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H2B has broken his foot and I am clueless on what needs sorting out!

Hi, I hope no-one will take offence to my begging for advice. My hubby 2 be has broken his foot two weeks before the big day (12 days now!) and is still awaiting surgery. He will definately be on crutches (best case) for the day but think he will need a elevated wheelchair realistically.

I was wondering if there is anyone who is used to coping with the many issues thrown up by wheelchair use, crutches and casts that may be able to suggest to me any of the pitfalls I may now have to plan for and of course any solutions would be amazing. This unexpected change to events has left me a bit frazzled and I just don't know how to cope with it.

He is very depressed in hospital at the moment and I am spending a lot of time there, cancelling the honeymoon as he now can't fly, filling out tons of paperwork for insurance companies and am working full time too so I haven't had the time or presence of mind to sort out any extra arrangements.

I would be SO GRATEFUL for any advice.

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