Surprises for H2B - Skywriting?!!

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I'd really like to arrange a surprise for my man on our wedding day. He's quite involved with the arrangements and so I'd like to do something that he would never expect.

I was toying with 2 ideas.

The first is for an aeroplane to fly past at an appropriate moment towing a banner with a message from me.

The second was to arrange for us to travel to the airport for our honeymoon the day after by helicopter.

The only thing is I'm stumped for where to start with either of them!

I've had a bit of a search online but not turning up what I was after.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Liz X


  • craftycharlicraftycharli Posts: 3,175
    Have no idea how to help you with these but here are the suprises I've planned for hubbie 2 be - I just HAD to tell someone!

    I've put together 3 big frame of photos of me and my h2b from when we were born through to now together. I LOVE PICCIES. And no one but me knows about them. They will be up in the reception venue as I thought while we were having photos done they would give people something to look at and talk about. There are some really funny pics from when we are young and then ones of us together throughout our relationship and of course some of the guests and our bridesmaids and ushers and best man are in some of them so that will cause conversation and mirth too!! I was just going to make up 1 frame but I got carried away and didn't know which pics to leave out so I just kept going. I hope my h2b and all the guests and families like the idea. I have been SOOOOOO dying to tell someone but have been trying to keep it secret - I'm determined!! Also the reception is in a hotel with pool and spa attached which we will be using the day after but so will a lot of the wedding guests who are staying in the hotel so I have bought my self a personalised bikini wiht my married name on to show off and a just married t-shirt again to show off in and I have bought me and my h2b a just married towel to have laid out on the loungers - again all suprises! JUST 22 DAYS TO GO AND I CAN'T WAIT I AM SOOOOOO EXCITED!! Hopefully now i have spilt the beans I'll be able to keep quiet to everyone else!
  • puntobabepuntobabe Posts: 446
    wow, loving your idea of the sky-writting, something like that would be really easy for us to organise in the area we're having our wedding as its right near Cranfield Airfield,

    the only supprise i've got lined up so far for the htb (cause i got over 2 years to arrange any further supprises), is to have my picture taken in my dress on a motorbike, he's a huge fanatic about bikes, looking to start his own business in them, he and the best man will be arriving on motorbikes for the wedding. He knows I wont get on the back of a motorbike cause I'm scared of them but I know he'd love to see me pictured on one!
  • cheryl654cheryl654 Posts: 366
    Love the sky writing idea too. I've got a few suprises for my H2B - hopefully he will like them and not see them as grounds for divorce!!!
  • blossom25blossom25 Posts: 3,072
    Love the sky writing idea! My h2b loves planes so that would be perfect! Really want something good to surprise him with. xx
  • Me too, my H2b is always surprising me with romantic things so i'd like to do something back for him. Skywriting sounds brilliant, no idea how to go about it though?!
  • SararowleySararowley Posts: 17
    Hi Liz,

    had a bit of a search around and found a company that will do this for you,they appear to be based around the kent area and costs from £425 + vat and they'll make the banners for you..

    The link below will also take you to a list of companies that supply the same service in other parts of the uk

    Hope this helps



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