25th Aug 07

Getting married on th 25th. Still cant decide on a venue and having difficulties deciding if I want a small wedding or a big one. I have a large family and they are all assuming they are coming and Im finding it hard to no - i need help on saying No!! Im enjoy every second of the experience though!!


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    gr8 im gettin married aug 25th o7 at 1.30pm in church r u getting married in church? ive booked my venue to and photographer and cars,cake,got the dress,etc etc? i will b so bored next year not having anything to do! i would have a big one let them all celebrate it with u if ur budget lets u? they must all b happy for u to presume they r all going to ur wedding? if u cant invite them all to the day invite them to the nite,tell them u cant afford to have them all for a meal in the day im sure they will understand! if that isnt goin to work get married late and have a late venue booked with ur buffet food and entertainment? gud luck xxx but most of all do want makes u happy its going to b ur day dont forget?
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    You are the first person getting married on the same day as myself that makes me really happy that someone will also share "my" day ( our day now).

    I am having a church wedding (catholic). I booked a venue in the cotswolds - cotswold house hotel but my h2b thinks the journey is too long from london as we and most of our guests are travelling fron london. The hotel is really lovely but the journey is quite far, so im looking for another lovely venue. What about u where are u getting married, ar u nervous yet? So many qustions too little time - im at work!

    I want a small wedding but a have too much family and its hard to leave some out so i guess i have to make it a big one!

    Hope you enjoy your planning.........
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    hi its gr8 isnt it evytime i think about it my stomach turns ova i cant wait! we r gettin married in christ church quarry bank thats in the west midlands! imglad u r having a big wedding now u wont regret it! im sure, the cotswolds is beautiful and that time of year it will b lovely we r having our reception at the himley house hotel! anyway update me on ur dress etc etc if u will?ive had mine from berketex!!!
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    i'm getting married on this day too!! booked the church and the venue so it feels real now!!

    been with my partner nearly 3 years and we have an 18 month old son whos gonna be a brill little page boy!!

    supposed to be a small wedding but its growing by the day!!:\)

    avril xx
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    Hi Everyone I am new to this, just wanted to say that I am getting married on the 26th August, and i think its a lovely idea to have big wedding we plan to do it once and to have a memorable day and I think theres no better way to share it than with all your friends and family. We are having a big wedding we have about 120ish maybe more to the day and about 300 for the evening, I can't wait am so excited wish it was this year....Have booked photographer and also have a planner who I have given all my ideas to and she is doing the venue decoration aswell....ooooo cant wait....

    Hows all your plans coming along? has anyone brought their dress yet? I have been shopping seen one I like so going to try it back on again this wkend..
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    hi happy chic u sound really excited and happy more than i do that cant b possible lol image yes i have my dress! well have ordered it from berketex its fab and had to have it? it was the wow factor!!! hope urs is fab too? we have booked nearly everything only thing is the entertainment we have very different views on the subject!!!! have plenty time, how r ur plans going? let us now when u have tried ur dress on? xx
  • Oh my goodness! You guys have done loads! I thought I was good just managing to book the venue!! Eeek!
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    hello, i am also getting married on the 25th, will be great to chat to other people in the same boat as me, and see how much you have done, i have booked the church and bought the stuff to make the invites, going out with my sister tomorrow to look at venues for the reception and an engagement party, gotta send out "save the date cards" as soon as possible too.

    doing it on a budget of £5000 hopefully so any hints and tips would be great

    look forward to chatting

    take care tone:\)
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    OMG antonia6, just noticed we share the same name too he heimage
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    Hi Im new to this website and i am getting married on 18th August next year. Just need to lose around 3 stone to look good in a dress. Have been once to try some on and it has scarred me for life. I am a size 14 and the shop assistant tried to squeeze me into a size 10 dress and tried to tell me it looked great, I'm sure she had her foot on my back at some point trying to do the laces at the back of the dress. Look forward to hearing from anyone with any tips on any part of their wedding. Happy shopping!;\)
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    hi antonia, god feel like im talkin to myself! (nothin new there then) well ive booked venue,church,cake,got the dress well its being made! told the florist what flowers, picked the bridesmaid dresses! i will be so bored next year nothin to do i think i beta slow down? all i need is the invites i really cant decide? have you tried any dresses on yet?xx
  • antonia5ukantonia5uk Posts: 130
    oh ye and the photographer! claire06 do u really need to lose 3 stone a 14 isnt that big! xx
  • hallorachallorac Posts: 13
    believe me antonia i really do. maybe 3 stone is an exaggeration, maybe just 2 stone and i will be happy. I have had two children and they have destroyed my body. I just want to look toned and nice like they do in the mags ha ha!!!:\)
  • hallorachallorac Posts: 13
    Can ANYONE help me. I am having lottery ticket favours and I am looking for an appropriate poem to go with these any help would be greatly apprecitated:\?
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    August 25th is obviously the best day to get married! HOORAY!!

