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mori lee - hope

hiya everyone,

does anyone know what style number the mori lee gown hope is?

i tried it on a few months ago, n it looked stunnin (not to b big headed)

i feel head over heels for it, but i cant find it anywhere.

please help xxxxxxx


    Hope was probably just thename the shop give it so as you cant go somewhere else and ask for that dress. They did that to me at confetti and lace. But if you go on their website you will be able to find it -


  • its not on there image i been searching for ages, and i found a picture of just the bust in a chat room on here, but she doesnt know the style number image
  • MissMillyukMissMillyuk Posts: 96
    what does it look like?

  • this is the page that i found the bust on, its about half way down, and the only thing u can actually see is the bust. but there is gorgeous detail down the train as well as the bust, n its simple, but not too simple, its jst perfect lol xxxx
  • MissMillyukMissMillyuk Posts: 96
    oh it is really lovely! I'm sorry I don't know which one it is, why don't you take that picture down to another bridal store and ask them if they know what number it is?

    Sorry not much use!

  • i might try that you know, the one i tried it on in only seemed to know the name though image
  • Pedro_G85Pedro_G85 Posts: 85
    Here it is hun!

    I'm a fellow Mori Lee bride and i know them all - they are stunning aren't they!
  • thats the one my auntie had, but it isnt hope image thanks anyway tho, help much appreciated image
  • eleurpheleurph Posts: 67
    Nicki, i am having that exact same dress isn't it gorgeous, i love it and think i'll wear it everyday for life!!!!
  • carolew62carolew62 Posts: 2

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  • oh my gosh thats it!! thank you soo much i owe you big time. That looks like the place i tried it on too lol. thank you *mwah* xxxx

  • dellieukdellieuk Posts: 103
    I love Mori Lee - what are the prices like?
  • theyre not too bad, cus theyre amazing quality, and theyre very intricate. mines something like £595 so not too bad really, its veils and tiaras that make things expensive

  • I bought a Mori Lee dress on ebay with tags for £35 image
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