Honeymoon in Rome?

Hey girls im new here so thought i would say hi first, Im Effie (24) and getting married in Greece (Aug 09) because im half greek and have far too many greek relatives for them to come here lol. My fella is called Mike(26) and we have been together 9 years, he is a firefighter.

Was wondering whether anyone had been to Rome before because thats where we fancy for our honeymoon but everywhere we have found is really expensive. Dont mind paying more than you would for a normal holiday but obviously nothing too silly lol.

Any help or adivce about where to go or what to do would be great!





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    I've been to Rome, but don't really think of it as a "romantic" place - its actually quite dirty and grafitti everywhere. wonderful place fulll of interest and culture, but I wouldn't recommend it as a honeymoon.
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    I went to Rome with my fiance last year and we loved it. Lots things to do and see.

    We went to the Colosseum which was v cool, St Pauls (never seen so many nuns!), Saw loads of Roman ruins, had a horse and carraige ride along the cobbled streets, drank cappucinos in tiny road side cafe's etc etc!

    We stayed in the Hotel Fontana Di Trevi and its a tiny little place directly over looking the trevi fountain. Its a really old rickerty hotel (13th century) but we loved it!!! You open the shutters on your room window and the fountain is right in front of you. sooooo romantic ,we went out and bought some chanpagne, openned the shutters and just people watched for ages . However, because you are going on your honeymoon id only recommend you stay there for 1 night and then check into a better quality hotel (food etc not too good). But you honestly you cant beat the location of the place! We found the old man on the reception desk helpfull - he recommended a fab restraunt for us to go to, down tiny cobbled street, a "locals" restraunt and it was gorgeous!

    I personally didnt notice the grafitti. Thought it was great!


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  • hiya

    i went to Rome on honeymoon and we both loved it! i agree its very dirty and busy, and we went in July and it was really hot, but we had such an amazing time. We went for ten days, and could have stayed twice as long and still not got bored.

    it depends what you want from your honeymoon - if you want to go and see amazing things, i would definately recommend it. you do need to shop around to find a good deal - we found expedia cheapest, but we booked nearly a year ago.

    one way to make it cheaper is to be slightly out of the centre - if you are close to a metro line (like the london underground) you will be fine - itd quick and cheap to travel (line A is best - closer to attractions and in better condition, but line B is very practical).

    good luck deciding
  • We're planning a minimoon to Rome so I would also love to hear about any reccomendations people may have! It's somewhere we've both always wanted to go, and as my mum and dad are going to look after a little boy we didn't want to go too far. Can't wait for a few days of relaxation and time alone after all the wedding planning!
  • We went to a wedding in Rome a couple of years ago and had a wonderful time. I would say it was very romantic... yes it is busy and a bit scruffy in places like any capital ... but if your looking at a city destination I can't think of a better place? Although we were there in October so it obviously wasn't as hot as it will be in August!

    We stayed at Daphne inn (www.daphne-rome.com) its a small privately run hotel ... very centrally located between the spanish steps and the trevi fountain. Very reasonably priced and the couple that own it are incredibly helpful.

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    Hi Effie!! Im half Italian and my h2b grew up near Rome so obviously Im going to be a little bit biased when I say its a beautiful city!!!!

    I love going to Rome to visit our families over there...I never get bored of it and we always manage to find somewhere new to go. Somebody already mentioned about the metro- its very quick and efficient and great for getting in and out of the city if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle.

    Im sure you probably know loads about the sights and tourist attractions so obviously they're a must!! If it applies to you(just in case!) if you're going to be Rome on a wednesday you can attend an audience with the pope and have your marriage blessed. Tickets are free but they have to be booked in advance.

    Theres no shortage of good restaurants and bars- I'll refrain from recommending any as I think Rome is one of those places where exploring the windy streets and finding quirky little cafe bars yourself is half the fun!

    As a treat, if you want to splash out on a special meal one evening(any excuse!!) I'd highly recommend La Pergola in the HIlton Cavalieri hotel. Its a michelin 3 star restaurant so as you can imagine its quite pricy but the food is AMAZING!!! Best restaurant I've ever been to and the service is top class. Its also worth it just for the view of Rome at nightime- stunning!

    I think this is the longest reply I've ever written so Im going to stop nowimage

    I hope you choose Rome- you'll have a fab time!!! xx

  • Thanks ladies for all the advice i really appreciate it and have taken it on board!

    We did originally want a beach honeymoon relaxing and all that lol but since we are getting married in greece and have to be there one week before to finalise all the arrangements and my house is literally across from the beach we are going to have that as our pre honeymoon.

    And then have an action packed cultural one after, that way he gets what he wants and i do too....who said marriage was going to be hard?


    And thanks for suggesting Daphne i have since found it and love it!!

  • Hi, girls!

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