So I'm new and I am so glad I found this website, it's the first place I've seen with a 'young' brides section.

Just want to introduce myself. I'm Amy, nineteen, a third year Law student and a mummy to an almost 20 month old little boy. I just got engaged on Saturday at a ball and I told my parents tonight. My mum is happy for me, but I'm not sure how my dad is about the whole thing.

My, now fiance, Craig is twenty one and a second year business student, so our wedding won't be until June 2014 earliest but I am unbelievably excited!

We've only be officially dating for about 3 months, but unofficial for anywhere between 4 - 6 months if you ask certain people and known each other 10+ years, technically


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    Congratulations on your engagement!

    And well done you at being a mummy and a 3rd year law student! You've been very busy!!!

    I first went out with my hubby when I was 15, then I cruelly dumped him as I didnt want to deal with a long distance relationship. During that year, I grew up a lot and knew that I missed and truly loved him. So we started "officially" dating when I was 16. We got engaged 6 months later when I was 17, but didnt announce it till I was 18 as my mum thought it was best as people at church may have thought I was pregnant! (still not image )

    Anyway we had a long(ish) engagement, nearly 4 years. I was in my final year of a primary teaching degree, hubby was doing his teaching degree. So we got married last April (during our Easter holidays) as I wanted to get married A) asap and B) so that I was a Mrs when I collected my degree.

    It was hard work, balancing uni work and wedding planning but it was so worth it. And time does suprisingly go quite quickly.

    And I'm sure with you having a LO aswell as studying you're going to be kept very busy!

    Congratulations again, this is a great forum and most people are very friendly and helpful. I picked up lots of tips for our wedding image
  • Congrats on your engagments and welcome to the forum
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