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DLA home visit

A doctor is visiting me at home next week to give me a medical examination for my DLA claim. Does anyone have any experience of this? Can you tell me what to expect?

I'm feeling quite nervous about it.


  • I have had them come around to me before. They just ask questions about how you cope, what you need help for, basic questions about your condition etc. They seemed a bit intimidating with their briefcase and list of standard questions, but you have to remember they ask pretty much everyone the same things - some of the questions were a little disturbing to me because they didnt apply - like are you a threat to yourself or others ?? Um... No!!!
  • ruthemilyruthemily Posts: 13,622
    Hey Sally,

    I've never had to have a home visit, but I think they are quite standardised as littlekittykat has said. They'll probably ask similar questions to what was on the form - I imagine it's more to try and catch those making fraudulent claims than anything else.

    Don't worry though, as you are NOT making a fraudulent claim! You will be able to show them what you can and can't do. You may actually end up with more than they may have thought you were entitled to from your form - I think most of us have a habit of describing things as better than they actually are because we're so used to just getting on with it!

    You will be allowed someone with you if you feel you need that support.

    Good luck. x
  • MissVWMissVW Posts: 7,419
    They'll probably want to see how you cope around your house - how you get up the stairs etc and ask you questions about coping everyday (which they'll check against your answers on your dla form).

    Here's a list you may find helpful: files/dla_questions.pdf
  • I had this a couple of years ago and was really nervous about it. The Dr was really nice, I asked him if to explain if I didn't understand the question properly. But most of it was similar to what was on the form. I actually got more than I thought I would and it was no where near as scary as I thought. He did a brief physical exam of me too, but nothing over the top, clothes stayed firmly on and I had my Mum in the room with me to help remind me of things I forget (I always have to take someone to the Dr's with me because I don't retain the information well, and sometimes I forget to mention things because to me they are everyday - I tend to take forgranted that others might not know about these things unless I tell them.)

    Don't down play how you are and work on a worst case basis. That's what the Dr who visited told me to do and he also asked questions about how frequent my bad days were (for eg. how many days in a month are at a pain level of 9/10 etc)

    Fingers crossed for you - don't worry about it, just tell the truth and that's all you can do.

  • When's the visit Sally? Be thinking of you! Think I'd be nervous too.
  • Got my visit tomorrow! Thanks for all your help ladies! These posts have been a great comfort to me. And thanks very much for the link MissVW - that's a very useful one!

    I'm feeling a mixture of nerves and excitement. Sounds silly I know, but I'm sure I should be entitled to DLA so part of me is a bit excited about actually getting it (assuming I do). It means I can put my car back on the road and get out and about again. Atm I rely on H2B for so much and I want some independance back!! I might have to get my car adapted, or get a new one as sometimes I can't drive.......but I soooo want to get OUT of this house a bit more!! Silly things like getting a blue badge and being able to go swimming really cheaply.......... I hope I'm not getting my hopes up too much.
  • ruthemilyruthemily Posts: 13,622
    You'll get a blue badge if you are entitled to the higher rate of Mobility. I would have thought you are.

    I don't know much about it, but they have the motability scheme too - my MIL has a car from them.

    Best of luck tomorrow, I'm sure you'll be fine. Let us know how you get on image
  • I'm very lucky to have it.... collecting my car in December!

    I was also lucky enough not to have a home visit. The thing is I sorta think we think somehow we're not as ill as we think.. if that makes sense?!

    This benefit is out there to help us. And we're not scrounging. We're not putting it on, pretending, or abusing ourselves to make ourselves like this.

    In my general experience the DLA people are the nicest of all the benefits people. They talk to you respectfully. They try and help. And I'm sure that will extend to their home visit staff.

    This has reminded me actually I must get my passport pics for my badge... I'm a bit wary of using the badge when I get it. As I don't look ill... if you discount the stick and the walking lol! And I'm not 80, I'm worried people will think I'm just taking the p***.

    Waffling again lol anyway.. anyway I'm off to go to my regular can-can dancing session (I wish!!)
  • Well he's been and was here about an hour. He was very nice and polite. He had the wrong GP and the list of my conditions was wrong too. He doesn't get to see my application or any doctor's notes or anything. At the end of the visit he told me they do things like this on purpose to make sure that what I say is wrong with me is the same as what I put on the form.

    He asked lots of questions mainly very similar to the ones they put on the application form and did a brief examination just to check my reflexes and to watch me walk.

    So now it's just a waiting game. Fingers crossed!!

    Thanks for that link Miss VW - it was really helpful!! I was pretty nervous about it, but having a better idea of what to expect made it alot easier.
  • MissVWMissVW Posts: 7,419
    Glad to hear it went ok Sally and that the list was helpful image We'll keep everything crossed for you now xx

    2ndllucy, I know what you mean about people thinking you're taking the wotsit for having a blue badge. I get it all the time! Old people seem to be the worst for some reason - perhaps because they think you have to be part of the blue rinse brigade in order to have a blue badge?! I've had quite a few old people question me about my right to a badge and also tell me to move out of a disabled parking space!! Rudeness.

    Some people will judge you instantly, but that's their problem, not yours. Rise above it and remember you're entitled to it so who cares what they think?! It makes my life a LOT easier and I'd be lost without it xx
  • TraskeyTraskey Posts: 151
    Oh I agree with you on the Blue Badge one! They see me park the car and getting ready to nag about parking. I have to refrain from commenting that I have a disability and not old age! I also have an adapted car on Motobility and this allows me to drive and work which I am very grateful for. I currently work full time but am seriously struggling so about to consider part time. After my spinal fusion I was hoping that the pain would be a lot better when actually so far (11 months) it's only a bit better but I am at least off the morphine. Goodness knows how i worked on that stuff.

    I didn't have the home visit but did have the medical. Good luck with your claim and I hope you are successful. You do know that you can apply for the Blue Badge even if you don't get DLA or the higher rate mobility DLA? You just need evidence from a professional that you have significant difficulties walking. I had my badge before I had my DLA.

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