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exams/wedding balance

I graduate from uni exactly a week before I get married, and I have two exams next week! I've found it hard to balance revision and wedding planning, but I'm determined not to let the wedding stop me getting my 1st! Worst thing is, I have my dress fitting soon and I've gone and put on a bit of weight from sitting still revising all the time!

Anyone else preparing for exams whilst wedding planning???

Remind me why I chose to get married in my final year of uni!?


  • Bethaniee1Bethaniee1 Posts: 73
    I'm revising at the moment and have just started my wedding planning.

    My wedding is in May 2013 and I will graduate in July 2012, so I guess I have got nearly a year between uni and the wedding.

    I am just in the process of chosing my venue and have 5 exams in the next month. I keep getting distracted with wedding planning when I'm meant to be revising! My H2B wants to ban all wedding websites when I'm meant to be revising haha.
  • jolajojolajo Posts: 177
    Ah you have aaages yet, don't worry! It's such a distraction though. For me the main thing has been invitations, they NEEDED to be sent out, but i also needed to be revising. At least I finish next week so I can finally put all my energies into the wedding x
  • 2012_Bride2012_Bride Posts: 35
    Im the same - although we dont get married till next year so I have plenty of time I get distracted to easily with being on here and just generally with wedding things.

    My dissertation is due on monday so I really need to work!
  • jolajojolajo Posts: 177
    Eurgh, not just me at all then! I have been revising all day,but I'm so loved up that I've been sat with h2b watching telly on the sofa all evening! I wasn't living with him last year, so I'm not used to him being about- such a distraction!Good luck with the dissertation 2012_Bride image
  • MrsSandisonMrsSandison Posts: 458 New bride
    Hi ladies, I got married on the 16th April, Im currently finishing my teaching practice (12 days to go!) then I have 2 days in uni to get everything signed off. Luckily for me my course doesnt have exams so I've been dealing with loads of assignments and my dissertation instead, all passed and signed off.

    All I want to say is keep everything balanced, make sure for every hour you spend on wedding stuff you spend at least an hour on uni/revision/assessments.

    Luckily for me, we had sorted the majority of our wedding over the past 4 years so we had plenty of time, for it not to interfere with uni.

    Just enjoy planning and at the same time try to keep on top of everything else! image
  • jolajojolajo Posts: 177
    Aw thanks! Well, revisions going strong today, going to stay with my parents for the exam period next week- they live closer to uni and it should be much less distracting realistically. Then it's wedding wedding wedding! x
  • I get married in July and am one exam away from completing 2nd year! we are both Mature students and both in the same boat so we have somehow managed to get married when we are both in the middle of our courses I am fairly organised though so I made sure I got my work done first then planned the wedding in spare time xx
  • LouQLouQ Posts: 77
    Great thread-it's nice to know we aren't alone in this!

    Im halfway through my postgrad course which involves placement and uni which is hard enough, let alone a proposal a few months into it which totally overshadowed any work Ive had to do!

    I spent the weeks when it was sunny inside doing assignments when all I really wanted to do was read wedding magazines in the sun! I currently should be revising for my exam next Wed...but Im reading threads on here image

    Just think, if we can all juggle uni and wedding planning and ace both, we must be pretty awesome image Keep going ladies! image
  • RowenaFWRowenaFW Posts: 2,078
    I'm doing my thesis write up now... next year I'll be one year into my PhD when the wedding happens... urgh
  • Gem_Lee_89Gem_Lee_89 Posts: 6
    I'm getting married next summer about 7 weeks after I graduate but wedding planning is already getting in the way, I find it so hard to prioritize boring revision over exciting wedding planning and I've decided that I want to be a wedding planner when I finish uni now and not what I have studied!
  • Natalie_1024Natalie_1024 Posts: 157
    Hiya, I'm getting married in August and will be doing my exams with the resit lot that month! I should be doing them now but I gave birth 3 weeks ago so I'm on maternity leave! I'm not worrying about them yet, but I am hoping that they are not on when I am on honeymoon or I don't know what happens!! :S

    Good luck ladies with your weddings and exams image xx
  • MrsA-2-bMrsA-2-b Posts: 154
    My H2B proposed 2 weeks before my uni finals started, I often find myself serching for wedding stuff rather than revising for the 6 exams im currently doing! xx
  • NowMrsMackNowMrsMack Posts: 2,535
    I was in this exact same position about 3 weeks ago! I've started wedding planning and found it really hard balance revision and searching the net for internet stuff!

    So I revised for a few hours and allowed myself an hour a day for wedding stuff!

    You just have to be really strict with yourself and you'll be fine!!
  • laurendf has the best advice.... gotta just be really strict and disciplined. I know it's easier said than done so good luck and you'll be fine x
  • MrsA-2-bMrsA-2-b Posts: 154
    thats what I have tried to do, but you find yourself thinkin 'i'll just have a quick look at that'!! its easier if u stay away from the internet when revising xx
  • MrsSandisonMrsSandison Posts: 458 New bride
    I don't know if it'll help but during the week we concentrated on uni work and teaching practices, and we left the entire weekend for wedding planning. It was the best option for us both as we were both teaching during the week so we couldnt afford time off to go and see people.

    It will work out for you all, it will be a struggle at times when all you want to look at is dresses and wedding magazines but you have to persevere!

    Im living proof it can be done! image

    I have finished my school placements and have one day left at uni to get everything signed off and then I will officially be a qualified primary school teacher! image
  • jolajojolajo Posts: 177
    Just to let you all know I did get the balance right- just found out I got a first! How did everyone else with exams/coursework/wedding get on!? x
  • mrslewis12mrslewis12 Posts: 121
    Oh god this sounds like me next year!!

    I start my final year of primary teaching in september and am getting married 2weeks after my exams finish in june 2012!

    Everyone thinks im crazy completing my final year plus organise a wedding and im starting to think so! I also have a very over active 4year old daughter who requires a lot of attention! Please re assure me it will be ok!

    I'm on summer holidays at the moment so I'm seeing it as a perfect opportunity to get organised! Going to try and make all my invitations and order of services so thats one less thing to worry about! But I know as the day comes around its going to be stressful finding the balance of daughter/h2b/uni work/teaching practice and work!!

    Here's hoping it will all be worth it in the end! image
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