have 5 weeks left and im getting very nervius and scared now image

    But im sure you will love it!! have you started planning anything?? w/b xx
  • hi congrats on the engagement

    iv been engaged for nearly 4yrs and finally getting married may 2011 just started planning so im a little behind lol

    have you started planning yet? xx image
  • congrats on your engagment image x i get married 22nd december 2010 xx
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