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help ive got an ileostomy

just a quick question, do any other b2b's have an ileostomy? mine has been there for coming up 8 years it doesnt bother me or the OH just worrying about dress shopping

for those who may not know, its a bag attached to my tummy as i dont have any intestines, thanks to nearly dying!

thanks in advance


  • Lucas2704Lucas2704 Posts: 100
    I have actually read about someone with one but for the life of me will probably never find it again.

    She rang ahead and explained because it was quite likely the shop assistant had never seen one before. And the shop assistant wasnt fazed by it at all image
  • mrshughes2013mrshughes2013 Posts: 2,063 New bride
    My H2B has one hun

    Again nearly died so had no choice but to have it

    He's still conscious (3 years on) but we just rang ahead and explained and the shop were like ok we'll just take a bit of extra care with suiting up/measuring

    My friend has one too and she's getting married this year-she rang round shops for appointments and just told them when she made the appointment-they were excellent about it and you'll find that most have come accross them many times before and those who don't are really curious bless them!

    Don't worry hun we all come in all shapes and sizes and most of the assistants have seen them before-the only thing you have to worry about is finding the dress!
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