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  • ANITA128ukANITA128uk Posts: 437
    i want a bubba, then i dont, then i do....getting married in september so will keep u posted lol, dont wanna give up my hols and stuff and special time with h2b- time is precious we spent together as he works awful shifts...suppose i wouldnt feel like that with my own child- selfish cow...but im v maternal person. can still take my baby on hols with me anyway lol. x
  • Me and H2B really want a baby, we are just gonna wait til after the wedding, its something new to look forward to after the wedding.

    really cant wait!
  • NewMrsLNewMrsL Posts: 478
    me and h2b are both really broody and have at times nearly 'went for it' so to speak!! but at the last minute somethig clicks in both of us that makes us realise that maybe now isnt the best time! im almost finished my pgce (teacher training) and want to have a job for few years. our wedding isnt till feb 2010 but i think we'l start ttc xmas 09!! so exciting cannot wait!! it would be such a great wedding present to give my h2b!!
  • HollzukHollzuk Posts: 241
    me & my h2b have a 2yr old daughter and she is bloody gorgeous & we love her so much...we are trying for our second straight after our wedding on 17th April 09 and i cant wait to give our daughter a little brother or sister! x
  • j73j73 Posts: 2,185
    I'm gonna come off the pill a few months before the wedding (got a few years to go til then!) just so I settle down again and that way if i fall pregnant before the wedding my dress will still fit me. I'd just be worried about the combination of morning sickness and flying.
  • I want a baby NOW!

    We're going to ttc on our honeymoon.

  • Gosh am I the only one who isnt interested in getting pregnant?? Dont get me wrong, I love kids and do want some someday but I want to be able to give my kids everything and to do that I have to make a good career for myself- as does h2b. Were getting married in 2010 and are also going to be starting to build our house in 2010 so I think it will be a tough year financially so at least 2012 Id say! I'll still only be 28 then so dont see the great rush!
  • Your not the only person who doesnt want to get pregnant now vintage lover!Like you we definatley want kids but want to spent a good few years of quality time together first!I have worked with children for the past 5 years and am currently nursing on a ward for newborn to 1yrs so obviously love kids but kinda know how much hard work it takes to be parents (H2B has younger bro's 2),so we want a few years of being husband and wife first, like you we are thinking 26-28 and then having 3!!
  • LeeseHarLeeseHar Posts: 88
    we are trying i came off the pill in jan but we get married june 09 so bit worried bout getting timing wrong n being due round wedding but at the same time i don't want to go back on pill. i was trying for a baby with my ex for 3 yrs & having fertility treatment & nothing was happening so i'm terrified the same is going to happen again, i'm 28 & time is ticking. We sooo desperately want a baby. i don't think there is a right or wrong age you never know wot is going to happen xxx
  • x-plumduff-xx-plumduff-x Posts: 774
    I'm really broody again right now it's not fair image. 15 months to go! And even then h2b wants to wait a bit! He and I agreed though we're not going to try as such, we'll just agree to stop using contraception. Though knowing me that'll mean initiating things a hell of a lot more!
    Me and h2b are going to ttc after our honeymoon. Getting married April 09 so still 11 months to go, im soooooooo inpatient and broody it's untrue! Not sure i can wait until April!!
  • KMWarehamKMWareham Posts: 700
    Touchy subject at the mo!!! We HAD planned to start ttc on honeymoon. We had originally decided on Maldives honeymoon but then H2B decided he wanted to go back to Florida then onto Maldives which I was more than happy with but it ended up we couldnt do both unless we flew back to the UK and THEN onto Maldives so we are just going Maldives now. BUT because of this H2B has decided he wants to go back to Florida the year after the wedding which means putting baby plans on hold. Eveything's up in the air now!! He has said he would rather give me a baby because that was planned and "if he has to" will put Florida on hold....I just kknow he REALLY wants to do Florida again and I feel bad cos he didnt get his honeymoon so dont want to take it away from him again xx
  • pot_of_goldpot_of_gold Posts: 5,254
    I feel the same vintage lover!!!!

