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Just Having a rant!!

As the title says im just writting this to let off some steam. I had such a progressive day I went this morning to try on my dress I was so stressed it would be too small but to my surprise it was to big. This was the good bit of my all went down from there. So as you can guess I was in such a good mood me and mum were going looking an outift for her went into a shop said to the girl we are looking a MOB outfit this is the colour etc she turned to me and said your not the bride or you?! I was so annoyed I just replied yes I am but couldnt wait to get out of the shop. Had a we rant but didnt want it to take me down so we went on to another shop, the people were very helpful but seen nothing we liked. Went to the final shop again talking to the lady in the shop she asked mum oh are you mother of the groom, she said no im MOB she turned to me and again said your not the bride are you?! By this stage I was really annoyed and we just ended up going home.

Really there is no point in this post I just wanted a we rant. I wonder how some poeple can get jobs in customer service being so rude and prejudging people. I have got so much stuff sorted out so far my dress, BM dresses, flowers etc and never had this response until today. Just couldn't believe how rude some people can be.

Has anyone else any experiences like this?


  • Name and shame the shops, come on.

    I know this would piss my fiancee off too.
  • JoeyClareJoeyClare Posts: 2,737
    I can still pass for about 16/17 and I'm nearly 23. I have been lucky in that nobody has made any comments to me wedding wise, but I've had the 'Don't you look young' comments all my life. Look on the bright side. We look younger than our age. Annoying now, as people seem to think we're playing at getting married, but won't we feel smug when we're 40 and get the 'Don't you look young' comment.

    At the end of the day, we spend a lot of money on our weddings. There are enough shops out there, this means shops with shoddy customer service can get lost!
  • I was with my daughter (the bride!) who is only 21, in a shop looking for tiaras, and the man in the shop asked her if it was for her prom. Poor Daisy.
  • georgina-xgeorgina-x Posts: 139
    im also being singled out in a innocent thread about flowers in the general chat because im getting married at 20 and ive got plenty of time on my hands to be getting married, im so annoyed at them to completly put a downer on things,i have reported them to! not a happy bunny xxx
  • Luckily I haven't had any comments like this which I was really expecting! I'm 22 but I look about 13 (I got on the bus the other day and the driver was about to offer me a child's ticket but then asked me my age!)

    Like JoeyClare said, just remember that when you're 40 you'll look about 30, and the people judging you are probably unmarried bitter women, jealous that you'll look so beautiful and young on your wedding day when they're still yet to be snapped up! x
  • jolajojolajo Posts: 177
    I had some very puzzled looks on my hen do, as did H2B on his stag!

    Bra shopping was also funny, the looks on shop assistants faces when I said it was for my wedding!

    Both H2B and I are skinny and very fair, so both look about 13 too!
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