Unusual evening catering ideas? Quirky?!

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Hey everyone!! I only found this site a couple of weeks ago... but seem to be on here constantly! Sooo addictive!

Anyway, i was wondering if anyone has any inventive ideas for evening catering, we are planning on having canapes and drinks, a sit down meal... and are trying to brainstorm on 'different' ideas for catering for the evening. Anyone have any ideas?

At a recent wedding we attended there evening catering was a sausage and chip van!!! Which was really fun and original!

We like the idea of mini bite size main meals, e.g. toad-in-the-hole, and mini fish and chips, but am guessing with the caterers we are thinking of using, this will be mega pricey!

Just wondering if anyone has heard of, or been to a wedding where they had a catering idea which was original and successful??!!

thanks xx


  • Have you thought of a hog roast? They are so much fun and creates a real talking point. Guests will be talking about your wedding for ages.
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    We're having bacon, sausage or egg baps for our evening reception followed by our chocolate wedding cake, as this works out a lot cheaper than having a full buffet. We're already spending thousands on the wedding breakfast so need something cheap and cheerful for the evening do!

    We've been to a couple of weddings recently and one served burgers, hot dogs and potato wedges at the evening do and the other served chicken tikka on skewers with cous cous which which both seemed to go down quite well.
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    Was going to say Hog Roast, we have decided to have this, just need to sort something out for the veggies though.
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    what about sausages and mash? we went to a wedding and this was sucessful!

    we are having a hog roast!


    bacon baps and those super yummy doughnuts?

    im getting hungry just thinking of all this yummy food!
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    We had sausage, bacon and chip butties at our wedding reception - it was cheaper than the buffet and everyone loved it! x
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    Thanks for all your fab suggestions girls!! i am starving now!! yeah our caterers have mentione being able to do 'big pan' catering, like sausage and mash or paella, so maybe that will be a good idea too!!

    Hog roast does sound like a good idea, but there will be a couple of veggies, who will need alternative catering. mmm.

    So how are all your wedding plans going? Only got engaged three weeks ago, but i have been constantly living, breathing and eating wedding planning. I cannot get enough of it!!!
  • Another b2b has an ice cream van for the desserts!!! Others have fish and chips, oriental themes iclude chinese carry outs!!!! At my rehearsal dinner (i'm marrying an Italian!) they had little fried mozzarellas served up wrapped in giant leaves!!! Why not go for a theme if you fancy a quirky meal - anything from hollywood to hawaii!!! Something that's personal to you!! For example the food from where you are going on honeymoon!!! Good luck!! xx
  • Quoted:
    Another b2b has an ice cream van for the desserts!!! Others have fish and chips, oriental themes iclude chinese carry outs!!!! At my rehearsal dinner (i'm marrying an Italian!) they had little fried mozzarellas served up wrapped in giant leaves!!! Why not go for a theme if you fancy a quirky meal - anything from hollywood to hawaii!!! Something that's personal to you!! For example the food from where you are going on honeymoon!!! Good luck!! xx

    I like this idea, just had a look at where we are having our reception and as we are having a hog roast they do cater for veggies, with salad, pasta and quiches.
  • we're having bacon/egg/sausage rolls too!! everytime i've told someone they've made approving noises so happy with that decision now.

    other ideas

    marshmallows and brazier

    choclate dips with mini dougnut/bitesize cakes

    chips in cones - save on crockery


    gingsters pasties

    obviously not all at once...if i think of more ill let you know x x x
  • My brother had bacon sarnies, spicy potato wedges and profiteroles on his evening do. It was fab.
  • emsteelemsteel Posts: 112
    We're thinking of having a giant cheese board all stacked up like a cheese mountain! Served with crusty bread, parma ham olives etc....