    We booked our venue last weekend and I am over the moon!

    I am thinking about flowers a lot at the moment.

    Has anyone grown their own flowers? Am thinking of growing my own gerberas but wondering how difficult it could be.......image

  • antoniaukantoniauk Posts: 13
    hi antonia6, i have tried on a couple of dresses, found one that is absoloutly gorgeous and i hve fell in love with it, still keeping options open for the time being though, although i have been told that i should be ordering my dress in october this year, aaaah, i thought i had loads of time, obviously not hey. I have booked my engagement party venue,which i love, and made nearly all of my engagement,save the date and evening invitations.

  • MrsRooneyMrsRooney Posts: 19
    Ooooo, how did you make your cards - I wanna make ours too.....

    I ordered my dress this week just because I totally fell in love with one and was scared it would go out of stock. Didn't think I would find one so soon or have ordered it. Think you do still have loads of time. You are very organised on th card fron - that is brill! Can't stop thinking about weddings. Might drive my H2B mad - still have 14 months to go!!!


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    for my save the date and engagement invites, i made the luggage tag style and threaded two together with lavender ribbon

    (inkeeping with the scheme)

    evening invites are lavender cards with white lace and a ribbon on the front.

    wedding day invites i have made the wardrobe style invites in white and threaded purple organza ribbon around and they tie up at the front.(like the ones at confetti.co.uk) only i saved a good few hundred pounds.

    hope your plans go well
  • hi , h2b and i originally planned our wedding for 25/08/07 as we met on that date 13 yrs ago,and we got very excited by the thought of that, but all the venues where booked so we have settled for the friday24 th august . this is saving us several hundred pounds though and we can spend the 25th doing something else just as special (if thats possible).so we have booked the vicar,venue,just looking for a photographer at the moment. but when i look at their websites i just cry as their pics are so fantastic that i want all of them to do my wedding.

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    i have now booked church, reception venue, and photographer!!

    we picked the day because its the day we had our first date which will be 4 years by then!! we went to the cinema and watched american pie the wedding lol!!!
  • I think i'm getting married on 25th august next year - all depends on mum and dad! Dad and mum paying for wedding - and we've decided on a fantastic venue but my mum thinks its too expensive so shes dragging her heels about booking it. shes driving me potty at the moment.
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    Hi Guys,

    Am getting married on the 26th August and am really excited.

    Since I started using this site 50 days have gone by so although August is a year away I know it is going to fly by

    We are getting married at our parrish church and then a country manor after that.

    So far only have venue and church booked. Are looking at cars, photographer and flowers at the moment but no final decision.

    Would be great to keep in contact with you all as we are all marrying on the same weekend. Please email me if you fancy a chat and happy to share experiences, contacts and ideas.

    Good Luck Brides

    Linda xxx
  • Congratulations to you all! I too am getting married 25/8/07 cant wait. Done the major things like photographer,cars,church, I am having a marquee so didnt need to worry about availability in a venue.
  • Hi Guys,

    I'm new I'm chuffed to bits because i'm getting married August 25th 07 too!! I think i put my details in wrong and i think it says august this year - oops!!! Can you please tell me if i'm too early to be thinking about trying on wedding dresses. Am i doing it too early because i'm worried I'll have all the exciting stuff done too soon

    thanks :\)
  • im trying on dresses tomorrow and im getting wed on 24th august 07 and i want to try a vast selection before i buy so i think now is the right time for me but dont worry about early at least your not rushing and struggling to find one. enjoy

  • Thanks - I've got the name of a lady who I might ask to make the dress but she's already got a booking for August so I'm not too sure what to do, i think i might leave it until new year - would this be too late???

    Good luck with your 'trying on'

    kate x:\)
  • please give the lady a call because the longer you leave it the less chance you have of of getting her and if she is your first choice you will be gutted . i dont know if i could personally wait as long as new year i think i would freak , but good luck and hope to hear from you again
  • cheers babe

    i think i'll ring her next week and sort something because i would like to see what she's like and get a bit sorted, i think if i'm honest i will be freaking out too if i left it that close.

    Ramdom question though - how have you got your pic next to your 'posting' i've tried to attach mine to my details and it's not coming up......

    Hope your try on went ok

    speak soon

    kate xx
  • i chose a pic from the file my pictures and renamed it avatar

    then when i came to yyw i clicked my profile

    and then browse.

    chose the file where my pic was stored and clicked avatar (my chosen pic ,)

    and clicked open

    then clicked show avatar

    and away you go

    i think i remembered it i right sorry if i havent. mandy x

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  • i've done all you suggested so if it's not here then goodness knows what i've forgotten!!

    take care k x
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