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feeling really depressed after wedding...

is anyone feeling depressed after their wedding? i know i shouldnt as i have no reason to and im so happy with my husband and wonderful family. i just feel empty now its all over and i cant seem to snap out of it, whats wrong with me! please tel me im not the only one.


  • emmyjaneukemmyjaneuk Posts: 256
    Sorry to hear you are sad. I dont think you are the only one as there has been plenty of people I know felt 'lost' after their Wedding.

    You don't realise how much it affects your every-day life in the build up to your day, so much on your mind, so much to do, so many worries then the day arrives and passes. Your glad its done, you had a great day, you're in love then ....................... well, nothing. Nothing to organise nothing to do or worry about, no-one wants to sit and talk about it so much now. So I can totally see why you feel down.

    My wedding is not for 92 days but it has taken over my life completely, I dont even want to make plans go out for a meal or a drink with friends as I'd rather sit and think about my wedding arrangements!! I've got little lists dotted all over the house!

    So this sad feeling you have will probably hit me hard too. I dont work which doesn't help as I have nothing to take my mind off it. Do you work?

    Personally I think the best cure for feeling down is either busying yourself with something else like work, decorate a room, shopping, visit an old Gran who'll be chuffed as nuts to see you (thus giving you a boost in return), or empty your wardrobes have a good sort out and fill somes charity bags (again give yourself a boost for doing a good deed and hey make some room for new clothes bonus!), or what about go get your hair done, do you have kids? if you do go Ice skating with them! or trampolining what a larf! shake off some cobwebs!! If you don't have kids - go with your Husband anyway I bet it will be a good giggle! doing new things that make you nervous gets the blood pumping!!

    Good luck and I hope you feel better soon x

    ps failing that there's always chocolate!

  • kelly162bkelly162b Posts: 1,793
    do not worry about it,i got married almost 4 weeks ago,and am at the stage where i cant even put the pics in the album without blubbering,honest,i feel awful,all that planning is gone,we are trying to think of something ACE to celebrate our 1st wedding anniverary,but i feel that glum that i cant be arsed!!!!

    i am sure it will pass....................i hope!!!
  • serinec123serinec123 Posts: 537
    Hi bride2blis, and all other ladies... I was married nearly a year ago and I too had the 'post wedding blues' It's normal to feel this way, even though you have had a lovely day, a lovely husband etc... It's all to do with not having the same amount of adrenalin and seratonin you had whilst planning and the build up to your weddings. I googled it and it made me understand it a lot more. It's a bit similar to mild post natal depression because all of a sudden there's no more hormones (or in the wedding sence, no more excitement hormones)

    My advice would be is to google it and read round it a bit more, but the main thing is not to let it worry you even more. It does pass believe me, I thought it never would but it does.

  • frogspawnfrogspawn Posts: 79
    Hello, yep, same here! We got married on the 20th June and tomorrow my husband (woowee, got a chance to call him 'husband'!) is back to work and Tuesday I'm back, it's so depressing! We left the hotel 3 days after the wedding feeling really blue and cheered ourselves up by shopping for the rest of the stuff on our wedding list! I hope life doesn't suddenly get boring when we're back in the routine of work. Babies, now there's something we can all plan for next! I can't wait image
  • Misty_leafMisty_leaf Posts: 1,855
    we got married 9 days ago, and my husband goes back to work in 15 mins, and I know this sounds stupid but I want to cry!

    I'm hating it and dreading life until we settle back into some routine of normal life!

  • Oh girls that sounds like how im feeling ! I used to be a wedding coordinator but gave up a couple of months ago to spend more time with my kids now im married i want to go back to work so at least i get to plan other peoples weddings!!!! i sound really sad now lol !! i go on my honeymoon next week so hopefully that will help as i will need to go shopping for clothes wont i ?!! Ha Ha xx
  • I'm feeling exactly the same too...

    All of a sudden I feel old and seem to have the mundane activities of washing, ironing, cleaning, shopping. Is this what my life is going to be like???

    I was hoping that I wouldn't feel this way and getting back to work was horrid. I couldn't concentrate or take anything in for the first whole week and now (third week back in the office), things are improving although I still feel like having a sense of loss (I think that's the best way to describe it).

    My husband and I are thinking of what our next little project can be but need to clear some of the debts from the wedding which makes it more depressing. Planning new activities seems to take so much longer; I guess this time there's no fixed end date!!image

  • l15425l15425 Posts: 77
    thankyou all for replying, im still in what i can only describe as a total misery guts. my husband went back to work yesterday which was a shock to the system sleeping on my own. i have booked my theory test for 2 weeks so i have something to work for again, as i dont work i have a lot of free time, aswel as looking after my children. so i am really trying to not be miserable but its not really working. i dont know what i expected to change when we were married, but i didnt expect this feeling of loss. how strange is this?!
  • Misty_leafMisty_leaf Posts: 1,855
    its not strange at all,

    3 days later im still crying every time hubby goes to work, he has had to get up at 4am the past couple days,

    Its like Im even more hooked on him now we are married if that makes any sense?

