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Can anyone help - does anyone out there work in lingerie? I have just be onto 3 different on line bra calculators before I order from figleaves and all of them gave me different answers. get this - 36A, 36AA & 36D!!! Crazy isn't it? I measure 31" under and 35.5 over.


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    the great thing about figleaves is that you can return anything. I ordered by lingerie from there - so order as many differnet sizes as you need to and try them - different makes of bras have different fits and sizes anyway so you need to try some on!!!
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    I am a great fan of bravissimo, they have shops all over the UK and a very good website ( I find going into the shops talk to them really helps.

    I am large chested and they have always been the best place in my experience over the last few years.
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    Can you go and get fitted anywhere? it makes such a difference. M&S so it , as do all thebig department stores. I went to selfridges and they said that the meausrement was just a guide an that it completely depends on how it fits you, ie tight underneath, no double boobs etc. so it would be really worth while going into a store. I always thought i was a 34C and infact am a 32E . HTB was very exciited as that sounded far more glam...
  • I found the same thing. When I measure myself with the standard guides I get 34A/B, but then I went to M&S and it turns out I'm 30D, bizare!
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    i've always had problems with bras cause my size changes all the time due to my weight fluctuating.

    One minute i'm a 34c, next im down to a 32a, I hate it, same with clothes to a degree, I'm really going to have to leave the underwear shopping till last minute, and the dress will prob have to be adjusted too just before the day
  • I would recommend Selfridges as they are superb at fitting. Would give M&S a miss and they are not very good. All the major dept stores are usually good. Would defintiely recommend getting measured properly before ordering online. Good luck! xx
  • I have heard Rigby & Peller are really good. they can make you a bra if they don't stock the right fit. I am large chested so definitely planning on having them make me a nice one for the day.
  • Aggh a bespoke bra from Rigby & Peller will be stunning.
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    I definately recommend Rigby & Peller. I've bought my underwear from them and had it altered to fit as I am a 30 back and hardly anything comes in that back size! It only cost about £20 for the alterations and they did an amazing job - you wouldnt know it had been taken in. Plus, they post it back to you so you dont need to go back to the shop. Only thing is, they get really booked up for Saturday appointments, so best to go in the week.
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    I don't understand how you can measure 31" under and turn out to be a 36.

    One of my previous lives was as a fitter for House of Fraser (who have very rigorous training). The measurement underneath is your back size, the measurement over the top is your cup size.

    Sounds to me like you're a 32D (possibly E) to me.

    Get fitted properly by House of Fraser, Beatties or Bravissimo but give M&S a miss. They're not too good. If they don't stock your size they make up a size they think will fit you.
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    My mum and I are flying from Edinburgh to London for the day to have fittings at Rigby Peller cause their stuff is amazing!!!

    We are so exicted.

    H2B keep saying he can't believe I am flying to London for pants image

    Cherly sounds like you are a 32DD or E - best bet is to get fitted cause different brands can result in different sizes

    CJ xx
  • General ruling when I worked in Harrods lingerie dept many moons agois that if your under bust measurement is an even number you add 4 inches to it, if its an odd number you add 5 inches to give you your bra size - Hence you arriving at a 36. Then you take the difference between your bra size and the over bust measurement to find your cup size.

    0 inches = A Cup 5 inches = E Cup

    1 inch = B Cup 6 inches = F Cup

    2 inches = C Cup 7 inches = FF Cup

    3 inches = D Cup 8 inches = G Cup

    4 inches = DD Cup 9 inches = G Cup and so on etc etc

    As your under bust measurement is half an inch smaller than your bra size, you need to count cup sizes backwards hence you arrive at needing a AA cup.


  • Would recommend John Lewis for a bra fitting, used to be a bra fitter for them myself. Forget all about the adding different inches for this and that better to get fitted properly. They measure in centimetres as it is more accurate (70 - 74 cm is a 32 and so on four every four cm) and they only measure the ribcage under the bust. The reason for only measuring the ribcage is because the fullest part of the breast sits in a different place for every woman and takes into account your back so its not a good cup measurement (I belive M&S do it this way). They get your cup size with their trained eye (sounds funny I know, but believe me once you get used to it you become pretty accurate). They will then put bras on you in the size they think you are and then check them, changing the cup size till it fits perfectly. However, every bra is different so you may vary in size from bra to bra. Know I'm sounding very technical, but I promise you if you go and get fitted in John Lewis you will never look because they will also tell you where your strap should sit on your back and how your wire should sit on your chest and around the side of your chest. Before you know it you will be able to tell yourself whether it is fitting properly.
  • I agree that M+S are rubbish at measuring. They measured me at 36D and I lived with that for a while. Then I was told that my bras weren't fitting properly so went back and they said I should be ok in that size. So I went to Bravissimo and they measure by eye - they check what size you're wearing and see where it fits/doesn't fit etc and I came out of there in a 34F!!!

    I do vary between 34E/F depending on the style of bra etc but Bravissimo are definitely better than M+S and I've never looked back since!

    I now love my boobies!

  • Do you need to book an appointment at places like John Lewis? Or do you just walk in? The ladies in the lingerie section at stores always make me nervous!!!
  • I used to work in La Senza, its def best to have some1 else measure you, you will never pull the measuring tape tight enogh if you do it! Stay clear of M&S they are useless. Think, as mentioned, Bravisimo are good but think they are c or D upwards. Best wishes Bra Buying!!!!xx
  • I find the department stores don't have a personal feel but at the end of the day, like wedding dress buying, you yourself will feel comfortable in the right shop. If you feel the ambience is right when trying on a bra, and being fitted correctly, you yourself will feel like a milliondollars.(excuse the quote). You can be recommended loads of places and end up more confused than before you started. I find my bra size goes up when I lose weight and down when I gain weight. Personally I like La Senza because I like the ambience and the care from the staff they also have a varied stock and can order whatever style you are looking for.

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  • what's up lilcorker?

    something on your mind?

    perhaps that someone's resurrected a months-old thread to post their only post so far recommending a certain shop....

    *strokes chin*

    this is why advertisers pee me off - this poster could be genuine and yet we are immediately suspicious off people who post like this....

    so Pippa - prove us wrong...

    Mrs P

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    Lol, you read my mind Mrs Pimage

    Pi*sed off actually because I spent ages writing a reply then realised it was a really old thread and then even worse, Pippaonepost posts a reply singing the praises of a well known high street brand image

    Hmmmm indeedu.
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