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Anemia ?

dmwilsdmwils Posts: 1,265
Anyone know the symptoms...a lady (who is a nurse) asked me if I was Anemic last night, she says I always look so pale and tired...(

Don't know much about it and feel daft going to the docs on the back of her comment... I do always feel tired but I am on medication of which tiredness, confusion, dizzyness etc are all side effects ...however it appears Anemia is a side effect of the drug too..

are there any real tell tale signs...


  • Being pale and tired are the main ones to look out for plus feeling faint. I seemed to be much slimmer when I was anaemic as well and also cold when other people are really warm. It may be worth going to the docs for a blood test and they can ttell you either way. xx
  • amandajayne69amandajayne69 Posts: 2,352
    HI, soe times you will find your eyes are slihtly yellowish.
  • dmwilsdmwils Posts: 1,265
    thanks for your replies,

    I only feel faint when people have been talking about grusome things....cold is definately me and my colleagues are fed up with it..haven't noticed yellow eyes though...

    I might go and check it out but I have this little paranoia about wasting docs time, i guess i wont know for sure unless i go...
  • Hi,

    If you pull down your bottom eye lid it may look pale(instead of the healthy red colour). It can be checked by a simple blood test and your dr may prescribe iron tablets. You should also try to eat iron rich food such as red meat and green veg...spinach is a good one!

    I get these symptoms alot too and the dr has tested my blood a few times but its my folic acid levels which come back low. It may be that? also this can be treated witha course of folic acid and a good diet!

    hope that helps

    M x
  • KCouslonKCouslon Posts: 27

    Symptoms of anaemia include:

    Tired and lethargic

    Loss of concentration


    Aching legs

    Feeling cold

    Dry, britle nails


    Lots of people are naturally pale, so can't really be diagnosed based on skin tone. If you feel you have symptoms diagnosis is made by a blood test and treatment is usually with Ferrous Sulphate supplimentation.

    Hope thats helpful, Kate x

  • Hi Chicken. I am anaemic (again) and when I am anaemic I know it. I think it would depend on how low your blood count is. I was initially diagnosed when the nurse just thought i 'looked' anaemic so I had a bloodtest after which I was called to say that my red blood cell count was half what it should be. I'd go for a blood test if I were you because I'm glad I did. I can't take iron as it makes me sooo ill but I was given injections and felt 100% afterwards
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