    If you ever need to talk Im always on msn, email me hun, Im not brill at advice but Im a good listener


  • You are not strange at all! I got married nearly seven months ago and still feel a little sad it's all over! I think brides-to-be put so much into organising a wedding and they are very emotional, too. I like to come back to this site for a chat, because your friends and relatives move onto the next wedding/function and you feel silly reminising over it all with them, they might get bored.

    It will pass. I find the best thing to do, is have a romantic night in with hubby and reminisce together - that's what marriage is about the two of you.

    I look through my photos and think, darn, I'm never going to look this good again!!!!

  • I'm so sad that my wedding is over :(  It has been a month now and I don't feel any better than I did a couple of days after it being over.   I could cry at the drop of a hat, I miss all the planning, the excitement, how special I felt.  I have a loving husband, who I love to bits, so why do I feel like I'm grieving? When I have in fact gained so much :( any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks all.

  • Mine was in July and I still burst into tears when I see pics. I am so sad the planning, the excitement and the day is over!!

    The only thing getting me through was my honeymoon. But we got back from that last week. So it really is back to reality!!

    I can only liken it to how you feel boxing day. All the build up, the planning, the excitement of Christmas is over. Major difference is, you get to do that every year!! x

  • MrsMxMrsMx Posts: 24

    I completely understand and felt just the same.  I've been married over a year now and now and again i feel the same as i did a couple of days after the wedding.  It just takes time but will get easier.  


    I really made an effort to look forward to our first wedding anniversary and planned a really lovely trip away.  I also tried to make sure that our first year of being married was the best ever and honestly, i look back now and think what a great year it was.  Just think, your wedding day is the first day of your new life so make the most of it! 


    p.s, i still get really jealous of everyone getting married now but i think i just love weddings so much!!

  • this thread is nearly 10 years old!!

  • I am exactly the same. I got married last April and I found it really hard at first; it still comes and goes in waves. The wedding has been the only thing on my mind over the last fortnight with now clear reason as to why. Getting down that it’s such an amazing experience but one you don’t get to fully relive again. You have a good holiday/night out, you can just book another one, but it’s hard to fully comprehend that the experience of a wedding should have no do overs. None of these feelings take away from the actual marriage, which is fantastic and I  love the fact that we are now husband and wife; the wedding experience of you like is completely separate. 

    Not everyone will understand these emotions and that’s fine, but for me the planning process was everything. I think that’s why I’m finding it extra hard, I had been looking forward to planning a wedding for years. Now i’m working with 3 ladies who are all planning theirs for this year. What I feel I need is a sister or friend to get engaged so I can lend a hand haha! 

    I put my energy right into planning a big trip over our anniversary which helped. We’re also planning a family once we return. I think perhaps the sad feelings are coming back right now because i’m in a bit of a planning lull, just waiting until I can do the next thing. I hope with time it’ll go away.

  • Ali S 71 wrote (see post):

    this thread is nearly 10 years old!!

    Does it matter how old the thread is if the subject is still relevant to people today?

  • AwhelenqtAwhelenqt Posts: 856 New bride
    BeanJuice wrote (see post):
    Ali S 71 wrote (see post):

    this thread is nearly 10 years old!!

    Does it matter how old the thread is if the subject is still relevant to people today?

    Whoa I didn't read that as them saying 'its 10 years old why are you replying' I think it's just them being like "wow this website has been around for so long and that's craaazy 10 years!" Like this person will soon be celebrating their 10th anniversary that's mad when you can read their words from right after their wedding!

  • hana_lcshana_lcs Posts: 1
    So glad I’ve just come across this thread as I’ve been feeling exactly the same! I got married 2 months ago and for the last 6 weeks have felt lost and really low! Like what am I meant to do now?! I feel just stuck in the routine of work, chores, sleep 🙄 and I have my honeymoon is coming up but even that is just making worry I’ll feel even more sad and lost after! How ridiculous! My husband keeps asking if I’m ok and I keep saying I’m fine because I can’t explain why I feel so low :( I just keep worrying what’s wrong with me and is this how I’m gona feel now... reading this thread though, it sounds like I’m not the only one with this feeling! X
  • Have you thought about starting a new project, a hobby together with your husband? You should embrace that new stage of life and all the new possibilities it brings.. :smile: that's what I'm really excited about. Routine can be wonderful but always have something on the side that you can look forward to. If it's planning a party, do another one :wink: Maybe a summer party or the next big birthday?
    I hope you find something that you both can enjoy together :blush:
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