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  • we have 54 days till the wedding i came off the pill 3 weeks ago - we arent trying to get pregnant this month as the doctor advised to have at least one clear period but any time after that is fine - the only thing i worry about is the fact i have been on the pill for 9 years (im 24) so i dont know how long it will take to get out of my system.
  • shjrobinsonshjrobinson Posts: 4,047
    good luck ttc, were ages off our wedding, but im so broody, my h2b woulnt need any persading, were just being sensible but i want not to be lol and ive got the merina atm so would have to be sure before getting that taken out after the pain of getting it put in, ouch! x
  • daisybride123daisybride123 Posts: 2,066
    im expecting in july, 5 months before my wedding. i already have a 19 month old. good luck to you all who are ttc. i love being pregnant i missed it so much after having my first! i missed being able to rest my cuppa on my bump! x
  • kelleytobekelleytobe Posts: 405

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  • pot_of_goldpot_of_gold Posts: 5,254
    We're not planning on having kids - defo not in near future anyway, (I'm 23 and h2b 24)

    I just can't imagine having kids at this age - there is so much i want to do and so many places i want to see still.

  • shjrobinsonshjrobinson Posts: 4,047
    OMG! i just randomly, autonomously went on ebay and bought ovulation sticks. i think im trying to tell myself something! x
  • mintkittyukmintkittyuk Posts: 900
    i want a baby soooo bad but dont get married til october 2010, so far away. have to wait til after the wedding.

    erin xxxx
  • daisybride123daisybride123 Posts: 2,066
    Thanks! yeah i got my dress back in jan/feb time. Amore i always felt the same....but babies happen like thunderstorms! and my son is better travelled than many people i know......they travel free until they're 2 so we made the most of it!! haha. and plus when im 39 he'll be 20 so might even be married with children of his own (grandma vicky) and i can get back to doing everything i havent done yet and maybe we'll be rich lol!!
  • pot_of_goldpot_of_gold Posts: 5,254
    Yeh I can se ethe benefits of being a young mum but I just don't feel mature enough lol!!

    I still have kiddy strops.

    Kinda ideally wanna be married and settled in a proper house with a garden before we think about it - prob be about 30 by then lol.

  • jones2bjones2b Posts: 199
    i have a baby already but cant waitto start trying again after im married
  • pr1ncess_mummypr1ncess_mummy Posts: 1,676
    Already got my 2. Don't think we'll be having anymore as had a horrible pregnancy last time and I don't think I could put myself through it again image Shame really as I would have loved another!

    Good luck to all ttc!

  • I have a 5 year old girl and 2 year old boy,but I really want another one! H2B wasn't keen on ttc straight away but our best man's wife had a baby on new years day and he adores him! Made him realize that he misses having a little baby! So I'm coming off the pill in June after the honeymoon,but I was on the injection for a year and a half (up until Nov) so not sure how long it will take this time. Only took 3 months with my daughter and 1 with my son so fingers crossed I'll catch quickly! xx
  • We're gonna start trying a year after we get married, so not trying until summer 2011! I really cant wait to be a mummy! I watched knocked up (again) last night and it really made me broody again! lol! Im lucky h2b is as broody as me! We've agreed now is sooo not the right time...we still live at home!! X but one'll be amazing!
  • tinksyuktinksyuk Posts: 1,672
    im soo broody at the mo its ridiculous!! my friends are expecting their first baby and thats making it worse and i keep buying them little things for it!!! we have agreed to start after the wedding as we want a big family and want them young!! i would love to have one before the wedding but we live in a studio flat and h2b is at uni next year so i need to be out earning. But safe to say i cant wait til the wedding and hope that i get pregnant really fast!
  • karonmkaronm Posts: 95
    hiya, I am coming off the injection after the wedding but as I have been on it for seven years I want to let it get out of my system before ttc. Scary thought but really looking forward to it.
  • LiLiukLiLiuk Posts: 1,548
    Ive really shocked myself by not being particularly broody in any sense. H2b wants to start trying as soon as we're married this October but im not too bothered either way. There are clear pros and cons for either option so i'd rather it be a complete and utter surprise so i dont have to choose to have a child at some point. Im 23 and hes 26 so its not unreasonable- its just that i dont see WHY we need children right this second. I feel wierd for not being broody and not really caring when i think i should. All girls are broody right? Im so good with kids too, ive always been round them and i do love them, but i just dont have that 'if i dont have a kid on my hip right now ill just die' urge. I think it would freak me out too much. Pregnancy is just bizarre!
  • FrauBFrauB Posts: 108
    I've been on the pill for 10 years and last week my gynaecologist told me to come off the pill 6 months before trying to get pregnant. It usually happens after 3 months but don't be worried if it takes a little longer, or surprised it it happens sooner! image
  • rosiefieldrosiefield Posts: 668
    hey all, im 21 and h2b is 26, we are ttc now! had a scare in jan and instead of being freaked out we were both really excited, so have decided to start trying! wedding is in may next year, so im hoping to fall pregnant fairly quickly so I have time to fit in to my dress again! lol! xxx
  • kelleytobekelleytobe Posts: 405