    I want to be established in my career, have a 3 bed semi-d house, a dog, 2 cars and have travelled before I even think about kids lol. I just keep thinking there are so many fun things I wanna do before tying myself down. image
  • monniquitamonniquita Posts: 36
    Hm... I'm undecided, I'm really broody sometimes but I'm old fashioned in other ways and want to wait till after we're married before trying for a baby. I missed a pill two years ago and ended up pregnant - at first we were delighted (and scared) but I was in and out of hospital for ten weeks solid and couldn't go half an hour without being sick - I literally whittled away to a skeleton and eventually they told me that my pregnancy was ectopic (after god knows how many scans and much prodding etc) and I had to have an induced miscarriage which broke our hearts. I hate to say it but it definitely has made me think twice about trying for a baby any time soon as I spent so much time in complete agony and it's so lonely waiting on a hospital trolley to be seen! Also I couldn't look at babies for ages without a tear coming to my eye. Good luck to all of you ttc though, sorry to taint the positivity of this thread!x
  • oooh i love to chat about babies, we have decieded that we will have to wait about 2 years after we are married, as we need a bigger house in the right catchment area for schools and generally more space and more cash, think its wise in the long run for us, i agree with the free under 2years old rule thats fab, will take full advantage of it when its our turn!!!! Si i guess by the time i am a mummy i will be about 27 thats ages away!!!!!! Best of luck to all those who are ttc, i have my cycle planned out already and know my dates off by heart , its mad but i lke to know where i am xxxxxxxx
  • SWbumpandbabySWbumpandbaby Posts: 722
    i get married in 24 days time, I'm 26 and H2B's 28. H2B and I have decided that I should stop taking my pill once we get back from honeymoon as thats when I'll have completed that packet. I can't wait to start ttc. I'm sooo broody at the minute its unreal. People all around me seem to have just had babies or are announcing they're pregnant and I just wish it was me. ohh well not long to go for us now, just hope we dont have problems ttc cos until you start trying you dont know.
  • purple_monkfishpurple_monkfish Posts: 1,366
    My h2b put his foot down and told me no ttc our second till after the wedding hahaha. I think he just doesn't want me to suddenly postpone the wedding to have a baby, he already had to wait a year while I had our son.. oops.

    Being a young mum is great, i'm almost 23 with an 18month old and it's grand. Though I do get a lot of filthy looks at the supermarket, apparently I look about 14 and they all think i'm some teenaged mom hahhaa.

    I've had some wonderful comments including "is he your little brother?" "are you babysitting?" and "you're HOW OLD!?"

  • emma892avonemma892avon Posts: 944
    I'm waiting till after the wedding, got three kids already don't want to be suffering morning sickness on the day x
  • rachaelm1ukrachaelm1uk Posts: 446
    I cant wait to become a mum. We are getting married in December but wont be trying for a couple years yet, want to get more money behind us etc so we know we are stable (which is easier said than done when you're paying a mortgage- lol)

    None the less we are really excited about starting a family.

    I have a 4 week old nephew and a 9 month old god-son-to-be to keep me occupied in the meantime lol..

    Rachael x
  • pot_of_goldpot_of_gold Posts: 5,254
    just out of curiosity how old are all you b2b's wanting to conceive soon after the wedding?

    I can't imagine having a child at my age (i'm 23) but I guess it's where you are in your life. I am just about to start a new career and trying to buy our first flat so emotionally I am not in a place where I am settled and ready to take that step.

  • amiemcukamiemcuk Posts: 62
    LMW - don't feel bad! I'm not broody at all either!! image There is no problem at all in having a perfectly fulfilled life without wanting children! Its a choice!! XX
  • kelleytobekelleytobe Posts: 405

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  • purple_monkfishpurple_monkfish Posts: 1,366
    I'm almost 23.. I was 21 when my son was born. Young yes, but I fortunately just managed to avoid the teenaged pregnancy taboo lol.

    Given the wedding isn't for another year, i'll be about 24 by the time we have another, that is.. provide it all goes to plan.
  • blondiecocoukblondiecocouk Posts: 4,619
    well i am 24 next week, and h2b is 25 2 weeks after the wedding, but we still feel too young. i always said that when i got head of dept in a school i would have a baby about a year after that, but i was lucky and got promoted in september, and thats now nearly a year! but we are not ready. h2b wants to be head of dept before we start trying as he thinks we will need more money! he is right. we have our whole lives to start a family. we are still so young and i want to enjoy my married life for a few years. i want to travel a bit too. xox
  • raspberry_kittyraspberry_kitty Posts: 1,765
    I will be 21 when I get married in June next year and already want to have a baby and have done for the last 2 years- wont come off the pill yet tho as it would be just my luck to have an unexpected period on the day and the first week of honeymoon - lol. Fingers crossed for baby in the first 18months x
  • tinksyuktinksyuk Posts: 1,672
    im really really broody and cant wait to have babies! we are hoping to start trying on our honeymoon tho i will make sure i stop the pill to avoid any unwanted periods on honeymoon lol!!!
  • dear dreamboy, you might not want to know this but i've been told after being on the pill for a few years it can take up to 6months for it to leave your system, however i've been off mine for about a year (it wasn't agreeing with me and my painkillers) and i'm still not "back in sync!". might be to do with painkillers though..... x
  • raspberry_kittyraspberry_kitty Posts: 1,765
    It is different for everyone. one friend of mine got pg the minute she came off the pill and another took 2 years.
  • We would try on the honeymoon or even a month before the wedding but we graduate 6 months after the wedding n would like to work for a little so about 18 months after =[ We'll have it all one day!!!!Xxxx
  • JessMtobeJessMtobe Posts: 63
    want to be married at least 3/4 years before we have a baby- I'll be 27/28 by then so still a young mummy !
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