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Hi Girls

We are going to start soting out our invitation wording over the Christmas break and we want to include an additional information sheet with anything our guests might find it useful to know.

So apart from accomodation details, and maybe taxi numbers, what do you think I should be putting on there?

And should I mention the gift list, or just put in the little card that they give you at John Lewis and let people find it to do what they like with?

Are you supposed to state a dress code, and is it worth saying that I would prefer people not to wear black or white, or is that just rude!?

Thanks in advance for your help xxx


  • We are also about to do all this.

    We havent got a dress code but Curlylyd its your wedding, you can ask them not to wear black/white if you want.

    With the john Lewis gift card just put it in, they will know what to do, i hope!

    Have yoy thought of including maps?
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    I dont think you can really say dont wear black and white as i wouldnt like it if you told me not to wear a certain thing, whens your wedding? If its summer i doubt people will wear black and white becasue its wintery xx
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    Thanks for you replys both of you. Maps and directions are a good idea, will definately do that.

    The wedding is early October, so people could go either way with what they wear really. I went to a wedding in November this year, and it was gorgeous, but outside the church you could have thought there was a funeral going on with the amount of people that wore black. I understand that it was a cold day, and most people don't have colourful wintery clothes that are suitable for a wedding, but it was a shame, especially when you look at the pictures. But then I wore a summery pink dress and shoes and was freezing most of the time, and I only did this because I knew my friend was hoping people would wear colours. Tbh, I just think it's rude to wear white or cream to someones wedding, but I know somw people don't see it that way, or may not even think about it one way or another.

    Any more thoughts? xx
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    I don't know if this will apply to you, but for our reception venue have a specific parking method. There is a private car park, which guests pay £1 for all day and night they just have to get a key or something from reception so I will be putting this is our invitations.

    I am also considering asking people to choose 3 songs they would like the DJ to play on the night.

    I personally wouldnt tell people what to wear. It doesn't bother me if they wear white or cream. I can see the point about wearing black and it looking like a funeral but I pesonally would find it quite rude to be told what to wear.

    Hope this has helped.

    ooo just remembered something else someone on here mentioned, which is including a schedule/timetable of how the day will be laid out so that guests know whats going to happen when on the day.

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    I went to a wedding sunday just gone and some people were in black but i dont think it looked bad at all i dont mind what people wear to my wedding as long as its not a brides dress lol, dont worry about what people will wear all that matters is everyone knows its a wedding not a funeral and u will look so lovely anyway people will know its a wedding xxx
  • Not sure if you'd be up for this, but we've put together a website with all the required information on it. We didn't fancy including sheets of paper inside the invites. Gives your guests a handy way of getting all the information in one place, plus we've included a guest book for people to send us questions and messages. Tabs include; Wedding details (time/date/address/other details like what kind of ceremony it will be); Accommodation suggestions; Directions; Gift List details; photos; guest book.

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    I put together an information leaflet for my sister's wedding as a lot of the guests were coming from all over and it didn't take an awful lot to do, just a little research on the net and then copy and paste. If you like, I can email you a copy? xx
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    Oh, also, my sister asked me to put a "polite requests" section on the bottom and not one person minded. They all said what a good idea it was, so that people knew what to expect. x
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    Cantwait2bT, that's really kind of you, thankyou so much! I'd really appreciate it if you could send me that, it would probably really help me with the wording as well. The 'polite requests' bit is a great idea.

    You can use my email button, but it didn't work last time someone tried it, so you could just do it the regular way! I'm at [email protected]

    Ben's Girl, we have been thinking about doing a website, but I'm so un technologigal, I wouldn't know where to start. It took me months to even get an avatar on here, so that would definately be h2b's department! Is there a site that you can do it through or some sort of idiot proof way of setting it up?

    Thanks everyone xx
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    You have mail! x
  • Hey there... I've included:

    - Directions to ceremony venue... then directions from ceremony venue to reception venue.

    - Address, telephone number and email for RSVPs

    - Hotel accommodation including general details and cost to stay over

    - Gifts... and I've said... 'The biggest gift to us is your attendance and celebration of our marriage, so please do not feel obliged to buy us a gift.

    However, if you'd still like to get us a little something - we have a Gift List at John Lewis. Our reference number is: XXX'

    - I've included a 'Please note' at the bottom of the inserts... any other additional info.. like 'Dress code - formal' and 'Natural petals for confetti only'.

    Any other information, I'm putting in my Order of Service! xxx
  • kiely27kiely27 Posts: 715 is a free 'idiot proof' website. If I can do it anyone can.

    I just put on invites 'All additional information can be found on our website www.........'x
  • This is a really helpful thread, when people have put in info about their venue and staying overnight etc have the venue given you this info to put in the invites or have you made it yourself? Just wondered as may need to ask the venue for info before sending out invites.
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    Ive done the same as Clarkey'sgirl.

    I did an information sheet but it just got longer and longer and was going to end up like an essay so I set up ones of those weddingpath sites.

    It means I can put on a much info as I like without it looking too 'overloaded'

    It also has a space for people to post messages, photos and they can RSVP on it as well.

    We have put the web address and guest password on the bottom of our invites.
  • Linziclaire - I've just made it up myself. Gone on the hotel website and written my own take on it.

    I've included prices to stay there including breakfast and then said...

    'We highly recommend this hotel but if you'd prefer to stay elsewhere there is a range of hotels nearby starting from just £50 per night.'

    That way.. you're saying politely... for those stingy phookers who don't want to stay in the venue hotel. You can get a cheapo room nearby.

    We just made sure our inserts included EVERYthing we could think of so we don't get loads of people coming back to us to ask all sorts of questions.

    Also best to include a 'Please let us know of any special dietry requirements.'

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