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  • dude1989ukdude1989uk Posts: 90
    Me and my fiance trevorimage
  • blondiecocoukblondiecocouk Posts: 4,619
    Blythe- no its a UCLA one from Los Angeles. I went there a few years back. I went to uni in Bath. xox
  • RRadford84RRadford84 Posts: 811
    Just stumbled acrss this thread...thought I would pop a post on!!

    me and ryan

    Ry is lookin a little pasty on this one...!

  • RRadford84RRadford84 Posts: 811

  • staceyemmaukstaceyemmauk Posts: 397
    can anyone tell me how to insert piccie without url?

  • OK My avatar apparently isn't working anyway. Ok, here's my h2b. This is pretty much what he'll be wearing to our wedding, apart from he wants black socks and a black shirt the big goth!

    EDITED because that photo was huge!

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  • shauna2743shauna2743 Posts: 16
    See avitar - thats me and my H2B, think this is the best pic of us ever taken...... doesn't say much for how the wedding photos r guna look lol! i couldn't figure out how to put a pic in a comment ( useless wit computers!) so I hope you can all see enough from the avitar!! lol! xx

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  • natashabonenatashabone Posts: 631
    There's some photos of me and andrew here x
  • mrshainestobemrshainestobe Posts: 705

    fingers crossed this works . . . our daughter (about 9 months old), me and my gorgeous fella. (pic is almost two years old!)

  • simon14uksimon14uk Posts: 260
    thats my h2b on the left and me (my aviator)
  • MACsB2BMACsB2B Posts: 22
    Found this thread and thought I would put a wee pic up. Hope its worked!!

    http://C:\Documents and Settings\Fiona\My Documents\My Pictures\Me & Kev\Couply Pictures\Vic



  • MACsB2BMACsB2B Posts: 22
    Doesnt look like it has, :\( any ideas what im doing wrong? sorry, not very good with this type of thing!

  • sorry that i haven't got one of us together but this is him before he was posted to Iraq last month.

  • maybe not! It's not workin!
  • see my avatar. not very good tho x
  • purple_monkfishpurple_monkfish Posts: 1,366

    My men... really crap lighting but this picture still brings tears to my eyes. For some reason I don't have any pictures of myself and H2B.. just pictures of him and our son.. hahah..
  • ZosiaRZosiaR Posts: 34
    Everyone looks so in love!

    This is me and my boyfriend.


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  • VenusukVenusuk Posts: 356
    loving this thread! image

    "forced" hubby-2-b to help me upload my first pic on here so if this doesn't work, blame him (he is the IT professional!!) image

  • VenusukVenusuk Posts: 356
    yay!!! it worked! imageimageimage

    he looks sooooooo handsome - i'm the luckiest lady on the planet because get to marry him!

  • I don't know how to add a pic!

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  • can't do it

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  • mich26mich26 Posts: 605
    here is a piccy of my fabulous h2b

    I was preganant in this photo.. im not normally that busty!!
  • Right this is h2b who has not long got for work. " He said sorry i look dead it called year's of working on the night shift " . I call it old age lol bless him image

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  • emmarwoodemmarwood Posts: 315
    I love these threads!!!

    everyone looks so cute together!!!

  • emmarwoodemmarwood Posts: 315
    OMG thts f***ing huge!!!!

  • This is my H2B and me last August. We were at his best man and my maid of honor wedding (well they do say the best man should 'hook up' with the chief bridesmaid so at least it wont raise any eyebrows lol

    He is now 30 and I am now 21

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  • MummyMBMummyMB Posts: 275

    Myself and Matt at his uncles wedding in Thailand in August x
  • This is me & my h2b a couple of years ago on holiday in Egypt.....must admit he looks rather tasty with a tan, even if I do say so myself! x

  • I'm gonna be 23 when we get married next year and my H2B will be 30. I think he looks younger than me.

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  • jodaho88jodaho88 Posts: 2,356
    I'm not posting a picture up in here but my H2B looks like Bradley from Eastenders! Although his dress sense is significantly better! And he is not a sap!!

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