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Hen Night?

Are any of you having hen nights? I have been told I must but don't fancy going pub/clubbing now.

Am thinking of a "pamper night! instead. The lady who is doing my make up does pamper nights. She comes to your home, does 1 or 2 treatments (depending on time) each, brings a chocolate fountain OMG the diet!) and some bubbly.

What have you all thought of doing?


  • wendy311008wendy311008 Posts: 211
    i've got a few ideas but there seams to be problems with a few of them but it would be a hag do

    the 1st was going to be a ghost hunting night but not many of my friends and family are into that

    no.2 was going to be a medieval night as there is a cool place in nottingham but they won't accept kids

    the third one is hire a room and disco and have a burlesque performer and maybe a few of us girlies may do a few classes before hand and surprise the men
  • fish92fish92 Posts: 1,337
    Can i ask where the medieval night is in nottingham, as i am trying to find different places for our hen night as i am 45+ and was thinking of a weekend abroad, somewhere hot.But dont want to do the club bit, just a relaxing weekedn away getting a tan ready for my wedding.
  • wendy311008wendy311008 Posts: 211

    it looks fantastic but as we're having a hag night everyone is coming and they wont allow our 3yr old in

    i also know someone who has had a birthday there and they haven't stopped raving about it
  • fish92fish92 Posts: 1,337
    Oh its lovely i am thinking of going now for mine.

    I have e-mailed them to see if there is a local hotel that they may recommend as we will need to stay over night.
  • fish92fish92 Posts: 1,337
    Oh its lovely i am thinking of going now for mine.

    I have e-mailed them to see if there is a local hotel that they may recommend as we will need to stay over night.
  • rcukrcuk Posts: 270
    i am going to centre parcs for the weekend, its took all the hassle out of it, as originally i wanted a pamper weekend for a good one you are looking at £300 each!!

    i have booked three log cabins next too each other at centre parcs.

    i had the trouble of i cant finish work early friday etc, i have to be back saturday or i have to be back first thing sunday morning from everyone.

    so i told them its £85.00 each to hire the cabin for the weekend (each) no matter how long they stay, so people can please there selfs, invited 14 people and all of them have paid and are coming (only 5 weeks away)

    the good think is its not out of everyones price range, they have adventure activities you can pay extra for and also have pamper treatments.

    for me personaly it was the best option ( i am staying for three nights of course)

    dont think centre parcs are really keen on you running round being loud and advertising a hen do though, like most places dont like groups of girls!!

    not a bad thing though at least i wont have to wear "L" and such like!!

    rach x
  • oldbird42oldbird42 Posts: 515
    rc - that sounds great. How did you get the cabins so cheaply? When I've checked centre parcs it's always been very expensive.

    Unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to do it anyone. One of my friends is married and she & her hubby made a pact when they got married never to spend a night away from each other. So he won't go on h2b stag and she won't go on the hen/hag night if it means staying over.

    The pamper night seems the best option for me. The beautician brings everything she needs including towelling robes and at £30 each it's not too expensive for those friends that don't want to spend much!!!

    And like you, I won't have worry about the "L". x

  • anna333ukanna333uk Posts: 344
    I was thinking of maybe having a pamper day and then going out for a meal, then some friends can stop over as they dont all live locally. I do fancy a few drinks though!

    My 14 year old daughter said."you have to have a stripper mum, everyone does on their hen night"..Oh dear I obviously havent brought her up
  • Mitme08Mitme08 Posts: 503
    well im going to the dogs .....not literally of couse lol heheheh

    we are all going dog racing and having a 3 course meal and a little wager im going to bet BIG max £1 per race then when it closes we are going to find a pub ,my daughter is planning the theme that should a laugh in its self they will asking who,s the bride and see me whooo pmsl cant wait to see their faces . looking forward to it though mitme x
  • AndipinkAndipink Posts: 657
    We're going all out and having a weekend in Fuengirola next weekend. There will be 16 of us (a couple in their twenties, most of us in our thirties) and we will staying in a huge villa with a pool and trampoline. I wasn't up for clubbing either so one of the nights, we're going out for dinner then to a bar or two. I can't wait!!
  • rosekate15rosekate15 Posts: 2,440
    I am not really worried about a Hen night to be honest, but if I did have one I would be happy with a quiet meal.

    The medieval night looks good though.
  • rcukrcuk Posts: 270

    i am going in the weekend in may that isnt a bank holiday weekend, you can get a cabin for four then there are two twin rooms and a double, so i have 5 friends in each (one lucky girl has the double and the others have twin rooms)

    can you not have a weekend like this then go for a meal with your friend (the one who wont stay away)

    i know you probably want to respect her wishes i have one very close friend who cant come because her and h2 made the same pact, she totally understands as she has said its her choice and my hen do!

    i am having a meal nearer to the wedding for her and the older ones!

    my h2b, goes on his best mates stag do to dublin the weekend after we get back from honeymoon!!!!!

    let me know what you decide

    rach x
  • I'm off on a murder mystery weekend, includes 3 course meal and 1 night b&b bargain at £45 each so within everybodies budget x
  • fish92fish92 Posts: 1,337
    WOW where is this jayne1967 ?????, sounds great and really cheap.
  • Wakefield if this is in your area e-mail me for details x
  • deniseoukdeniseouk Posts: 1,920 New bride
    I'm not having a hen night, to be honest it is just not me.

