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  • young_brideyoung_bride Posts: 545
    hey all. would love it if we were able to ttc after the wedding but unfortunately i'll be about to be a student on a dance degree and h2b will be a student. ah dear, makes me sad as i know he would love to be a dad now but unfortunately thats one of the sacrifices we have to make though at times im so tempted to do the dance degree as distance learning but probly wouldnt be the same image it will be nice to have a couple of years to ourselves though. xx
  • alndjmalndjm Posts: 64
    We're both ready now and very broody but want to wait a year to save some money and make sure we're settled into married life....weddings are soooo expensive!!! xxxx
  • pot_of_goldpot_of_gold Posts: 5,254
    MRS T - thank god lol.

    I am in the same position as you - doing teacher training.

    I don't know yet if I want my own but then I get people asking me why I'm doing teaching if I 'hate' kids. Not sure why not knowing if I want my own kids at 23 means I hate children but hey lol.

    I kind of go through phases where I think it would be nice to have them, but then phases where I cannot imagine having them.

    I think if my hormones kick in and I get properly broody then none of those little things will matter and I will want them, but if the broodiness doesn't kick in I don't feel it would be the end of the world if I didn't have kids.

    H2b feels the same - we both like our lives the way they are and enjoy the freedom and travel and I think for as long as we feel that way we arn't ready to have kids but if we start feeling the urge we may start trying.

    H2b doesn't graduate until 2009 and the wedding is in 2010 but then he is talking of going back to uni to do PGDE in primary teaching after the wedding so if that happened by the time he had a permanant stable job we would be in our 30s and I wouldn't think of TTC before we were both in stable employment.

  • Kaytee158Kaytee158 Posts: 43
    We already have 2 boys, who are 4 and almost 3. So not in a huge rush to have anymore, maybe one day as i'd love a girl!

    Good luck to everyone who is ttc!
  • kelleytobekelleytobe Posts: 405

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  • Georgie2010Georgie2010 Posts: 227
    Fairytale- I was really beginning 2 think i was the only 1 hu was worrying about that! its horrible- i i know i have no reason to believe me or h2b are infertile but 4 some reason i cant get the thought out of my head, although h2b is the opposite and reckons it will happen really quickly!xxx
  • j73j73 Posts: 2,185
    I asked H2B what he thought about a honeymoon baby yes I'm young but I don't intend to get pregnant straight away lol and he ignored me then asked me if we could please use the honeymoon for what its intended... making a baby lol bless him.
  • jimmysmumjimmysmum Posts: 622
    hi, don't know if i qualify to be on young brides (im 25) but i have a 2yo already, and any ladies that are coming off contraception thinking it will take them a few months, i know it sounds obvious but please bear in mind you could conceive straight away, I'd been on the pill for years, came off it end of feb and had a positive preg test mid march lol!

    as for another, I've been accepted onto a midwifery course starting sept 09 so no more babies for me for prob 5 years, but i would like another as i loved being pregnant xx
  • Lulu-K-82Lulu-K-82 Posts: 868
    I'm 25, wedding in October, got house, garden, car and good-ish job so we are raring to go lol! Stopping contraception in July so then if at least we do catch straight away you wont tell in my dress. H2b is more broody than me, been for my folic acid this morning woo hoo!

    Good luck to everyone trying

  • We already have 2 and they are enough of a handful for now so no ttc for us! Both were happy suprises whilst I was on the pill but we did things in completely the wrong order - we were friends sleeping together occasionally, I fell pregnant, then we became a couple, had another baby and now we're finally getting married! We own a 2 bedroom flat at the moment so definitely want to move to a house before deciding if/when to have any more. Needless to say - we don't rely on the pill anymore image
  • rosiefieldrosiefield Posts: 668
    Hi not long now,

    I also came off the pill in Jan, around the 20th I think, for health reasons! as yet I've had no period at all! I know GPs say you should wait until ur cycle returns to normal before you start ttc, but my cousin is a neo-natal nurse and said that is only so they can better work out your dates! we're both taking the pregnacare his n hers tablets and trying away! I have taken a number of pregnancy tests, but all negative so far! In a way I wish I'd waited cos I'm getting all these symptoms, which make me think maybe I am pregnant, but could just be due to my hormone levels readjusting!

    does anyone know how likely you are to get a false negative on a pregnancy test?