    How about kebabs, pittas stuffed with meat and salads. Not too much garlic sauce though...
  • A falafel bar (sp?) was thinking of this before we changed to a winter wedding.

    we visited the best falafel bar once, lovely falafel in warm pitta bread with lots of fresh salads, pickles and lots of different sauces. Yummy image
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    Thanks everyone...some brill ideas!!! Loving the bacon/sausage/egg bap idea, can imagine that would be perfect after having a few too many, and hunger striking! Would be easy to eat too (can imagine busting some move son the dancefloor with a glass of vino in one hand , and a bacon bap in the other!

    Love the parma ham, olive, crusty bread idea too, have already planned to have a cake of cheese, so maybe i could build on that, and have loads of nibbles like sundried tomatoes, tasty meats etc too. mmmmm, like the idea of that!

    I also love falafel, and kebabs etc... ooh, loads of great brainstorming going on....thanks so much!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • gerdy78gerdy78 Posts: 316
    Not forgetting the profiteroles!!!! Could imagine a mountain of profiteroles next to the cake of cheese..............
  • For those of you having a hog roast and worried about the veggies, I am a vegetarian, and have been to a couple of hog roasts for weddings, engagement parties, etc. The best one i went to, had the main pig, with the baps, sage and onion and apple sauce, but also a selection of salads, (vegetable salads, rice salads and pasta salads as well as potato salad and coleslaw) Jacket potatoes and various fillings for the potatos - grated cheese, baked beans, etc, and to be honest this was perfectly adequate for me, veggies needn't be a huge problem.
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    i read in one of the magazines about a Pizza Parlour! I want to have a twist of traditional scottish but with some med influences as i have some Spanish connections coming along, i have a few ideas just going to speak to the hotel to see what they can do for us, they have been great so far so fingers crossed!
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    Hi, we are having a big pan breakfast, so guests can have the full monty'''egg bacon sausage mushrooms fried potatoes beans and tomatoes or just a bacon and egg butty or whatever concocktion(sp) they desire.

    We are getting married abroad so our evening reception has approx 250 guests and it works out alot cheaper than a buffet. xxx
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    We had a hot Indian buffet in the evening. It went down a storm with curry, rice, naan bread and samosas after a few drinks x
  • We are having bacon sarnies and cheese on toast with our wedding cake out for some sweetness! This seems to have gone down a storm, real comfort food but not to everyones taste though depends what sort of wedding you want
  • We have a tight budget and an ever growing guest list for the evening function so have decided to have big platters of french bread pizza brought out at about 9.30pm, accompanied by chocolate and lemon wedding cake, and of course the highlight of the evening our "candy buffet".

    We went to an evening function in May where they had pizza and it went sown really well so I pinched the idea lol
  • Our recception is beside the sea - so we're having fish and chips... Something traditional for the area you're getting married in might be nice? Or something like a cheese fondue which is quite interactive as you have to share it!
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    We are seting up as catering for outdoor events such as lobster and margereta, ribs and coctail with a vegetarian "meat loaf" or quorn alternatives. At reasonable head prices around £20.

  • We are having Fish & Chips.. homemade chips & the fish, is all different, so cod, salmon etc

    I didn't want the "standard" finger buffet that always gets left lol

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    I got the local domino's pizza to agree a 50% discount, so we are having them supply our evening buffet, pizza, chicken strips etc image

  • Lilygirl, that is awesome.. I love Domino's

  • hi we are called The potatoman and are a family run hot jacket potato business.We work from a brand new tram car and are situated on new street birmingham monday to friday .We are extremly successful and well known in the city centre and are available for privarte hire , see our web site www.the-potatman .co.uk ,regards suzanne parsons

  • Lilygirl - I love your pizza idea!

    Thank you, never thought of asking somewhere like that to our food, told my H2b and its definite yes with him too, rang our local dominos and they've said yes also offering 50% discount so happy

    Love the idea of eating this type of food when I've had a drink, and who doesn't like dominos! think I'm looking forward to our evening food more than our wedding breakfast now lol

    Just want to add, like all your ideas on here, some fab ones and so much nicer than the boring traditional buffet
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    Hi! We are Tex-Mex Stop - we turn up with our kantina awning and serve nachos with a large range of toppings for both meat eatters and vegetarians also the best Chilli dogs in town.  

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