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Anybody not currently living with h2b??

Hi.Just wondered if there are any other couples in the same boat as me? Me and my fiance dont live with each other but weve been together 6 years and stay with each other all the time. We currently live between each others houses because h2b pays mortgage with parents (which should come to an end this year) and then we will be able to buy a place eventually. I would love to properly live with H2b but unfortunately we cant afford to pay rent on top of a mortgage and pay for a wedding.

Anybody else in a similar situation??? xxx


  • Mrs-DCMrs-DC Posts: 142
    Hiya! ^_^

    My fianc???? and I have also been together for 6 years. School, 6th form, uni and my first job have been one set of barriers. The other? We just don't want to live together before we get married! Sure we stay round each others houses, but we want to remain traditional and save it for after we are married. In any case, it's still impossible now. My fianc???? is still at uni 3 hours away from where I work! We do see each other regularly though!
  • yep, me and my fiance are living seperately with our parents as we cant afford to move out. were hoping to move by the wedding, but unfortunately h2b wont rent as he sees it as a waste of money, and a mortage deposit is at least ten grand, so desperately saving image i know the feeling its awful not living together x
  • NowMrsMackNowMrsMack Posts: 2,535
    Hiya! We're in a very similar position as you! We live separately which is very hard as we love spending time together and we would love to be able to potter about our own home together, but financially its not an option at the moment!

    We probably won't start to live together until nearer the time to we get married (not for any religious reason) or maybe even go back to our brand new house on our wedding night, just simply so we can save as much money as possible and delay paying a mortgage etc!

    Its not fun at all with families being about etc, but in the long run it'll be for the best we think!! Hopefully anyway! image
  • lucelalucela Posts: 551
    Yes same situation!

    We stay at each others but we were originally saving up for a mortgage but had to keep stopping because of jobs situations, so we were going to rent but his parents have offered to give us £5000 towards a deposit and to turn the studio apartment at there home that the h2b currently lives in, into two floors with a big open plan kitchen & lounge and a walk in wardrobe. Lucky girl I know! The studio apartment wouldn't have been big enough for 2 of us to live there permanently. This way we can stay there for a year, save up more money and just pay a small amount of rent with rates inc.

    Very kind, I have great in-laws! I think once we were engaged to be married because they are quite religious they were then willing to help. They're waiting on the plans to start work on it, they said it will all be done by the wedding and the wedding is sept this year so they best get cracking :-S

    If they still had 5% mort we'd have a house ages ago.

  • I also don't live my H2B. We have been looking for a house for over 15 months. We have a very good deposit just can't find the house. We did find one last year but later found out it was underpinned! Lucky a house across from my H2B has come available which is next to door to our friends. The guy he lived in died about 2 months ago. We wrote a letter to the guys son who was cleaning out the house just to tell him we were interested and he seems more then happy to sell it to us rather then put it on the market. Just hope it's the right price as it need lots of updating.

    We still both live with own parents, well I can't actually sleep in my bed has there are six dinning chairs on the bed. I had the idea to start a "bottom draw" but it kind of got out of hand. There's stuff in my parents loft a patio set in the garden (it was a good bargain which I couldn't pass up) stuff in my H2b's parents loft and in his sister bedroom it's a good job she had moved out. Oh there's also a TV behind that sofa which also was a bargain.

    It's doesn't help that I work for a soft furnishing store.

    Sorry to go on!

  • Yes, we met at secondary school then went to different Universities, we are in our final year now, when we're done we will be looking for jobs and rent together until we have enough for a deposit on a house.
  • MrsNunwaMrsNunwa Posts: 599
    Hi Lucyloo we are in the same boat as yourself, i find it difficult
  • MahomarMahomar Posts: 175
    This isn't strictly the case anymore, as we are moving into our 1st home in 3 weeks. But we have been together for 5 1/2 years, both living with our parents and have just got engaged (less than a week ago!)

    I am not worried however as we have shared several holidays and am looking forward to now sharing a home image
  • jennie2011jennie2011 Posts: 1
    Im in the same position. I've been with my h2b for 6 and a half years but we still dont live together. I live in Birmingham and he lives in Derbyshire. We see each other every 2-3 weeks and we would love to move in but its isnt financially possible. He is making arrangments to move down here but it may not happen for years. Its nice to know that other people are in the same boat as me. Does anyone live apart from their h2b with lots of distance between them? x
  • Natalie_1024Natalie_1024 Posts: 157
    My fiance and I bought our house together just over a year ago but he doesn't live here because he is in the Army so technically he lives 200 miles away and we only live together at the weekends and holidays :S We were really lucky because we managed to get a decent deposit thanks to his tour bonus and my dad gave us a large sum becuase, "We'd get it one day so he'd rather us get it when we needed it". It's a bit hectic for me because I'm at Uni and I'm on my own with 2 kids under 4, but it pays the mortgage. He will have signed out by the time I have finished my degree, when we aren't solely reliant on his wage xx
  • hoon123hoon123 Posts: 1
    Hi all I am new to this forum, Im not yet engaged but hope to be soon!(We have brought the ring) Me and my boyfriend have been together for 5 1/2 years and cannot afford to live together, we live with our parents and stay at each others every weekend, Its horrible, just wish we could live together, im so jealous of people that do! Hate saying goodbye after the weekend. image
  • alemap87alemap87 Posts: 12
    yep, me and my fiance are living seperately with our parents as we cant afford to move out. were hoping to move by the wedding, but unfortunately h2b wont rent as he sees it as a waste of money, and a mortage deposit is at least ten grand, so desperately saving i know the feeling its awful not living together........

    Fairytale2012 - that could have been me writing!! we are in exactly the same position as you!! so prob will not be living together until after the wedding or hopefully just before! its a nightmare!! i feel embarrassed saying that despite being together for 6 years and now engaged that we dont live together!!! image
  • JP2BEJP2BE Posts: 262
    Yup, same here. We've been together 6 years- got together just before we left school. I live with my family and he lives with his. It's all soon to change as his parents are moving abroad and we're looking to rent somewhere together. We're with each other most nights but it's still tricky at times. Can't wait til we're living together!
  • iAmyroseiAmyrose Posts: 4
    me and my h2b also live seperatly. but he always stays at mine 4 or 5 days a week anyway! we're with eachother constantly! we're trying so hard to save for the wedding atm but at the same time, to move in together!!!!!! it's sooo hard image
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