  • Lulu-K-82Lulu-K-82 Posts: 868
    It's quite likely to get a false negative, but almost impossible to get a false positive!

    My friend did loads of test that said negative, she was about 3 months gone before she got a BFP.

    Good luck!

  • Melissa84ukMelissa84uk Posts: 265
    I am mega broody, but me and h2b have decided to do the wedding first and then the babies. Wedding is next June so anytime after that would be fab. I just have to chat with the doctor to see when will be best to come off the pill. I am a bit scared to come off it too early as I suffered with really bad period pain before, I often got to the point of passing out, dont really want that happening in the run up to the wedding.

    Good luck to all those ttc.
  • rosiefieldrosiefield Posts: 668
    that's my problem..... soon h2b and i will have to stop ttc for a while, cos otherwise we'll have a really young baby at the wedding or i'll be 8 and a half months pregnant or something! I don't mind being 4/5 months (could get my dress adjusted for that!) so we'll have to work out dates for that! ttc is so irritating! Im so impatient!! xx
  • am i being really stupid? what does ttc mean? im 24 and have 2 kids so presumably i should know. i feel really old when i don't understand this sort of stuff! please help! x
  • BroodyKateBroodyKate Posts: 2,079
    Hiya, i get married in October next year and dont think we will be ttc before then or too soon after if im honest lol also those who are worried about the pill coming out of your system, i wouldnt worry too much as i went on some sexual health training a couple of weeks ago (for work) and the trainer said this is a myth as it is quite common that girls get pregnant by either missing there pill one day, or by taking it and then maybe being sick before its had time to get in their system! Good Luck you all x x x
  • nomperismnomperism Posts: 76
    Hi, from being about 15 I said I never wanted kids, and my H2b says he doesn't ever want kids, although he did when he was younger. I'm 22 and he's 39, and I'm not broody at all, but he strangly goes all googly-eyed when he's around babies or children!

    The bit that worries me is that what if I do change my mind when I'm a few years older and he still says he doesn't want children, plus the fact he'd be in his 40's which I suppose isn't really that old.

    I find babies cute, but thats about as far as it goes, and they don't really like me, they seem to cry and hold their head away from me (I'm not hideous honest!) !

    I suppose I need to wait and see, and if I happen to get pregnant by accident (like my mum with me 8 years into marriage and not wanting a baby) I would need to make my mind up then.
  • Quoted:
    I am super broody but wedding isnt till May 2010. We are thinking of trying 2/3 months before the wedding to give my body time to adjust to coming off the pill and i dont think it would happen straight away though i would love it to! I am just so paranoid there is something wrong with me (though i hav no reason 2.) Is any1 else like that or am i just being crazy lol xxx

    Hey, I feel exactly the same way. Got no reason to think I won't be able to have kids but so paranoid that there's something wrong!

    I'd love to have kids as soon as we're married but h2b wants to travel more first, though he is doing NOTHING about it (saving money I mean).

    We sort of agreed on 2010 so i'm holding him to that regardless of how much he HASN'T travelled image
  • MrsSimonMrsSimon Posts: 264
    I would love to start ttc, but I certainly want to be married first and H2B thinks we can't afford it, so unless the situation has changed by then I daresay we won't be doing too soon after the wedding next october either. I'm so ridiculously broody!
  • lisapat1lisapat1 Posts: 104
    my son will be 2 in may and he is the best thing ever to happen to me, he was unplanned and i was so scared but its the most amazing thing ever. i was not maternal and had certainly not planned to have kids so young. i was 24 when alistair was born. (not young these days i know but young to me). but the difference in me when he came along, i am s protective over him and am always telling him i love him, which is not like me at all.

    as for everyone saying they want to travel before kids, its not impossible if you have kids, my son has been going away since he was 8 weeks old. he is brilliant and loves the new adventures.

    i think we will be waiting another few years before we have anymore, i have just given up work to spend more time as a family as my h2h works away so want to be there for ally as much as we both can.

    good luck to everyone trying to conceive and all you first time mummies, its all worth it.

    good luck on your big day to, mine is 23/04/09 in cyprus.

    lisa ximage
  • pot_of_goldpot_of_gold Posts: 5,254
    I don't think personally I meant I couldn't travel with kids ( I was one of the people who said it hehe)

    I just mean I want a different kind of travel experience before I think about having kids - where me and hubby can have an adult holiday and do the things we want to do and see the places we want to see that we could not really do with a child as we would have to go places for the little one and take them to parks and stuff (which is fine down the line but I just want to do my couples travelling first)

    I want to go on a caribbean cruise, go to vegas and L.A, Rome, China and Japan and I don't think I would have the same experience with a child in tow.