    I'm staying at the Hotel the night before and all of my family are travelling up the night before, as are my friends, so they will all help me set up the room.

    I'm thinking of getting my brother who is a chef to lay out a spread for us and of course we will be having a few drinks.

    The wedding is not until 3pm so plenty of time to recover.

    Apart from about 4 woman I work with, I don't really know too many people in the area as I live on a remote going into town does not appeal.

    I'm sure what everyone has planned they will love x
  • My initial plan was go into town for a nice meal and cocktails, but, some of my friends found a hen weekend package (in Edinburgh), stay over friday and saturday, saturday afternoon, pole dancing class (OMG), saturday night queue jump at a club, sunday afternoon pamper session - all for £105 which i think is good - I told them I'D THINK ABOUT IT - think the pole dancing would be a hoot mind you (if it was someone else's hen do), but i have the feeling i would have to do a solo session!!
  • fish92fish92 Posts: 1,337
    Jayne i have e-mailed you.
  • ilizzieilizzie Posts: 1,328
    hi there

    im having two!

    im going to budapest for a weekend with 10 friends.

    then having a 'moulin rouge' themed one out in town for drinking and dancing - i thought i would get away with not dressing up, but i'm not allowed to!

    (at lease its not veil and flashing devils horns, thats really not my thing)

    might do a 'chick ' day with my daughter too - someone else mentioned the idea and i thought it sounded great

    lizzie x
  • migginsukmigginsuk Posts: 479
    Madness are playing Newbury Racecourse after evening races on 11th July which is literally a few hundred yards from where I work, so we're all getting dressed up and going there for the evening followed by a few drinks in town. Wasn't really planning on having one until I saw that.
  • dolphinessdolphiness Posts: 139
    hi andi pink hope you dont mind me asking was your hen do expensive it sounds wicked, i really not sure what to do for mine thought butlins weekend fancy dress but not sure need to sort soon .
  • I'm not having a hen night either, it's just not my scene anymore! To be honest I'm staying at home the night before (with H2B) and we've so many people coming to stay nearby I'd rather we all met in a pub and had a night all together (guys & gals) - but not too late for me lol. H2B doesn't seem bothered about a stag night either, I guess once you get to a 'certain age' the important things in life are not the same anymore. Have a great wedding all of you xx
  • GirliezenaGirliezena Posts: 453
    We were going to do a murder mystery night - h2b and I went to one in February instead of a valentines dinner at the hotel where we met (Scalford Hall) and they do them in Leicester for £28 pp and for that you get a 3 course meal and the murder mystery event - and these ones involve everyone at the event getting a part in the drama rather than just a few people.

    After a think though, H2B and I decided we don't want to go out - some of our friends have very small children and aren't as financially secure as we are so we are going to have a HUGE bbq in our garden (newly turfed and decked - I hope lol) which would mean that we could relax together and we both think we're a bit old for the whole dressing up in L plates and getting trollied in town with all the youngsters lol!

  • LauraD79LauraD79 Posts: 238
    I felt the same about my hen party, I didn't want anything crazy, just wanted to spend time with friends and family before the wedding.

    So, I have arranged a weekend away in a cottage. We go Friday night and are having a bit of a buffet and get to know each other (different sets of friends plus family who haven't met before), we've then got some therapists coming Saturday morning so we can have a bit of a pamper, then I am going to do afternoon tea on the Saturday afternoon (sandwiches, cakes, tea, champagne etc) and then get caterers in the Sat night (the place has a dining table that seats 20! on the Sunday I'm looking at getting a dance instructor in to teach us Salsa!!! Then pub lunch, watch dirty dancing back at the cottage and then home on the Monday!!
  • natt77uknatt77uk Posts: 32
    For my hen do a group of us are going to a recording studio for a pop idol themed activity, where we all have a go at recording some songs, get wine while we sing and a copy of the cd, then a bit of lunch and shopping, then in teh evening a cocktail making workshop, followed by a meal and then off to an 80's themed club. i cant wait!! Oh and we are spending the night in a hotel!
  • fish92fish92 Posts: 1,337
    we are going to paris, or benedorm for the weekend. I didnt want to do this but talked into it from daughter and all.
  • i cant decide what to do as ive moved towns and dont know that many folks here!!and rest of pals are all into different things from each other!!i have a pal whos just moved to milan so thinkin i might just take off for weekend there instead!!llol any ideas?? moimage
  • A pamper weekend for me just with the females in the family
  • SnoblySnobly Posts: 63
    I am looking at two nights in London at a Spa Hotel, with the option of treatments for those who want to book one, followed by a night at the theatre and a meal. I did not want clubbing/discos, so have gone for something sophisticated.

    Good luck and make sure you book something you will enjoy.
  • I have more girlies coming out with me on my hen night on Saturday than I did with my first hen night in 1989. All my friends have kids and deserve to let their hair down !
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