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  • 9lundyhouse9lundyhouse Posts: 577
    Waiting a year or two before ttc. We both wants kids and are both really broody but know we want a year or two as just husband and wife before we have kids.
  • rosiefieldrosiefield Posts: 668
    Kelleytobe, how long ago did you come off the pill? how are your cycles now? I came off the pill at beginning of jan & im still all over the place! r u letting nature take its course or giving it a helping hand in any way? Rosie xxx
  • ang772ang772 Posts: 1,399
    As i read your messages,i am lying on the couch snuggling in my little boy(he has just fallen asleep) he is so beautiful&is such a great worry is what if i dont love new baby as much?or more?don't know which is worse.i stopped taking pill last month&have bought folic acid altho we wont b ttc until nov\dec
  • mrsallen08mrsallen08 Posts: 712
    Glad there are a few non-broody b2bs! We are both 22 and get married NEXT WEEK! We have 4 rabbits and a dog and will have some chickens after the wedding but like a few of you we need to see more of the world before losing all our sunday lie-ins!

    I was on injection for about 4 years and came off a year ago but still have no sign of periods! Apparently this is not uncommon but a little weird all the same! Not sure if pill is any better, good luck though to all you triers! (even though i think ur nuts! image
  • LOL @ Mrs Allen 2 b :P

    I'm 23 and very broody but h2b wants to wait 4 yrs after the wedding (june 09) so that's like aaaages away but he has a point, we don't own our house just renting and we've not done enough travelling etc yet so I guess waiting a few years won't kill us but I'd hate to think we'd leave it too long!! xx
  • properposseproperposse Posts: 567
    we are not neccesarilly trying but havent been using contraception for about a year, in the mind that if i got pregnant, wahay, if not, no worries! im starting 2 worry though that after a year, nothing has happened. does this mean im infertile?
  • Quoted:
    we are not neccesarilly trying but havent been using contraception for about a year, in the mind that if i got pregnant, wahay, if not, no worries! im starting 2 worry though that after a year, nothing has happened. does this mean im infertile?

    Lucy, it could be soooo many things - If you're are worried though it'd be worth you and h2b to get checked out, just to put your mind at ease.

  • Hey, i always thought kids wouldnt come into the equation till i was 30 or something, but then we had a scare in november and i've been soooooo broody ever since. We've decided to start trying after the wedding in so excited!!!
  • Georgie2010Georgie2010 Posts: 227
    I am super broody but wedding isnt till May 2010. We are thinking of trying 2/3 months before the wedding to give my body time to adjust to coming off the pill and i dont think it would happen straight away though i would love it to! I am just so paranoid there is something wrong with me (though i hav no reason 2.) Is any1 else like that or am i just being crazy lol xxx
  • Hiya, i'd love kids really soon, but h2b doesnt want them for a few years image and its not practicle just yet as we're both doing teacher training next year - which i obv would have to give up and also that means we're both not going to be working for a while yet.

    toms girl and smiling fairie, you've actually reassured me a bit - i've recently had a scare (as rosie knows) and its made me really broody! although i wouldnt have planned to get pregnant now, i was really down for a few days after taking the test and finding it negative. its made me re-evaluate my situation - i did want to have been working as a teacher for a year- a year and a half before having my first baby, but i now really want to start trying on the honeymoon! whether h2b will come round or not though is yet to be seen.... xxx
  • hehe... Im not broody really, and it takes everyone completely by suprise cos Im a trainee teacher, and spend my whole life around children, im just not bothered about having my own just yet... h2b went through a really broody stage, and even started describing in detail activities he wanted to do with 'the kids' taking them for sunday afternoon walks etc... buying welly boots! It was really sweet, and almost got me in to the idea, but not just yet I feel! xxx
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