    Later on I prob will be quite happy to have a different kind of holiday experience as a family once I get this out my system.

  • Georgie2010Georgie2010 Posts: 227
    I hope ur right fairytale! i cant imagine not having my own biological kids either image yeh could just b a crazy hormone thing i am glad i'm not the only 1 2 feel like this lol.

    Pinkhyena- yeh its a horrible feeling but so difficult to push aside even though it's completely irrational! good luck for the future, hopefully we will all have no problems and look back on this and laugh about it! xxx

  • Georgie2010Georgie2010 Posts: 227
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  • WoodysMrsWoodysMrs Posts: 359
    Im 22 and h2b is 24, I would love to have a baby but Im in no financial position at the minute and neither is he. With both being in the forces that puts on another pressure, we want a house and to be married(which is 2010). I can't wait to make my h2b a daddy though, he will be amazing!

    Also think Im a bit too young at the minute-still act like a spoiled kid at times too!! hehe
  • hey, i have the implant - i wasn't planning on getting married to 2010 so i got the implant to last till then as i was a student, i get married this September and i'm a bit broody too. i want to get the implant removed about a month before the wedding so that nature can take its course but my h2b thinks we cant afforf to have a baby for a while yet, i don't have a pernament job and my h2b only earns £12,000 p/a, so i understnad where he comes from! and we are only 20 so plenty of time to practise - as he puts it! he thinks i should let the implant stay in till its due out in july 2010, but as a lot of people in my family have problem concieving and as i was a nurse, i want to have my children before i am 30 because aferwards the risks are a lot higher for the child and yourself and if i dont get the implant out till july i'll be 24, and i want my children to be at least 2 or 3 before the next one is born! So im a little worried but i can't figure out who to change my h2b's mind! lol!
  • willow i'm so glad you said that coz i'm the same and i thoguht i was being daft! i want 3 kids and dont really want to still be having kids into my 30s (i'm now 21) i want to start ttc straight after the wedding (next april) but h2b doesnt know if he'll be ready then and at the moment is saying he wants to start a family some time between 24 and 27 (he's 22) that could mean i'd be 26 and i dont want to wait that long! i odnt want to convince him as obviously he has to be ready for kids, but it seems like we get a bit of a rough deal doesnt it! x
  • kelleytobekelleytobe Posts: 405

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  • KimmybobKimmybob Posts: 1,580
    Can I give a word of warning ladies...

    once you stop taking the pill, you can get pregnant. I know this as fact for two reasons ( ONE- My mum got pregnant with my sister after coming off her pill after only 4 weeks and TWO- I missed a pill and got pregnant - I dont have children and dont want to talk bout the implications of my pregnancy) but I can ASSURE YOU - dont think you wont get pregnant cos the pill is still in your system. You can.

    Even so, me and h2b want a few years as a ,married couple before having kids - plus we are in no financial position to have children -although I am quite broody!LOL

  • I am SO broody now and want to TTC now. I could come offthe pill and not tell my h2b but he'd be annoyed. He's broody too, but thinks we should wait until after the wedding. Growl. So darn sensible.
  • shjrobinsonshjrobinson Posts: 4,047
    i was talking to my plest friend yesterday about her baby (shes 11 weeks i think and gorgeous!) and i was getting so broody, i really want a baby, all my sensibilities are getting lost in my head and all i can think about having a baby. i dont know what to do, im going bloody crazy!!!!! were not in a great financial position but i know ppl worse off who are cope brilliantly and never complain and were young, but weve been together for years and its prob just natural to want a baby with the person you love and have been with for years. ive got the merina coil atm and have started dialling the docs number to get it out on numerous occassions, then bottled it and put the phone down, honestly its driving me mad, what should i do, my h2b would have one now if we could, its 20 months til the wedding so we could even 'fit one in'! not meant to sound as convenient as that, arrrrggghhhh!!!!

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